How to Write a Literature Review — Dr. Guy E White

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  1. Dear Dr. Guy, I can't begin to share with you the relief I feel after watching your video. I have a lot of your ideas already in place and now have a great plan moving forward. I love the idea of the Literature Matrix and am creating it now! I am just about to start my literature review and now have a clear roadmap. Thank you for sharing your expertise and motivating me to move past my hesitation of not knowing how to take this next step…Literature Review, here I come!!! I'm so thankful I found your videos early in my proposal writing process. God Bless you and your growing family.

  2. YES, EXACTLY! no clear view, nothing clicks…. I watch your videos and I see and then watch again. and have an AH HA moment…ty

  3. Hi Dr. Guy, thanks much for all your efforts to make videos and share valuable information and guidelines in doing a research.. really helpful for a newbie like me. I truly appreciate your channel. I recently saw your " Office Hours Series" it could increase the viewing traffic and really reach a lot … I suggest you include first key word/s or topic either at the video title or at the video still photo front page to inform and attract viewers. I truly think your videos deserve to be watched by many to save time and build confidence that doing research and thesis are worth the journey with joy if guided and motivated properly. How can I send direct message or email you? Again, congrats and thanks much for your valuable research series – Enna, AHA MOMENT 12/17/17 ( Lit. Review)

  4. Dr. Guy, This is SO much more than "just" a literature review video! It reminds us of the value of life, time, people…family and helps us to sort through those who may derail our thoughts. This presentation is well worth it's time in gold. THANK YOU!

  5. This was outstanding in every way. It filled the gaps and was presented in an exceptionallly congenial way. Would love to study and be mentored by you because I think I would learn so much more faster. Which University do you work at? Steve Gebert, PH: 240-300-1242, [email protected] Respctfully thanks!

  6. Dr. Guy, I found your video very helpful; especially starting the literature review as a gathering stage.  Collect all of my information and research upfront and organizing the information in a timeline from oldest to the most current information.  This will help me a great deal to organization and visually see the timeline and write in that order.

  7. I have been well informed by your lectures about purpose and problem statements and about writing the literature review. Thanks for your imput it has been a blessing to me.

  8. Amazing…I can't believe that I'm nearly done with my coursework, and yet I've never learned these things before. I started my literature review matrix, and I'll be calling the university library as well as my local library to begin gatherinig books. Knowing what to do feels empowering…thanks, Dr. Guy!

  9. Aloha,
    Very helpful. I am completing my Comprehensive Exams. I want to complete my Dissertation in 9 months or less. to move forward to continued teaching! You touched on every area I am dealing with now. I will review this several times. Mahalo

  10. Dr. Guys thanks alot for this informative presentation. i am a masters student but this particular lecture has shaped my appetite for doing my doctorate. I'll keep asking you in the future as I begin the journey of my doctorate.

  11. Thank you Dr. I can relate to everything you have stated. Love the story line and presentation. You are a life saviour! Will continue to view your presentations too!

  12. I am currently working on my undergraduate thesis and I am in a desperate time already and watching your videos really helped me clarify things and move forward. Thank you so much Dr. Guy 😀

  13. Wonderful information. Thank you for sharing your own experience that sincerely. I will copy your matrix.

  14. Wonderful one. Could you please show me an example of literature review on second language acquisition?

  15. You are so true about the road mapping. I wrote my introduction/problem statement first and then I was reading for my literature review. It really influences my initial thoughts about my paper. After having this video, things are even more clear.

    Thank you DR. Guy!

    God bless.

  16. Dr. White, you have nailed it! I have looked at every book, website, etc about this "mystical" process to the point of cynicism until now! Thank you.

  17. Well done! Thanks for your video. Just a small suggestion ( also saw some comments above), will it be better if you split the first 15mins as a seperate cast as “ personal mindset of a PhD”? Regards

  18. Guy White, please try to be brief and to the point in your next presentations. Eight minutes into the presentation here, and you are still setting the scene for your talk. If I were you, I would try to be crisp, sharp, and brief in telling the audience what I want to talk about and who are the expected audience. It takes 40 to 60 seconds at best. Main point: it's nice to value people's time by being brief and to the point. Excellent presentation on the whole. Thumbs up!

  19. Thank you for this video. I am in the proposal stage at my college and created a 'literature matrix' of my own by sticking annotations of prior research in a long papyrus! I really liked the method of quotes and including page nos (which I had overlooked)that I will apply in my review. The overall synthesis matrix looked very neat and organized and I intend to apply the methods as presented.

  20. This is just the information or rather guidance that I needed to move forward. Its been six months with no progress to say but the least with my master thesis. I felt lost on several occasions, but now I realize all the wrong things I was doing. This video has both inspired me and reignited in me the spark I needed to gain momentum and Am sure I will do this! Thank-you Dr. Guy. It is videos like this that give me hope

  21. It was really an eye opener for me because i was confused watching your video. it has really helped in structuring my write up. Thank you so much and keep the good work giong

  22. Hi all, I am hear to say that it CAN BE DONE. I did use Dr. Guy's advice in several areas. I finished the dissertation and successfully defended the research on June 21, 18. Call me Dr. J.B. Remember everyone, you can keep dwinking with the work until the cows come home. FINISHED is BETTER THAN 'Perfect.'

  23. Dear Dr. Guy,

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I have found your tips extremely useful and while I have already implemented some of the tips before watching this video, I will be making use of your advice, especially with regards to the organisation aspect of the research that I have collected in my searches. Your video has helped me re-focus my direction and I am thankful that I came across it!

  24. Great Work. I am doctoral student right now in south of France also having 2 kids and a wife waiting back to my country Pakistan. I be starting my 3rd year of PhD next week. It is really a very helpful video giving lots of tips and tools for doing Hard work but in a smart way. Thanks a lot this video touched me a lot and will be helping to make effective use of available time.

  25. the benchmarks and timeframes were very helpful. Also, the framework of sources and the outline provided great direction.

  26. omg…. could you just stop straying…… the unnecessary talking is a deterrent. We are already stressed, anxious and time-constrained.

  27. Very Good Lecture in a organized way… I learned a clear road map how to proceed with writing the literature review…
    Thanks for the video..

  28. Writing the dissertation has been foreboding…to this point. Your youtube presentation has been provided as a "resource asset" by my doctoral university. The information provided is exceptional. I plan to review it once more and thereafter, visit your website.
    Thank you for conceptualizing and executing the creation of this very useful "tool" designed to aid naive doctoral candidates to become doctoral graduates!

  29. Thank you for helping me with some of the anxiety I have been feeling about re-starting my journey. This video has help clear up a lot of information that I wish I would have known when I started this journey…

  30. Superb as a new UK year 3 Student! This video Raises confidence levels. A great presentation and speaker many thanks, i will be watching more!

  31. Well, I consider this discussion of tips or guides useful, before writing a literature review and after preparing a proposal, particularly communicating with particular persons who will be working with the researcher/s.

  32. Hi Dr. Guy,
    Many thanks for this interesting and useful video. I have two questions:
    A lot of information for my research come from online and digital sources, as I'm doing new research in my field, and there's very little actual academic literature on my proposed sunject.
    In addition, there is quite an amount of non-academic literature – more populist and very useful, but not peer reviewed. It seems to me to be a chicken and egg situation. Any ideas, comments or suggestions please? Many thanks!

  33. Dr. Guy, listening to all the guidance and tips that you shared have been very useful.. have been following you, Alhamdulillah very good effort put. God bless your family.

  34. Good day, I need someone to guide me please, I am doing my Honors research in "The depiction of Mental Health in African Films" I want to do well in this, it is my first research ever and I feel very overwhelmed. please reach me at comriyoc at gmail dot com. Many thanks and well wishes.

  35. Dr. Guy:  Thank you so much!  I am buried in literature and can't seem to make heads or tails.  Actually, I am focusing on certain things but your advice certainly provides organization and sanity to the process.  I'm in a dissertation prep class and my instructor talked about a matrix – probably much like you provided as an example here but I didn't have the back story on how to set it up and what to do with it.  Again, thank you.

  36. Dear Dr. Guy. You are the best. Am in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa at 1:00 am glued to my chair. You are very convicting. Especially when you tell to do away with this thing…

  37. Hi Dr Guy, this video presentation is simply perfect and what I needed this long, I thank my best that I found this as perfect information needed for me to moving forward, I am just a few months into my PhD. I really found useful the organising table you used an example to sort out the Year, Type, Citation, Topic and Quote. Can you please discuss which one to use the most in writing review among these three (Quotation, Paraphrase and Summary) also the best ways to paraphrase in dissertation writing? in the meantime, I am on my way to my University library and ensure I have at least four 4 quotations per day). Thanks and your response.

  38. Man!.. I have enrolled in a Doctoral program at NCU and failed to complete my dissertation. I wish my chair would provided me with the mentor and guide as you have stated in your video here that I needed to be successful in my dissertation. I have come all the way by passing every single class, completed my comprehensive exam to my dissertation, spent a lot of money for the I call "my life journey" and failed my Doctoral dissertation and not completed my program. If she would just gave me a phone call, or personal email and direct me in the right direction or to your video, I'll successfully completed my dissertation and completed my doctoral program. Thank you Dr. Guy for your explanation. My next journey I will not be the same and I will be more ready and be successful. Boun Xiong.

  39. Great input. I loved the point of setting organisation strategies in place before commencing any writing. Thank heaps.

  40. thank you so much Dr Guy for these advices espicially the recommandation to study 5 sources/ week. I want to have a model of plannig, how much weeks to spend in every step of the dissertation

  41. thank you! I was feeling lost and in doubt of what I was doing then you came up and validated my process!

  42. Can you please make a video on methodology? Especially for Social Sciences – Survey and Interviews as methods

  43. Currently at the prospectus stage. Watched this video and took notes on 5-index cards!!! Great presentation! Thank you. Always, felt my chair was not giving me her all. Now, I have to start back over at square one with a new chair when I return in the fall. So disgusted that my money and time have been wasted. With your help, I pray to be further along in the process when I return.

  44. Great video. I have learned in this video more than I learned in the last 20 videos I watched before Dr. Guy. You are fantastic.

  45. Thanks a lot for the wonderful process of writing a literature review. This is my first introduction to write a literature review

  46. Introduction was lengthy yet it was interesting to set the tone of the session. Source gathering technique was informative. My expectation was how to write the lit review paragraphs, its flow , length of each para, conclusion etc. But it was good to know the priority setting importance for timely completion of the thesis writing.

  47. Don't make the adequate the enemy of the good, or the good the enemy of the perfect. Another issue is dependency and just the habits you have had up to this point. These issues don't go away no matter how old you get. I'm writing an M.A. thesis in American literature right now at the age of 71. I got the primary reading and intro (10 pages) done before the end of the spring term and promised my graduate and thesis advisor (they are the same person) two more sections out of the proposed four done by the start of the fall term (2019). My habit is always to turn everything into a long, dark night of the soul, mine and everyone else's. Only now it was the summertime and there was no else around to drag into the picture. So I had to do it on my own.

    That is what a thesis or dissertation often is, I believe. Working on your own in a bigger way than you have before. Having completed a novel or a non-fiction book or working for years as a reporter doesn't change that because these are different activities. All I am going to say is that a major part of my topic is a concept in literature which is considered slippery and notoriously difficult to define. But it has to be defined before its application to the works I am writing about can proceed, not because it couldn't write about them in the chosen context anyway but because this is what you do when write a thesis. I might be able to get away with less at my institution but after waiting 45 years to get here, I am not going skip steps.

    It took six weeks to write one page and the issue was alway there even when I was listening to some video on some outre topic or reading a paperback in McDonalds. Sometimes it does take that long. This just got done, that one page, by my experience says, now the work will fly.

    That's how it goes. When you have difficulties, define what those difficulties are and you will know what to expect, including knowing that you have the possibility of spending a long doing what seems like very little. As a former reporter, i can tell you, the story grows out of the lead. Most news story leads are easy, if you know how to write one. When you are dealing with an intellectual topic, it gets harder. Your lead has to very precise or what follows from it will not work very well. Even in something as subjective as literature, it will not work.

  48. Dr. Guy, without reading yr teaching on the air, I can't pass through the oral defence. finally I can kick off the proposed thesis topic- exploring manifestation of Faith and work integration in banking, finance, insurance sector >.! thanks for yr motivation … this raises me up fm the failure last yr!

    Thanks a million Dr. Guy, I lost on how to proceed but made look so easy. I am registering on the website immediately.

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