How to Sign School Levels in American Sign Language for ASL Beginners

Hello, I’m Meredith, and today we’ll learn
signs related to school levels. If you’re new, welcome! I have many videos teaching ASL,
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videos. Let’s go ahead and begin. Different school levels – and again that’s
SCHOOL – so the flat palms basically clapping: school. school. school. I have
many different videos about school signs, so I suggest you watch those. LEVEL. Level.
Level. The school levels are what? Starts in PRE-SCHOOL. that’s “pre”
we tend to fingerspell PRE- here. again: PRE- (p-r-e-) again PRE. Preschool. preschool.
Kindergarten it’s a “K” handshape under the opposite palm. Kindergarten.
kindergarten. Elementary school. An “E” handshape under the
palm. Elementary School. This one goes in a circle: Elementary
school. elementary school. Middle school. So the middle finger
circles and goes down on the palm: middle school. this is middle. middle. middle. school. middle school. high school. An “H” into an “S”, so it’s: H and S. but we’re not pressing them forward;
we’re not fingerspelling. This is a sign: HS. It’s again: high school. high school.
high school. high school. College. So both flat palms,
the dominant hand sweeps out and up: College. College. the hands — so you should take it on your
dominant hand is gonna go out end up. college. this is away from you. college.
so copy me here: college. it goes out and up. COLLEGE. The University is done
with the “u” handshape. University. University. University. Graduate or grad school, you sign like this. It’s a “2” or a “V”-like handshape on the opposite wrist and
that’s to describe grad or graduate school. it’s different from “gradu-ATE”;
don’t mix those up. so it’s describing the school — graduate graduate school, or a
grad school grad school grad school if it’s a specific type of grad school, we
can describe that. For example, law school. law. law. law school. business school. and
business. business. business school. medical school. medical school. or you can
say doctor in medical school. and that’s “medicine” is different from “middle”.
medicine. middle versus medicine. medical school. medical school.
degree — and that’s degree for the degree different types of degrees, we can
describe as well. For example: MD, PhD, and JD, and so on. okay so now let’s go back
and review: okay altogether, those are different
different kinds of school levels! I hope that it’s helped you learn those signs.
we have many more videos related to school so I suggest that you watch. Thanks for
watching, and I’ll see you soon! bye bye!

22 Replies to “How to Sign School Levels in American Sign Language for ASL Beginners

  1. I love you're YouTube channel thanks for sharing you're video's Meredith you are the best good bless you beautiful

  2. Thanks so helpful. Can you do transportation signs like car, bus, train, bicycle, street, freeway, etc. ? Also can you do bank signs like money, cash, credit card, loans, deposit, withdraw, debit card, account, customer, manager, etc. Thank you 😊

  3. I took asl in college and my professor taught us to sign our college's name, and you'd grab your earlobe (since that's where you pierce your ears) and then sign "college"

  4. What about “grade” or “occupation” ? Say that your In college “studying” (would be learning) “occupation”

  5. I was gonna ask if medicine and middle were the same exactly when you showed that! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how you put both of them together and slow motion! THAT WAS AWSOME! Thank u!!❤️❤️

  6. Is middle like say .. “it in the middle” (between beginning and end) is it signed the same way or is it homophones?!

  7. Planning on going/starting an ASL class course at College and was planning on starting a full-time scheduled on your vids, can you help me out with any advice you could have for me to follow to be able and learn this beautiful language faster and on point .. thanks for all the help you already give GodBless Meredith Amén

  8. Hey Meredith, i have a question on sentences. I just want to make sure I have grasped the concept. Would this be right?
    English sentence: i have a sister,her name is milly
    Comment:have, name
    Referent: I, milly
    ASL sentence: sister have name I milly

  9. Hey I was wondering if you could do a numbers video. Not just counting (you already have that) but like extended stuff like "first, second, third…" "one time, two times", how to sign phone numbers (ex: 949-xxx-xxxx, would we sign 9 hundred forty-nine or nine four nine), and maybe throw in some math signs?

    You rock!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊

  10. I'm currently in ASL III and your videos have helped since the beginning. Just wanted to thank you for doing what you're doing. I don't know anyone fluent in ASL, and exposure is both hard to come by and critical to learning. You're helping to fill that gap, I imagine, for lots of us. We appreciate it.

  11. Hello Meredith's asl
    I am glad to see you signs alike signs correct sample so discuss and some time and you teach video show us that good 👍 I am happy 😄😃😁 to great Meredith always sweetie to warm up to video and do you have Skype cam or convo too. But I have Sorensen VP and phone is give you but if you don't want video. No problem fine just download YouTube simple. Thank you take care of good friend. Bye take your time. Busy I am high techniques work secretly with company.

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