How to Write a Book Report – Tip #1 – The Basics (Minute Book Report)

When I was in school, I viewed book reports
as both blessings and nightmares. On the surface, they seemed so easy. The teacher would say,
“Pick a book. Read it. Then write 2-3 pages about it.” Simple enough. Except that it wasn’t. If you’re like me, those two to three pages
seemed like a mile. I could maybe write one paragraph, but after that my mind would go
blank. Was there really nothing else I could say about the book I had just read? But now that I moved from writing book reports
to assigning them to students, here are some basic tips on how to write a better book report. The first thing to do is check with the teacher
about the assignment. Now whether that’s asking the teacher a question or re-reading the assignment
sheet, make sure that you know exactly what to do. Frankly, it’s hard to write a book report
when you don’t know what you’re supposed to do. But once you know what you need to include
in your book report, the assignment is quite easy. When I assign a book report, I ask for three
things. The first is a quick summary of the story. This is a concise and tight narrative
of the plot of the story. But try not to ramble on too long. To me, this the least interesting
part of the book report as chances are most people already know the plot of the story. The next part is a discussion of what the
reader thinks of the story. This is higher level thinking than just presenting the summary.
Also, it goes beyond, “It was good. I liked it. I recommend it and give it five stars.”
It’s about what the story made you think as you read it, and more importantly, it’s about
your reaction to the book as a whole. The last thing that I look for in a book report
is relatability to the story for others. In essence, why should other people, who may
not share your interests, care about the story? It’s one thing to know why you enjoy the story,
but it’s completely something else to be able to tell others why they might enjoy reading
it too. This takes the ability to think beyond oneself, but if you can basically sell why
this story is so good to others, you’ll increase the interest in you and the story. I hope to go into these three elements of
a good book report in the future, but remember, if all your teacher wants is a summary, that’s
fine. Just do the summary. Of course, it never hurts to at least be thinking
about the other two elements of a book report. You never know when you’ll need to impress
your teacher. Thanks for watching. I hope these tips help
you in your reading and writing. Let me know what you think in the comments
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80 Replies to “How to Write a Book Report – Tip #1 – The Basics (Minute Book Report)

  1. I have a question, how should I say what I thought of the book? I brainstormed a couple, but they didn't seem to fit correctly, if you see what I mean.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean, but here's my suggestion: Assume that everything that you write is what you think. Therefore, there is no real need to say "I think that this book means…" Just say, "This book means…"

    Hope this is what you mean. If not, reply to my comment and I'll try to help. Thanks.

  3. thank you soooo much i was stuck on a book report then needed some etra help this video showed me exatly what to do i dont need to worry anymore thank youuuuuu!!!! 😀

  4. Love your slide shows – my son would like to make one like yours for his school book report presentation. What program/software do you make yours in?

  5. I think this tip will really help, I missed a presentation for english and my teacher said those who missed it can write a book report to make up some points but that's all she sayed, I didn't even know we're to start, now I do, so thanks XD

  6. It's funny because I have to read Percy Jackson and we have to write every chapter on Percy Jackson there's 22 chapters I barely on 4 and I need to ready 4-12 today it's sucks tho… And she is a Strick teacher and if u don't do u will get a phone call home

  7. Thank u so much! I'm writing a book report and it's a BIG ONE. I'm only in gr 7 this will also help me through my years of school

  8. This helped me a lot! But now I hate myself cause I need to write a children's book and it's gonna be sold around the world. PLUS I wrote a poem it's gonna be copyrighted I can make money out of it and I'm only 9!! IM GROWING UP TO FAST!!!!!! IM DUMB!!!

  9. this seams like good a idea for but i dont really like the book the book is called artical 5 but i have to write 4 pages about who r the main characters and what the story is about but ill try this strategy and it works ill like the video

  10. Try doing once a week and if you don't by the end of the week you get kept in now I know it doesn't sound that bad staying in but when you have a teacher like mine it does

  11. Quick off topic question, while I was watching your presentation I couldn't help but notice the amazing music in the background. Who made that music and where did you get it?

  12. Thank you so much for making this video. I have dyslexia so it is very hard for my to read the book and then write about it.  This video is very helpful!

  13. thank you sooo much i really liked it now i know how to write a book report thank you

  14. Anyone else read The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings? No? Oh, okay. Thanks for the great tip! I've always struggled with writing reports (even though they only have to be 5 paragraphs)

  15. I’ve always had the opposite problem with book reports. I have never been able to shorten my summary’s, and they are quite long. Could you maybe do a video about shortening summarys? Thanks!

  16. this really helped me because we had to do a book report on the secret garden and we had a month to do it. but I was busy and out of town and I only had three days to work on it 👍

  17. This video is very well-made and easy to watch. Happy to find it.
    I would also recommend to take a look at this article
    Happy writing!

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