How to Have CONFIDENT BODY LANGUAGE | Alpha Male Body Language Tips

God damn I swear this has been one of the
most highly requested videos EVER. I swear I hear you guys requesting this shit
in my nightmares. I get it, you guys want me to do a video teaching
you exactly how to have confident and strong body language so everyone you come across
knows you’re an alpha male with a huge garden hose swinging between your legs. So fuck it, let’s do it. #1. Eye contact. Woah woah, eye contact what the fuck does
that have to do with body language…. Is what you’re probably saying BUT, this
is one of the most important non-verbal factors that determine how people will perceive you. You can have the most confident body language
in the world but if you don’t look people in the eye and make eye contact with them
then all your body language will mean nothing because nobody will want to talk to you anyway. And that kinda defeats the purpose, DOESN’T
IT? Strong eye contact starts with first looking
people in the eye, DUH, but it also includes not being afraid to look around and observe
what’s going on around you and looking at your surroundings in a confident way. When you walk past people you should make
direct eye contact with them and you shouldn’t look away until they look away. Don’t do that whole bullshit thing where
you get uncomfortable with eye contact and look away and then look back a second later
because then it just shows that you’re not dominant and that the slightest bit of discomfort
scares you. Now I’m not saying to mean mug everyone you
walk past, but if you’re walking by someone and you want to give off a confident vibe,
you should have strong, confident, and friendly eye contact with everyone you pass so you
command their respect. One interesting way to do this is to imagine
how you look at animals. If a dog is walking by you on the street,
are you scared to look it in the eye? No, you probably just look at it if you want
to. If you want to look at someone, look at em. It’s NOT a big deal. Minitip: Like I said, do NOT “mean mug” people. Mean mugging actually makes people think you’re
LESS confident, because it’s like you care so much about what they think that you’re
TRYING to get them to look away. That’s something a beta male would do. Interesting, huh? #2. Posture & Walk Head up, and more importantly CHIN up. Shoulders back and chest out. That’s it. Look in the mirror and try it yourself and
you’ll notice the difference immediately. When you walk, you should walk with the same
posture I defined before, your head and chin should be up to signal you’re confident
and not shying away, your chest should be out, not out like a girl wearing a push up
bra, but it should be pressed outward. Your arms should swing naturally as you take
each step and you should also add in a little pep to your step for added swag. You ever notice how really confident guys
walk and almost strut on such a godly level that you’re just like damn “his confidence
just slapped me right across the face” … yeah be like that guy. Be sure to add life to your walk, be lively,
come off as enthusiastic and fun to be around, and you’ll attract people before you even
say a word. You should also analyze how other confident
guys walk and emulate how they do it. And how fast should you walk? Ok bro, for the love of god, listen up. Please do not be one of those fucking morons
who walks at like 0.002 miles per hour because he thinks he “looks alpha.” It doesn’t look alpha. It looks idiotic. And I’ll tell you why. If you do everything at the slowest possible
speed, you signal to yourself and to others that you have nothing better to do. Like those old people who drive like 15 miles
per hour UNDER the speed limit – you KNOW they ain’t got nowhere to be. Doing everything slow as fuck just gives the
impression that you have nothing better to do, and it actually makes you look LESS cool. Walk with purpose and you’ll look way more
godly. So you gotta make sure though that your confident
walk is impeccable, if you feel uncomfortable in ANY WAY or off then your body language
is gonna portray that. If you smell like shit or your balls are all
sweaty and you have swamp ass, not only are your balls gonna be sticking to your legs
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special link to your country. Once you get your Chassis and you’re feeling
fresh, practice doing your walk and posture without looking stiff. You want to have high quality posture, but
you don’t want to look like you’re deliberately TRYING to have high quality posture. You want to look relaxed. So if you look like you’re doing a Bane impression,
you might want to calm down a little. If you’re ever in a situation and you’re
feeling uncomfortable and aren’t sure what to do with yourself, just relax, take a deep
breath, posture yourself upright and tell yourself that you’re a fucking god. #3. Be unreactive. When you’re walking around don’t be easily
moved or have your personal space be flimsy. Own the space you walk in and don’t be so
quick to shy away from people. Now this doesn’t mean to be a douche who
shoulder checks people and doesn’t respect other people’s space. Just be confident in your own space and if
someone comes in to it, gently let them by confidently and in a friendly manner, instead
of shying away all scared and weak like. Just like you shouldn’t be a douchebag who
cuts people off in traffic on the highway, you shouldn’t be overly dominant because
then you just look like a huge douche and like you’re compensating. We get it bro you got a big penis, no need
to wave it around and slap people in the face with it. Unless you’re a god of course. I wave my shit around and slap people in the
face with it all the time. Wait, what do you mean that’s illegal now? #4. Touch When it’s time to go ahead and touch that
hot girl from math class you’ve been checking out for the past 3 months, do it in a confident,
smooth movement, without hesitation. Now hold up don’t get too excited now that
I said you can touch her, this part is easy to fuck up so you gotta do it right. For example, if you go to grab her hand or
her waist to pull her closer to you, do it with a firm gentle movement that’s confident,
but not aggressive. There’s a fine line between confident assertiveness
and the aggressive in an alley about to mug you grab. You definitely don’t want to do that. Don’t be flimsy or hesitant when you go
to touch a girl and don’t be too aggressive either because then she’ll feel threatened
and you’ll end up being charged with sexual assault. And in case you didn’t know, there is absolutely
NOTHING godly about sexual assault. Be cool, be playful, be confident, but most
of all be respectful because that’s what will really turn a girl on. One thing that bugs me about typical Pickup
artist stuff is they are WAY too touchy and it’s obvious that each little touch is planned
out in advance, and it just comes off as cringey. You really need to be as natural as possible
with it, again, imagine the person is like an animal, you’re not gonna be in a huge rush
to touch the animal and rub your dick on it, well you’re not gonna rub your dick on it
at all, at least I hope not, you’re just gonna touch it in a completely confident way if
you want to, without being all obsessed with exactly how you’re doing it. Bro, I’m starting to think you should just
imagine each person you talk to is an animal. Like a dog. That girl you want to talk to? Imagine she’s a dog. Then you’ll be a lot more comfortable. #5. Distance Don’t be afraid to get close to a girl because
this is a really good way to get intimate with her and show her how confidently you
carry yourself up close. It’s also a good way to show her you smell
awesome if you’re rocking a godly cologne. Closing the distance and making eye contact
is the ultimate indicator of strong body language and will make her a lot more attracted to
you. If you’re not sure how close you should
be standing to a girl then I typically suggest being about half an arm’s distance away
in normal everyday interactions and a few inches closer than that a parties and more
intimate settings. Pretty much the same distance you would stand
from a dog. Imagine she’s a dog. Haha. And that’s it. Be sure to smash that like button since I
finally decided to drop this video and don’t forget to check the link in the description
to check out Chassis and make sure your balls are always fresh while they swing between
your legs.

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  1. @Basedzeus I find these videos boring, because I am an immortal distant brother of yours and I have these qualities by birth too!

  2. Imagine she is a dog

    Come here girl, come here. Who is a good girl, eh?
    Who is a good girl?
    Thats right, you are!

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  7. I kept eye contact with a friend of mine end he shouted at me later on because I was looking at him and he told me to not look him again. (Also, he blocked me in my instagram account). What should I do?

  8. I was in Mexico last time and I looked at a dog in the eye and the dog started barking and running towards me

  9. Just found this channel…….it's well informative, but funny as fuck……cheers from Galway City, Ireland

  10. My own tip is to practice this stuff constantly, even when you're alone. That way, it will become second nature. If strong body language is something you only 'switch on' when there are people around who you want to impress, it'll never become natural to you.

    Also the point about being relaxed is vital and often overlooked. I know a guy who's obviously made a big effort to improve his body language but while he always puts himself in a strong pose and ticks all the major body language boxes, he still looks incredibly unconfident because of how rigidly he stands and how considered every pose and movement looks. It gets even worse when he's around people he doesn't know, especially if he's drunk.

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