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  1. It has been along time since your last video, very happy to see you posting again. Unfortunately I’m out in the U.K doing my dissertation, and by the end of August I’ll be submitting it. But anyway I’ll share my daily tasks, by starting my day with reading for about 30 to 45 minutes of journal articles and taking side notes. Then applying them into my literature review matrix.

  2. I needed this!! Thank you, Dr. Guy! I owe you some updates. My minimum time allotment is 30 minutes a day. I can definitely commit to that. I have to get over the "all or nothing" mentality and just do something each day.

    My goal is to organize both my old and new sources, so that I can start taking notes/pulling quotes. I know I can get this done within the next two weeks. I have been dragging my feet. Thank you again.
    – Uzoma O.

  3. Dr. Guy, thank you so much for another useful video. My goal is to finish my dissertation by December of this year, and so I am committing to a minimum of 1 hour of dissertation work for 6 out 7 days of the week. As I am a morning person, I have to get this hour in sometime before 9am.

    My current goal for June is to select, organize, and insert archival material into my dissertation outline. It is slow and tedious work, but I am seeing progress from just one week of committing to this work.

    I have watched most of your videos, but I do have one question for you. I am confident in my outline, my dissertation topic, and everything relating to my dissertation, but I have an extremely hard time with simply getting any dissertation writing done. I am paralyzed by my fear of my writing not being "good enough" and it prevents me from writing, even though I have all my data collected and a thorough literature review. I am even afraid of submitting what I already have written to my dissertation committee. It would be useful if perhaps you can address "fear of perfection" in writing in one of your videos.

    I would love to be considered for the passion planner giveaway. Apologies for my long message.

    Thank you so much for all your wisdom and help. Have a great rest of your week!

  4. I watched the video! And I am in crunch time for my Lit Review, so I have scheduled 3hrs daily for 5 days a week! Hope to complete it in the next 5 weeks! 🙂 Thanks! Passion planner looks awesome. 🙂

  5. Thanks Dr. Guy! I love organizational tools. I watched the video and I'd like to have a passion planner please! I am committed to at least a half an hour per day to read a peer review article on my topic and take notes on my research topic. Will you please send it to me at —. Thanks in advance! (I hope I'm one of the 3:-)

  6. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I love that you not only teach us to have an great outcome but also to me the most important are the best practices of completing the dissertation! I am committing to 30 minutes a day and I am focusing on getting concrete sources for my dissertation topic!
    Thank you!

  7. Thank you Dr White. Your videos are valuable and motivating. I am sharing this link in our CTU doctoral class discussion board

  8. I'm beginning my lit review early this summer. My dissertation development with my chair doesn't start until the fall but I'm getting a headstart.

  9. Hello Dr. Guy, how are you? When this video popped up on my screen and I read the title…the first thing in my head was NO WAY, this statement goes against everything you have taught me as far. However; your message is true to your mentoring and spot on with the will to make progress. I have enjoyed watching your videos, absorbing your passion for learning along with your infectious enthusiasm for life in general. Thank you 🙂 Jeanie

  10. Yes, I watched the video and would love to have a passion planner! One of the things that I can do to maximize my goal of getting ready for my dissertation (I just finished the first year of my program!), is that even during this summer, I read at least one peer reviewed article a day. My goal is then to choose 2 of those articles and conduct a lit review over the course of the weekend. Doing this, I will have several articles read and reviewed before the fall semester begins. 🙂

  11. THANKS for my PASSION PLANNER!!! Received it this weekend! Can't wait to put it to use! I appreciate it! Peace

  12. i just discovered your channel because I needed to actually know what is not a creative essay, as all i did this 3rd year of Literature was just writerish paint my way to literary reflection and insights.
    I don't wanna overextend so all im saying is I now know how to approach this different structure i needed to understand for my literary investigation for tomorrow.

  13. Thank you for your valuable guidelines it's really motivating me to progress through the final stage of my PhD, as an engineer I had to be caught up with the experimentation and programming which took me 2 years and a half to have a grasp on the topic. Just wanted to ask for a final advise, should I go through the literature reading again before writing up my chapter 2 ? or I should just start writing everything down? Thanks again

  14. Thank you for this video Dr. Guy! I have been really stressed thinking about the timeline of my dissertation lately. I have heard of the Passion Planner before, and your short video showing us the journal in use was super helpful! I'll definitely order one, and include my small daily goals on the pages. Thank you!

  15. Thanks a lot Dr. Guy, I also have to start writing my dissertation I really want to have a differentiated contribution to the field that I'm working on (to have more focus on the quality of the work not the quantity of the papers), I started the reading process ( a book+ academic articles) for the Lit. review chapter, but my question is that what are your recommendations for me in terms of how many hrs to spend on reading then the Lit. review writing since "June" considered to be the month of dissertation submission.

  16. Great advice! Headed back to continue my dissertation (took a semester off…lost my passion and enthusiam about which turned into health-related issues). Starting back Jan 2019. Plan to stay very connected to your advice along the way.

  17. Great video, you are a wonderful teacher, your passion for knowledge and actual work has inspired me to think about my schedule to make progress. Thank you

  18. Hi Guy, I came across your channel after an internet search. I also just returned from Barnes and Noble where I went to search for an effective 2019 planner. I had yet to see your own process with your Passion planner. I like how you lay out in color as well. Many thanks for this!

  19. Just found this video now. I have two months left to write my Bachelor dissertation. Don't think 15 minutes a day is going to cut it haha.

  20. I almost finished two chapters and I am running out of passion but this was refreshing, Thank you.. from Algeria

  21. Thank you so much. As an EFL graduate student , the problem is that I read a lot but I can't manage to write one paper a day. I read more than 4 hours a day but I always feel that I don't have a good writing style . I am seeking advice Dr

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  23. Hi Guy, I actually went to the Passion Planner site and yes, I have a PDF download! Super awesome! Thanks for your great tips. My most creative time seems to be in the evenings. So, I have chosen my one swath of time is 8pm to 11 pm for the reading and synthesizing of ideas. I created my first draft of the literature review in February 2019. My proposal was accepted. I have been reading and note-taking etc. I must now stick to the schedule that you mentioned. I found some critical content for the topic I am researching and so I have to modify. My challenge is that ever so often, my goals seem to slide from one deadline to another. Let me try what you suggested and I will let you know. Thanks again!

  24. This video is a help from heaven. I am struggling so much since June and I feel a lot of pressure to finish my dissertation and to write good content, even when I feel like I am not getting anything right. Thank you so much! ☺️

  25. Thank you for the kind suggestion. I use my day diary for planning but I really appreciate your advice that getting done with pages isn't the real progress. Love and respect from Pakistan

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