How to Write a Best-Selling Novel

Hey Y’all so I know that I promised last week after I did I went live that I would I’m going to invite some people Just in case they were able to come and maybe join in this conversation, but I know that I promised that I would Talk about the problems that riders face and do a video a week leading up to standard stories Which is June the 21st through the 23rd and it’s not really a hard sell on sanding stories just trying to share what is going to be there so that people get an idea of what we’re going to be doing and To tell you the truth. It’s really hard for me to do live videos I don’t know why but I just it’s not my favorite thing to do and I Kind of rough right now just got done doing the you know the thing where you go and ride a bicycle in the dark with loud music Cycle bar, so yeah, I that’s that’s where I am, but I wanted to share so today’s um question that I’m going to be answering or attempting to is how do I write a best-selling novel so wow, this is a tough one and I really have to tell you that when I wrote my Second book and published it. I thought just in the back of my mind. I had read this article that said something like You only have to sell 10,000 books when you release your book to be on New York Times bestseller list, so I was like in the back of my mind, so maybe that would happen and then My first book actually did become an Amazon bestseller in a certain category and we can talk about that on another video but what I really want to say is you’re not going to like the answer to this question because The truth is you have to focus on selling and not writing. And so that’s what I had done was I was like, you know, I just wrote this book I finished it and if you’re writing a book or if you have written one You know how hard their writing is but then I’ve talked about how writing is only half the battle So focusing on selling and not writing unfortunately, I Wrote I read this the other day and I really don’t love it because I don’t think it’s really fair But this is kind of the way you have to think about it. Most brilliant writers don’t sell and Most best-selling writers aren’t brilliant. So my friend Trish Taylor could probably speak to this I’m sure like why I can’t see who’s Here I invited her but I don’t know what’s up with that. But anyway, she Talks about mermaid romance novels a lot and how people are making Bank writing trash romance novels and there’s just this huge niche for that and Yes, so I Kind of think that’s what they’re talking about. So it’s not necessarily that all Bestsellers are not brilliant and that all people who write brilliantly are not bestsellers I just think that You really have to think about selling your books if you want it to be a best-seller because that’s what it is So really you have to think maybe in a different way If especially with independent publishing there’s this cool thing that you can do you can grow as a writer while you’re putting getting published instead of with traditional publishing you kind of like could I die all in like all All the eggs in the basket are in there so with independent publishing the way that I’m doing it another way that other people are doing it is they’re kind of like publishing as They go and learning as they go and then you know, you have to learn about the algorithm you have to learn about how to reach your audience how to because really at the end of the day bestseller just means that Exactly what it is. It’s selling and So that’s what you really have to focus on it’s like the chicken and the egg like which comes first writing or selling Mastering the art of writing versus mastering the art of selling and I think that with independent publishing you can do both so think about it with Amazon or This is what I’ve learned recently to think about like with social media Basically, you are representing social media. You are representing Amazon So technically you guys we’re all working for Facebook. We’re all working for Amazon We’re doing the stuff well You know and I know independent people independent publishers don’t want to hear that because they’re like no I work for myself But really if Amazon is selling your books then you are working for Amazon You’re giving them the work and yes they are doing a lot of work for you by housing the books and publishing the book printing the books and selling them but So if you think about it in that way then you think about the way that the algorithm honors you for doing certain things so like with Amazon if your books are selling then Amazon’s gonna push your books because they’re making money and if you’re doing advertising that Amazon’s gonna push your books because they’re making money and It’s the same thing with Facebook like if you are your your stuff is getting a lot of likes then Facebook is gonna push it if you’re not getting any likes then place books not going to Push it so you have to learn all this stuff and that is why I am hosting the right brush Which I haven’t got one scheduled now, but we are planning There are some in the works and then I’m also doing the same as stories. Like I said at the beginning June the 21st through the 23rd. It’s going to be at Coldwater Gardens and we’re going to talk about you know Figuring out who your audience is because you can’t sell to everyone if you are an entrepreneur, you know That thing is like if you’re selling to everyone you’re selling to no one so you have to know who your audience is You have to know who how to reach that audience so how to get to into the right market and then So we’re gonna talk about that then you also have to know You know some stuff about like honoring the algorithm. So with Amazon, it’s all about reviews and I didn’t know that you can’t just get anybody to write a review for you. I actually had My wife Alyssa’s cousin Wrote a review. She actually bought the book and loved it and wanted to write a review for it I didn’t even really asked her to and so she wrote it and she was like hey go check out my review and I was like it’s not on there and Amazon had actually removed it and said that we were related and She’s like she wasn’t I mean we’re related by marriage, but we aren’t technically related by blood So Amazon is very picky about that which is weird but that’s just one of those things that you learn and that’s why I’m doing the right brunch and saying and stories because I want To help people who are interested in writing who were maybe just weighing their options. It may not be that you’re completely dead set on independent publishing which you want to learn more about it and Help them learn from the things that I’ve learned and the things that I’m continuing to learn Because I am still writing and I have two fiction books that I’m working on. I’m helping well, I have two other projects that I’m working on with two people and then I actually am coaching to people in their books and So I’m learning as I go and that’s what’s great about independent publishing is that you can do that and I want to share so I hope that You enjoyed this. If you have any questions specifically about independent publishing, I would love for you to add them to this list I already have like a lot of questions that I’m answering so I’m going to do this once a week until the sales enforcing of stories and those tickets actually do have to end at May the 30th because I have to give coldwater a number of people who are coming so they can make arrangements and So yeah, I will share the link to that. I think I told you I would do that last time in it So I will share the link to that it’s on if all the drives page if you haven’t already done this go and like that if you are here and You’re my friend or you’ve been to the write brunch or you’ve been to one of my events. You know what I really need I need to like do my job and work for Facebook and get people to Like my stuff and so I would really really love it If you would give me a review, so if you’ve been to any of evolving drives events like The Vagina Monologues semester ball the right brush Yeah, I go and give me a review if you have Read my book and you liked it then go give me a review evolving through bullshit I actually just made a Facebook page for that because I was like, yeah I need to do this if I’m gonna do a book tour which by the way I forgot to tell you that that’s my favorite part of being an independent publisher. Is that I get to travel and do book signings and read from my books and share this stuff with people and then You know, it’s an expense. It’s a business expense does this is a business So yeah yeah, I Think I’ve said enough like it love it recommend it write a review Ask me questions That’s it Thanks. Bye

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