How to Use Your Textbook (for something other than a doorstop)

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  1. Thank you so much, I needed this advice so bad when I was in school, but it's never too late to start learning which is what I'm doing now. I have a good system now to help me retain new knowledge I read.

  2. I recently stumbled upon your channel I find your videos extremely motivating and helpful! Do you mind discussing why you prefer to separate lecture and textbook notes? Its more organized to me that way, but often times I feel like jumping back and forth between the two sources of information. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!

  3. I liked the tip on coming up with a question from the text. I really think that helps to prep for test as well as get a good understanding of the material

  4. Great tips! I never read the introduction part didnt think that there was any useful information in there, but how she describes it, it makes perfect sense. I also like the idea to use two different color highlighters. Thanks Professer

  5. I enjoyed watching this video. it was very helpful. i got a lot of good ideas and infomation from this video. it is also good to know that using 2 highlights help out. i am going to try that out from now on. i was having trouble because i was only using on highlighter and mixing things up. thanks for the tips. looking forward to more tips.

  6. I have a question for this professor: if I am reading a free ebook downloaded from the internet, it wouldn't be convenient to highlight the text. Should I just write the summary?

  7. This is fantastic!!! This would've been a HUGE help to me when I was a student…I'm happy to be able to share the information with my students now.  

  8. Great insight on how to study better.  I will definitely try not to study the night before and exam..

  9. I just now did the first step of getting to know abt tbe author… it was great … did it for my chem reference book…came to know some features I never knew abt….
    would do thta with other sub too

  10. You are excellent at VO work and I can tell you seem passionate about the material. I usually go into videos like this with side eye, expecting them to be barely tolerable. You, however, blew me away. I was very pleased with how you did this VO. Great work!

  11. Can you post a video on taking notes (print out from teachers, computer, note taking), how to study for exam ( with study guide, no study guide), how to study with textbook (note taking with print out, note taking, computer notes), and how to study for anatomy in general…

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