How to implement effective home based intervention for speech and language rehab

meet me in her son Andy like one in six children Andy has a development of delay and needs extra help in communication rehab to catch up to his age however Andy is improving faster than his peers thanks to Mays daily health and practices what is her secret she uses penguin smarts home-based intervention services to make sure she’s focusing on improving the right thing at the right time the site regular one-to-one video consultations with Andy’s speech therapist the penguin smart system also pushes made tailor-made an easy-to-follow weekly exercise plans and allows both her and the therapist to track Andy’s progress and to communicate between consultations this partnership between parent and therapist helps Andy improve faster and the best part is that it can all be done from home compared to traditional methods may saves 20 hours every month in commute and waiting time giving her back irreplaceable family time with Andy therapists also enjoy the time saved thanks to penguin smarts a I assisted system and database of over a thousand tactics and exercises they can create customized plans for clients in seconds and with parents implementing the daily intervention each therapist can now oversee eight times more families a month while still ensuring effectiveness for families like me and Andy visit our website or contact us to learn more about how we can help you start more effective rehab now [Music] you

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