How to Make a Superhero Film in Tamil | Video Essay with Tamil Subtitles

Hi, this is Kishor and welcome to Moving Images. Before we begin, I must confess that I am
a huge comic-book nerd. I’ve been reading comics both old and current
since I was a kid. I enjoy DC, Marvel, Vertigo and even the old
Fawcett and Dark Horse comics. I love superheroes and my love obviously transferred
to superhero movies as well. I was the first one in line to watch Spider-Man
in 2002, in Tamil of course. I was the only guy in the theatre to clap
my hands in joy when I heard the iconic John Williams score for the 2006 Superman Returns. Being both a hardcore superhero fan and a
Tamil movie fan, I was disappointed at some of our attempts at this genre. I am tired of waiting, and so here are 4 ways
I feel we can make a good superhero film in Tamil. I’ll be taking Mugamoodi as our case study
and see if we can fix it. Before we begin, one might argue that in Tamil
we already have superhero films in the form of the “masala” hero films, that have unbelievable
stunts and superhuman feats. For which I say, they are only super on the
surface. There is more to a superhero film than mere
stunts. But these points can also be used to make
a good masala hero film too. Also, there is a superhero film in Tamil that
came very close to being good. I will reveal the movie at the end of this video Hint: It has Jiiva in the lead too. No, not that! A superhero origin story has two key aspects. The ‘super’ and the ‘hero’. The super part is about the main character’s
extraordinary abilities. How he gets it and how he learns to use it. The hero part is what motivates him to use
the said superpower for the good. Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive
spider, granting him extraordinary abilities. But the death of his uncle at the hands of
a thug Peter let escape, makes him realize that with great power comes great responsibility. That turns him into the hero. According to the book ‘Superhero Origins’
by clinical psychologist Robin Rosenberg, an origin can be three types- Trauma, as in
the case of Bruce Wayne losing his parents and turning into a vigilante, Destiny, such
as Superman or Captain America who were chosen or destined to be a superhero, and Chance,
such as the Fantastic Four, Hulk, and Flash all receiving their powers through accidents. Sometimes, an origin can have a combination
of these three, like Spiderman again who got his powers by chance but turns into a hero
due to trauma. The origin story should also show the main
characters life before they turn into a superhero. Usually a vigilante hero has a strong connection
to his city or locality and a strong commitment to bettering his community that motivates
him to continue as a superhero. The costume is an iconic representation of
the superhero’s identity. Hence it should be functional and should reflect
a part of the character. A costume isn’t highly necessary in some cases
but helps establish a heroic identity. A symbol even. So far, in Tamil movies, the costumes have
never reflected the identity of the superhero. The costume had nothing to do with who they
were. A good costume will help the hero in their
mission and also be iconic and announce the arrival of the hero. A superhero film isn’t actually a superhero
film but a film that has a superhero in it. That might sound confusing but let me explain. Captain America: Winter Soldier is actually
an espionage film that has Captain America in it. Wonder Woman is a “fish out of water” and
a coming of age story that has Wonder Woman in it. These films will work even without the superhero
aspect. It can be of any genre, even comedy as we
saw in Deadpool. It is not about the powers, but about the
characters. Finally, the villain. Probably one of the main aspect of a superhero
film. A hero is only as good as the villain is. This applies to a lot of our masala films
too. You can’t have a hero without adversity. If everything is easy for the hero or if he
is all powerful, there is no conflict and that makes for a boring story. A villain should be cut from the same cloth
as the hero. They should be two sides of the same coin. The villain should be a slightly skewed yet
opposite version of the hero. To write a great villain, look no further
than the Joker. Again, no, not him! I know many would think the Joker from The
Dark Knight film is a good example, and though it showed us a great version of the character
it didn’t spell out why he is the way he is. Let’s go to an even better interpretation
of the character for that. I am talking about the comic, “The Killing
Joke” by Alan Moore. In the words of the Joker on what made him
“All it takes is one bad day. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.” Batman too had one bad day, but he chose to
use that to turn himself into a force for the good. A villain’s origin is usually not that different
from a hero’s origin, except for their choices. To illustrate this further, let’s take another
comic “Flashpoint”. Here we have an alternate history where Bruce
Wayne dies as a kid in the mugging and his parents survive instead of him. Thomas Wayne, his father, turns into Batman. But he does not have the no-killing rule Bruce
did. How do you have a Joker, whose sole purpose
is to make Batman kill, exist in this world? The writers did a simple yet effective trick. They turned Martha, the mother, into the Joker. She goes insane at the loss of her son. Thomas cannot kill or stop Martha now. Same event, but different outcomes. Now that’s how you write a great villain. Now, let’s try taking all of these points
and try rewriting Mugamoodi. Starting with the origin, we have Lee who
likes Kung Fu and that’s it. He is otherwise a generic jobless hero, who
is berated by his dad. And the reason he becomes a hero is to woo
a girl and clear his name. Not very heroic. Now let’s try switching it a bit. Our Lee runs a martial arts class for the
underprivileged kids from the slums to give them discipline and purpose in life. His day job is that of a fish vendor. His business is constantly interrupted by
the local goons but Lee refrains from fighting them in the day. But instead, he dons a mask in the night to
spoil their smuggling activities. Now, we have an interesting character and
a more solid purpose for Lee to be a hero. His love for his community. Next part is the costume, the film’s costume
is bulky and has no great purpose. Lee is a martial artist, but he cannot move
around in a bulky costume like that. A stealthy handmade costume with a prominent
mask will work just fine. Remember, Lee attacks in the night, so all
the goons see is just his mask and they start calling him the mask or mugamoodi. This gives both his costume and the name a
purpose. The costume also has flaws, as they can’t
stop bullets. But this can be used as a story advantage
and have Lee getting shot and beaten up, only for him to rise again. Have a better costume maybe in the second
film. Finally, the villain. Oh boy! You can’t write a good villain by just watching
one film and basing a performance on that. Let’s give our villain a purpose. Dragon is from the same locality as Lee but
is a smuggling ring leader who is destroying the community. Not just someone who robs old people. With that, we have an opposite of Lee in terms
of ideology. It is a huge challenge for Lee to reach him
against all his henchmen and save his community. The story follows the constant battle and
also some of the failures of Lee. Finally, in the climax when they both face
off each other and when Dragon realizes who Lee is under the mask, it is revealed that
Dragon used to be Lee’s teacher. Dragon was a good person and a great martial
artist, who loses his family due to some tragic event and turns into a thug by using his fighting
skills. He believes that his community let him down
by not helping him and so wants to take over it by using his strength. The day Dragon lost his family, Lee lost his
mentor. Same event, different outcomes. Will Lee be able to kill his old master or
make him see the right path? Will he save his community? Now, that is a superhero film I’d love to
watch. Now these points are just what I feel will
make a good superhero film, or even an interesting masala hero film in Tamil. It is not about the budget, but about the
characters and the story that makes a good film. We did see some bad examples of superhero
film in Tamil but there is also a film that came close to being good. I am talking about the 2016, Jiiva starrer
“Pokkiri Raja”. Jiiva is Sanjeevi, a guy who yawns a lot and
is later revealed to possess the power of the wind. Fate brings him against Cooling Glass Guna,
a notorious gangster, who is weird yet funny. The film took a more comedic approach to the
superhero genre, but it gets the origin, world and even the villain right. If you haven’t watched the film, then I urge
you to watch it and let me know what it did good and where it failed as a superhero film
in the comments. Until next time, this is Kishor signing off

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  1. Thank you for this amazing analysis. I sure as hell learnt a lot! You could have mentioned that Daredevil scenes are from the Netflix series and not the movie.
    Aside, do you think a cinematic universe is possible in Tamil? Not necessarily superhero films, just a group of films of connected stories and then all the different stories come together at the end?
    Thanks again!

  2. I hope mysskin saw today your video and then he will know what he done wrong.
    I think that will be a lesson for him.

  3. Hey , love all your essays. I remember seeing a video essay where the youtuber re-edits the script into something very interesting. I don't remember which ome though , can you point me towards that video ?

  4. Actually all superhero movies have a common blueprint, They are all based on the jungian notion of individuation and self actualisation,The comprehensive transformation of a boyish individual from a position of vulnerability to superhuman strength. Joseph Campbell (follower of Jung) further dived deep into this theory and examined the journey of an archetypal hero often found in mythologies. (The model for modern day superhero characters came from mythological heroes like Heracles, Siva, Zeus, Karna, Buddha, Christ etc)
    A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.
    – Joseph Cambell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces)

  5. Your videos are excellent as always, getting better every time. Learning a lot from your videos.Best wishes.

  6. Although Anniyan doesn't necessarily fall under the superhero genre, I felt that had many aspects which would make a good superhero movie. With the protagonist fighting himself, it just made it more interesting. And as always, top notch work on the video.

  7. In my opinion the best "super hero" movie in Tamil is Velayudham (by Mohan Raja). It might not seem like that, but I think it's brillant analysis of the perception and purpose of a "super hero" in movies. It starts out as regular super hero movie. We see a threat and there is the hero, who has no idea about the threat. But we know, since he is the hero, that he will safe the day at the end. The vast part of the movie plays with this expectations. And we get increasingly tensed as the hero has still no idea what's going on. Meanwhile there is this (imaginary) picture created of the super hero "Velayudham", which makes the people believe that someone will safe them. It's even driven to the point, that Vijay jokes that he has the same name and is as eager as everyone to see that man, who is hyped up as a savior, which only adds to our thrill. Than it finally happens, his sister dies and he finally decides to go after the bad guys. He also successes in his quest. Thus our super hero movie is complete. We have a carefree youngster, who is turned into a super hero by a trauma. End of the story. But the story doesn't end there. That's the brilliance of the movie. When asked to reveal himself he refuses. Not to safe his identity, so we have set-up for a follow-up story. He is tired of people loading all their problems on his shoulders. Why should we expect an individual to solve our problems? He was a man like us, who was expecting the arrival of a hero, until the point where he gets affected himself and decides to fight back. Mostly that's depicted as good. He is taking up the responsibility laid upon him (with great power comes great responsibility). But Velayudham showed me how we deceive ourselves. Why should that responsibility lay only on one man. What sets him apart from us. You know there is always this classic (even cliched) dialogue when a poor man is tortured by the villan: "Idhu ellathayum thatti kekka oruthan varuvan". That's our general mind-set. Someone else will come. In reality nobody will come. We just tell this to ourselves to cope with our inability to change the injustice. You know when I started watching the movie, I didn't think much and just enjoyed the comedy and thought of it as a regular Vijay masala film. But when I came out of the theater I started thinking very hard.

    Well this turned into a mini-essay. Sorry for writing so much, hope you have time to read it. Anyway, great video. Please make more of them.

  8. Yo, I'm being honest kills me that you only have 16k subscribers. You're worth more..I'm sure you'd hit a 100K soon. And I'd be there congratulating you for that. And then the gold button, I'd stick around then too. Please don't ever give up on making these gems. You're going places Kishore! Big fan!

    Also, the sarcasm with Mysskin's screw ups were on point.
    How about you give us a rough idea about yourself? A short essay about your journey until this point. I'd love to see it.

  9. I don't know How much Tamil audience will connect to our superhero when he is from the neighborhood. Do we have roots to the superhero ,like them (starting texts cards UNBREAKABLE). we have fantasy stories.. but superhero….???? will it work…?

  10. Anbe Sivam is one of the greatest Super Hero films of Tamil Cinema if you ask me, despite the outer layer of the film being more on a philosophical tone. I wish you had a few words about it too. Nevertheless! Brilliant Analysis yet again Kishore! Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing your video essays on Nandalala, Na Hong-jin's "The Wailing", Movies of Takashi Miike, the Surrealistic cinema of David Lynch and a few more on these lines. Would love to know your views on them! Request you to watch the Bengali film Khoj that released in 2017. A brilliant atmosphereic psychological thriller.

  11. This was a beautiful video. It's about time Indian films realize superhero films don't work because of the big budget, grandeur or the visual effects(they are a part of the film, but not the core basis of it). It is the story and script given to establish the hero that works. You never doubt if Captain America/Ironman/Wonderwoman, etc deserve to be heroes because it is so well established that it is the most organic thing for them to be. Tamil heroes just beat up goons to save some kid and assume for us to accept the fact that these guys are meant to save the world. Nope. Not happening. Also, LOVE your work.

  12. Ena bro paadam eduka arambichiteenga 😉 puthu trend ah…Nalaruku….mugamoodi pokkiri Raja rendum pakala pathutu solren

  13. Sorry for late watching…wow wow wow…awesome work..each and every cuts explains more detailing..well done bro

  14. The Dark Knight Returns is one the best Batman comic but I personally didn't like the way Frank Miller ended the comic.Also the storyline with Superman doesn't seems to connect with Gotham.Maybe being a fan of Batman makes me feel bad when Bruce quit the suit.

  15. The main issue with tamil cinema is, its still HERO CENTRIC and hardly films come which are STORY CENTRIC.
    Once the mainstream cinema is STORY CENTRIC and talented actors and actresses are given fair chance, rather than blatent support of NEPOTISM, Tamil cinema can grow leaps and bounds.

  16. Budget and the Technical expertise also would be a matter of concern I guess, with making world class superhero films.

  17. And we can make films based on ponniyin selvan or spin offs of sujata stories as well,
    But sadly most of the Tamil cinema is or TN for that matter is filled with other state people,(no offense meant) who dont connect with those historic marvels.

  18. There is something in your way of putting contents in the video makes the audience force to watch it completely. On the topic, most of the superhero attempts in Indian films were kind of underestimating the audience in my opinion.

  19. Kishor, my feedback I think, your essays are too good, lots of research, details, finese, great start and perfect ending.. Now you have started giving some suspence element as well in between. This is too good. But I also feel like watching a Kamal film where there is very little time to breathe, think and feel, realise. Lots of information cramped into a brief video. Take it as a complement as well. Good job! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  20. Hi Kishore. Nice work. While I have seen all your videos and given my likes, this is the first time am commenting on your video.
    I feel one of the Tamil films which can be considered a good superhero flick is Indian. It had the story, background, and costume. And it was a single incident of a bus accident which brought the father (Indian/Senapathy) and son (Chandru) face each other as hero and villain. While Chandru had the option to turn himself up into the police custody, he chose the alternate path to free himself by bribing which goes against Indian's beliefs. And in the climax, when Indian had to decide whether to kill his son or not, he went with his motive in life as a superhero and killed his own son. Also, one fantastic corelation I have for Indian is Spiderman. In both cases, police knew what the hero was doing is good for the society but the law does not permit them to do so. Just sharing my thoughts. Thanks. And keep up the good work buddy. Cheers.

  21. Most of the tamil cinemas project it's heroes as super heroes and do follow the pattern you mentioned . Annamalai and Baasha for example. But what they miss is super human powers . I really wish this video gets noticed by some directors and they take it up to deliver a decent super hero movie . The recent reception to Avengers infinity war shows that we do have a huge fan base for superhero movies and we don't even have a handful of movies in this genre. Krish, Ra one ,Enthiran are to be mentioned and appreciated.

  22. The concept of mugamoodi once told by Myskinn was very interesting in an interview..

    It’s a teenage boy who works as a newspaper seller. Everyday he bungles the newspaper in his cycle and distributes it in residence. One morning he saw a crime happening ( i forgot what exactly was it or did he even mention it ) so he is forced to react to it, he wraps himself on the sack that he has n beats the goon out.. and thus this continued and he rises up himself to protect his community ..

    When heard this I found it so interesting and rooted to Indian ambience.. I even imagined it in myskin’s style .. would have been nice if he make that into Mugamoodi 😇 bt the one made was quite unfortunate 😒

  23. The way you rewrite the story of mughamoodi is appreciate able. Share your ideas with some talented filmmakers.So they can use it.

  24. The sophistication of your thoughts on the subject and the depth of your knowledge really come through! I was slapping my thigh as soon as you introduced Unbreakable, The Killing Joke and Mask of The Phantasm :')

  25. Perhaps we don’t appreciate this concept in Tamil or more over the element of masala and mass ruins our expectations of super hero movies. We have bogan movie that almost had that typical hero subject where as Velayudham tried yet they could have done it in Mugamoodi style but mass hero concept came into action.

  26. It was a good case study… Mugamoody even i felt was a good attempt to bring in the genre to tamil cinema but the villain shld have been more ruthless and a bit of smirky… there was no such strong reason to become a villain which made the film as a usual masala film… also the reason for hero to become a vigilante or the mask man was not good enough is wat i felt… I do not have any comment on pokiri raja as the screenplay itself is complete spoiled.. could have been told in a very different way that too with a power of wind …

  27. You really did an amazing job here…its really relally good.explanation about the origin story is awesome

  28. Just discovered your channel. Planning to binge watch. This seemed like an awesome video to start with.

  29. Personal Opinion. I think Kandasamy came close to a believable execution of a Tamil Superhero. The movie itself may split opinions especially in the 2nd half. But as far as the execution of a super hero execution, its well thought.

    1. The identity. The biggest sentiment among tamil ppl regardless where they settle down in the world is religious sentiment. Having the whole issue tied to a Murugan temple and taking the superhero form after the Seval, symbolizing Murugan, essentially the Tamil god of war did give a mighty impact.

    2. The execution. Its not a singular effort, its a team that brings the hero image to life, just like the Dwayne-Johnson ver of Hercules. Larger than life, capitalizing superstition to instill fear and achieving their objective, and insuring themselves from misuse (girl kandasamy beating up goons), i enjoyed every part of it.

    3. The mission. Having a religious figure, a faceless Murugan as the face of the entire operation is bloody brilliant. People share their problems without hesitation with trust that it will be sorted. A team of vigilantes in position of power and info is able to infiltrate resources that must remain anonymous at all cost. There's a small scale operation that's tipping the scale between excess and poverty.

    Just this whole concept itself is bloody brilliant and its one of the better execution of the superhero concept in Tamil

    P.S love your content bro keep em coming!

  30. the video is really awesome. especially it was remarkable the way you compiled various clippings from different movies putting them in a coherent and wonderful way.

  31. 🙂 Lovely- Keep rocking….Joker and Aruvi to me is a superhero movie in Thamizh recently, after all this ART doesn't need to be in numbers or maths;)

  32. Kishor, I'm a big time fan of your videos! I love the way you analyse each aspect of a movie! You remind us the finer things which we may have missed when we saw the movie! The way you narrate is also fantastic!

    It would be appreciated if you tell us which movie you are analyzing next at least a couple of days prior to uploading your next video so that we can watch it before watching your video.

    It's kind of sad how movies with great directing and cinematography are often underrated and the so called "MASS" movies staring star actors, having over-dramatic stories doing better in box office. The majority of the audience here favor the latter over well directed movies. Hence there's no demand on the creators!

    "A superhero movie is not a super hero movie but a movie with the superhero in it" , In many of the attempts , I feel that the movie is made around the superhero and not the hero coming in to solve the problem.

    "A hero is only as good as the villain" , this is soo true! This is why we love movies like thani oruvan and Vikram Vedha !

  33. Just now I connected whatever u said with the TV serial 'Vidaadhu karuppu'..
    It matches most of the points u say… So they have made a super hero movie even without knowing that it is a super hero series!!

  34. It's about time someone made a genuine superhero movie in india , btw bhavesh joshi looks promising


    I suggested you to watch this stuff. You may get an interesting plot to research from this.

  36. Dude, so much efforts you have put in to create this video, right from the marvel style intro for moving images to making stylized clips of mugamoodi while telling your screen play. I am an aspiring film maker, i always put in so much efforts to make my short films and people ask me why so much efforts. Today i'm glad i saw there is someone else too. Kudos to your dedication and observations. I promise one day i will make an Indian super hero film that people will look at 🙂 mark my name and word !

  37. Bro seriously where r u from… Chennai..?? I'm in kovai and I'm graphic designer… I'm interested in movies and the quality of films that's why I chose GD…and want to learn more like vfx, motion graphics.. Maybe I should help with your videos… Just reply me bro

  38. Hello kishore,you are doing a great job,can you do a video on metaphors used in film making?especially mani ratnam sir's films. He is noted for his use of metaphors in films,like unfinished house in alaipaayuthe signifies the incomplete marriage of the couple. And kannathil muthamittal itself is a epic metaphor. It is about a adopted child who is searching for a biological mother,who is a member of LTTE. And we see how amudha's family is so supportive and doesn't want to let her go,and how sri lankan tamils are chased from their homes.

    On one side we have a family,that don't want to let it's ADOPTED child leave and on the other side we have a nation which kicks out it's ADOPTED children(sri lankan tamils).

  39. I don’t see pookiri Raja as a super hero movie. Movie itself portrait as hero have some disease(maybe super problem). How he tackle his own life instead of community.

    It’s not a super hero film,actually a super villan not in it.

  40. You ask us to be constructive in our comments but I seem to not able to help it but ask you on what is your take on Batman v Superman

  41. Man o man
    You are changing our views about how to watch …

    I was really expecting a word about the real hero moment in mugamoodi when jeeva comes up from street side sleeping hideout .. thats one of the actual super moments got right in mugamoodi!!

    But your thoughts on hero/villain being both sides of the same coin is spot on… ..
    A story should root for both hero and villain …
    kudos !! Keep inspiring us !!

  42. the reason why superhero films are fails in here is because ppl are well known all the superheros there …how many superheros?shit…convience people to believe…

  43. Really liked the way you narrated how it should be and not…
    Restructuring of mugamoodi was simply wow. Hats off continue doing this.

  44. Somehow u are telling us to copy from Hollywood screenplay format. We South Indians have different ideology..then what is the use..?

  45. Beautiful ! thanks for this analysis…loved it

    Regarding action genre…
    Can you compare and Vivegam in terms of action sequences (the raid indonesian movie comes to mind in terms of the raw action)
    (But for Masala elements- I felt action in Vivegam is well choreographed…bordering on absurdity in a good way…Where did it NOT connect…is it cerebral over appreciating villain in form of Vivek Oberoi?)

  46. Kishor, you are a Deviam! Wish you get to make a movie some day.. Special love for bringing in the Batman TAS version of Joker – and most of all, Mask of the Phantasm..

  47. You are absolutely right in saying that in Tamil, what we see is masala hero movie. When I watched முகமூடி when I was released, I was really excited about the characters and the fineness of creating them. In fact, this is the best of all Mysskin directions. Unfortunately it didn't go well in the market. Thank you for this video.

  48. Eppa Misskin indha payyan sollradha kelu…pa
    Really ur story was really convincing….And u left out another Important aspect…u spoke about villian's motive and Even a hero having strong motive…The one things connects both is good Screen play….Eg: Spider man 3…u see can there is multiple villians in it :the venom, Peter's frnd, sand man and The guys who lost his job coz of peter comes in climax.
    All these villain characters are not villians in whole movie u could see that…the situation keep changing them.. good bad and vice versa…but still one interesting spider man sequel..coz of screen play…
    (the slow screen play and very bad camera angles and very long short [typical misskin] weren't suitable for Mugamoodi [super hero movie]…im i right

  49. Well technically mugamoodi did get two out of three right…
    1. Origin: I don't think the origin is the way you pointed out, that he became a hero only to woo a girl, although I am going to consider that into my point… Masking his identity and trying to woo a girl kinda puts him as a stalker… That way we can give our hero a flaw, that way we can relate to our hero, unlike the righteous Superman or captain America who were good from the get go… So now we have a flaw apart from being a wastrel… Now how do you turn him into a good guy? Simple, have his actions cause a really deadly consequence, like the death of a friend perhaps? Wait a second that's exactly what happens in the movie…. Because he wants to stalk his girl, he ushers his friends to accompany him on a fateful day when he ends up being a sole witness to the attempt on nassar's life and the death of his friend (thereby becoming a suspect to both the crimes, which brings tension into the story). Now he realises the error of his mistakes and turns to good.

    2. Costume: yeah I agree with you here. The costume looked like a rip off of the dark knight costume.

    3. The villain: dragon/angusamy(if I remember correctly, is been a long time since I saw this movie) was someone similar to our Lee here, in that he was also wasting his life doing useless (and sometimes harmful) jobs and landing up in jail along with Lee's master. Angusamy's master is the guy who sees the potential that the boys have and teach them Kung fu so that they make something of their life. Like how you said in the pollathavan video, the choices are what decides if you are going to be a hero or the villain, angusamy chooses to use his new found skill to inflict more harm to the society and hence he's thrown away by his master. Later, he comes back and kills his master too.

    So technically both the hero and the villain started the same, as a useless piece of crap (so to say). But with their new found powers (Kung fu), the hero learnt that power requires responsibility, while the villain simply just didn't care.

    What went wrong with the villain, in my opinion, was that he was modelled after Ra's Al Ghul and the joker and mysskin kinda mixed them up to a great extent.

    Just my ideas. Please do let me know how it felt.

  50. The mention of Flashpoint paradox's Batman gave me goosebumps. It is a very short but such an effective portion.

  51. நான் எழுதும் கதைக்கு
    இந்த காணொளி
    ஒரு உதவியாக உள்ளது

    தமிழ் சினிமாவின்
    வழக்கமான Boring அலுத்துப்போன காட்சிகள் இல்லாமல்
    ஒரு கதையை
    எழுத விரும்பினேன்

  52. Great brother, I understood something great!!!

    Could u explain possibilities of musical romantic in Tamil cinema?

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