How to cut out an image and add a White Outline using Photoshop

In this video I am going to show you how to
cut out an image and add a white outline, similar to what you see in a lot of YouTube
thumbnails. Welcome my name is Marlon, one this channel
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when I upload a new video. So once you have you image open. Select the quick selection tool and select
the subject. If you need to deselect any areas press the
ALT key and go over the areas you need to deselect. If you are using the latest version of Photoshop
you can use the Select Subject tool and Photoshop will automatically try to select the subject
However you might still need to use the Quick Selection Tool to refind the selection. Once the Image is selected, click Select and
Mask. Once the Select and Mask workspace opens we
are going to smoothen the edges of the selection. If we look at the edges we can see it is not
smooth. We want the edges to be smooth so we can get
a nice clean outline. To smoothen the edges I am going to adjust
the Smooth adjustment. You can also sharpen the edges if you want
to by adding a l contrast. The next step is to export the image, under
Output To select New Layer. Then click Ok. Before we add the outline I am going to turn on the visibility on the
on the background image. Then blur it so we will be able to see the
outline. Now we are going to add the outline. Click
the Add Layer Style icon. Then click Stroke. Change the Position to Outside. Adjust the size of the outline if need. You can also change the color of the outline. Once completed Click Ok. So that is you can add an outline to an image
using Photoshop. If you found this information helpful please
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