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Hello poetry pals! Welcome back to
another video this week I am starting a new series about how to get published
this is a these series of videos are going to be mainly focused on all of the
things that I learned in my masters we I did a creative writing master’s at Bath
Spa specializing in poetry and a huge bit of what we learned was how to get
our poems into a collection and then how to publish that collection so save
yourself 7 grand on university fees and subscribe to my youtube channel and get
yourself some knowledge about how to get your poems published so this series I’m
going to focus on all the different routes into publishing that you can
possibly have so you can self publish there’s the traditional route into
publishing which I would say is more definitely more like page poetry and
then there’s this weird space for like spoken word artists who like build a
following and there are now publishers out there that you know concern
themselves solely with spoken word poets and performance poets and they work in a
slightly different way as well so I’m going to be making a few videos about
all the different ways that you can publish your poetry but for now I’m
gonna be focusing on the traditional route into publishing so the traditional
route into publishing as I said is very focused on page poetry when I say
traditional I mean the establishment and the establishment is currently page
poetry by the way I’m really sorry about the sound I needed to be in a space
where I could easily film with a big space beside me to put stuff and that’s
my kitchen and it’s a bit echoey hopefully it’s not too bad let’s get
into it so let me run through the process of
getting published traditionally in one of the more
traditional publishing houses for poetry and stuff like that so you start by
writing your poems ah you need to have poems and they need to be finished and
good and happy and your thing is a poem I’ve finished whatever that’s a debate
for another time so you’ve got your poems and you’re in the process of
working on a collection I imagine what you need to do before you submit your
entire manuscript to the publisher you need to focus on getting individual
poems published in literary journals and this is where your submission
spreadsheet comes in so you want to submit you want to get a good number of
your poems individual poems published in journals and then from there once you’ve
built up an acknowledgments page so an acknowledgment spades normally comes at
the front or the back of a collection and says where the poems have been
published before and once you’ve built yourself an impressive acknowledgments
page then you can start submitting to publishers hey future editing JC just
wanted to nip in here and say that of course you can start sending your
manuscript to publishers without submitting to journals but for the more
traditional big establishment publishers they are less likely to accept your
manuscript if you haven’t already built up an acknowledgments page just wanted
to clarify that you don’t have to use this route this is just the tradition
and the normal way of doing things am I saying that this is the right way of
doing things absolutely not but this is just one way to skin a cat if you know
what I’m saying literary journals and poetry journals
are they don’t have a massive readership and but the people who do read them are
a lot of editors poetry editors our publishing houses so you just to clarify
you write your poems you get them submitted to journals and accepted in
journals and then you send your full manuscript now the process of
submitting to journals is long it is tiring and it is difficult to keep track
of there are a lot of literary journals and poetry magazines and stuff like that
out there and they take a long time to get back to you so so long and a lot of
them don’t allow for simultaneous submissions which means you can’t submit
the same poem to two different magazines because the magazines only want to have
your poem there you can’t have it published in two different magazines so
you need to keep track of where your poems are going and why which is why I
have made a submission spreadsheet a submission spreadsheet is a really
useful way of keeping track of where your poems are what magazines you have
submitted to and when that you are expecting to hear back ok so I’m gonna
show you my spreadsheet I’m not gonna go into every single magazine that is
listed here I’m just gonna provide it in the description down below of all of the
magazines that I have included in my spreadsheet so that you can use it to
build up your submission spreadsheet but also if you have some or you’ve heard of
some magazines it I think I should be including in my list then please comment
them below because I definitely want to hear about them why don’t we work
together on building a a big database that we can all share one of the great
places to have a look for new magazines is the Poetry Society website they have
a list of loads and loads of magazines in the UK that you can submit to so
definitely definitely go check that out as well
so I seemed right out so you can see it properly this is my spreadsheet I use it
on Google sheets so that it is easily available on online and so that I can
access it from my phone I can write it from my computer and my laptop
depending on where I am most of the time I like to work from my PC at home but
it’s useful being able to access it anywhere so for me I have across the top
are the names of all of the magazines that I’ve chosen to include in my
spreadsheet the next row has the filters on it but it also has notes about each
one so for example I got rejected from the interpreters house but it was a good
rejection and they did suggest resubmitting so I’m going to resubmit
when their thing reopens I’m also you know so for the MA
anthology which is a column that most of you if you haven’t finished a degree
master’s degree from Bath Spa you won’t need to have any anthology included in
yours that’s just to say that it’s done and then I’ve been accepted for obsessed
with pipe work I’ve also included little notes about how to submit so like
whether it’s postal submissions or whether it’s email or whether it is
submit a bull which is an online submitting program that you can use I’m
gonna do a separate video on all of these methods another time but I keep
the notes down so down the left-hand side these are the names of my poems and
as you can see they’re all in different colors the blue ones are accepted but
the red yellow and green ones are actually whether I consider them
finished or not so the green ones are like yeah these are perfect I don’t need
to do anything to them and then the orange ones are like these need a little
bit of work but I still plan on using them and then the red ones are I could
delete these and wouldn’t be sad so that’s a little bit of a guide for you
there I also have this extra column here which either says faulty manufacturing
or it’s left blank and that just means whether I’m intending to include them in
my collection or not so in the final manuscript or not because the thing is
I’ve written a lot of poems on this masters as you can see this isn’t even
all of them I don’t think so that’s like three which means that one’s fifty so I
yeah I’ve read written nearly 50 and nearly 50 pounds and not all of them fit
into my collection so that’s fine so then we move on let’s let’s talk about
the status bar and okay so this is this column here right next to the names and
you have accepted and where it’s been accepted you’ve got free which means I
can submit them anywhere they’re like free to go out or they’ve been submitted
and where they’ve been submitted or they’re on YouTube so a lot of magazines
and literary journals all of those will consider you putting something on the
Internet as publishing it and they therefore will not want it in their
magazine if it’s already available on the Internet
so you’ve got to bear that in mind if you’re going to share your poems on
Instagram or on YouTube a lot of places do consider that as publication so my
that is one of the reasons why I don’t share a huge amount of my poems online
so then we move into the rest of here and basically what it is is I go okay I
want to submit to the Rialto and I go down I see which poems are free and I’ll
pick them I’ll submit them and then I will put submit it and the date I
submitted them from there I will then either hear back and we’ll mark it as
rejected or I won’t hear back and after a certain amount of time it
becomes clear that they’re not getting back to me
so there’s a couple of magazines here that say it if you don’t hear back
within three months then feel free to resubmit which i think is quite a good
thing because you can see okay there and you won it for three months that’s fine
because a lot of magazines take three to six months to get back to you I had one
my one poem that made it to the shortlist and then got rejected and may
have my poem for six months I had to wait six months to be rejected from them
when that I could have been submitting that poem to any number of things
so there you have it that’s like the rough thing it really helps you to know
whether days being submitted anywhere else it’s really handy for that it helps
you keep track of it I know having spoken to you quite a few poetry piles
that people’s might people spreadsheets all look different and they have a
different system a friend of mine also has a software which he uses for storing
his poems and for how to organize that and I’m gonna try that software and do a
video on that as well so this is gonna be an ongoing journey for us so what I
want to do now is just run through like little tips and tricks for other advice
for aids I will look at this spreadsheet at least once a week to keep it updated
and once a week I will go through all of the magazines that I haven’t submitted
to yet and see when their submission windows are what their submission rules
are because each place is slightly different and I will put that all in my
calendar each day I can keep it up to date
and know like in a couple of weeks one of my favorite magazines their
submission window is open so I’m get ready to submit some stuff to them
and yeah you just got to keep it updated my next piece of advice is to like keep
your chin up and don’t let the muggles get you down because you just because
your poems didn’t make it into their upcoming edition doesn’t mean that
they’re bad poems it just means that it didn’t belong in that issue they
couldn’t find a space that worked for your poems in them and that’s okay
that’s a good thing I recently had poems accepted into stand Magazine which is
one of my favorite magazines they were like yeah it’s probably gonna be early
2020 that your your poems get up and I type great so I’ve got these poems which
ones have been yeah I’ve got two poems that are going to be published in span
magazine that won’t be out for nearly a year
this takes a long time so be patient and don’t be hard on yourself because this
whole process takes a while my next piece of advice is to actually if you
can read the magazines because people who will recommend my friends will have
quite a long list here but you need to know where it’s going to suit your
poetry and where you want your opponent’s to be published because what
will happen is you might submit somewhere and either it just totally
won’t be the right thing and now know you’ll have never read their magazine
because they’re like we only publish form poetry and here you are with a
spoken word piece on a people and trying to submit that know who are you get out
or you might be publishing somewhere that it’s just so not in your style so
you want to get to know each of the old magazines that you want to pop get
yourself into to know if your style suits them the other reason is what if
you submit somewhere and you get accepted and then you realize you’re
like you get the magazine the post or whatever you get your
contribution and you’re like oh this is not the magazine I wanted my poems to be
in because you can’t take that back once that’s happened so that’s something to
bear in mind so be very careful about that you want to create a list of
magazines that is right for you and not just whilst I understand the want to
throw it out there and keep it you know throws much shit at the walls and see
what sticks you definitely want to make sure you’re throwing your shit at the
right walls for your shit if that makes sense I want to run through exactly how
to go about submitting your poems in the next video but your homework for now is
to start your submission spreadsheet and start researching the magazines that you
want your things to be included in and maybe go out there and subscribe to a
few magazines um to see where you want to be I’ve got a couple of subscriptions
that I want to start based on what I’ve seen online and so I’m going to start
subscribing to magazines if you don’t have the money for like a yearly
subscription or stuff like that a lot of magazines will sell individual copies
which can be a good way of getting a vibe of what they do and whether your
poetry would fit there so it’s worth looking into that or some will be
available in libraries and things like that so just go online go to the
magazine’s website and see what’s available and how much you can find out
from them and then we will next week go through how to submit your poems for a
journal other things that I’m going to cover in this series ah I made a little
mind well how spoken word poets get themselves published I’m going to talk
about self-publishing and whether that can work for you and because it can it
does work for people and then we’re going to talk about competitions and
they’re worth it and how to judge whether a competition is worth doing and
now I’m going to talk about we’re gonna do how to submit and I’m also going to
talk about the Society of authors and talk about like publishing contracts a
little bit and you know about trying to find out how our publishing contract
works and how to make that work best for you and your situation so is there
anything else on how to publish poems that you want to know about if so chuck
them in the comments below message me on instagram DM me on twitter do whatever
you want to do to let me know what you want to learn about in terms of
publishing poetry and we’ll go from there
I hope this has been useful please let me know if there’s any big bits that I
missed please let me know if your spreadsheet is different to mine tell me
how yours is different and what you do I want to know and I will see you all
later please subscribe to my channel give this
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bad and go from that so yeah hit the subscribe button hit the bell icon do
all of the YouTube things and I will see you all next week thanks very much bye my mug today is my don’t let the muggles
get you down mark because that’s what you need to keep reminding yourself when
you’re submitting and justly to journals and they take so long to get back to you
that you just want to be rejected by the end of it

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