How to Plot a Novel and Start Writing a Book

9 Replies to “How to Plot a Novel and Start Writing a Book

  1. Great vid. I personally like browsing movies as well. In addition I've found you can also use plots from popular children's stories like Cinderella, etc.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the video, Phil. I clicked on your link and went over to your blog and watched your video on first person versus third person writing. It looks like a very interesting blog. I saw that you even went for the green screen on that vid! I'm tempted to get mine out and transport myself to a beach somewhere.

  3. Its still surprise me, how some people have no idea about Novelonax Academy (search on google), although lots of people learn how to write novel easily with this tutorial. Thanks to my mate who told me about Novelonax Academy, I have learn step by step how to write my novel easily.

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