How to Change Language on Netflix

Hey everyone. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’ll show
you how to change the language in your Netflix interface. If you want to add subtitles or change the
language of subtitles for your Netflix videos, I link to a video in the description that
will help you do that. Maybe someone got into your Netflix account
and changed your language as a joke. Or maybe you’re learning another language
and want to change the language of the text in the Netflix interface as a way to help
you learn. Regardless your reason, changing the language
in your Netflix interface can be done with a few clicks in your Netflix account settings. However, your Netflix account settings can
only be accessed through the Netflix website. The good news is that after you change your
Netflix language here, that change will be reflected in the Netflix app on any platforms
where you use it — such as Roku, Windows, Xbox, iOS, Android, and more. Now let’s walk through the steps to change
your Netflix language. Step 1. Navigate to in a web browser and
log in to your Netflix account. You’ll arrive at your Netflix home screen. Step 2. Click the profile icon in the upper right
corner of the screen to open a drop-down menu. Click “Account” in the drop-down menu. Your Netflix Account screen appears. Step 3. Scroll down to the My Profile section, and
then click “Language” in the My Profile section. The Language screen appears. Step 4. Click to select the language you want to be
used in the Netflix interface across the various platforms you use Netflix on. In this example, I’ll change my Netflix language
to Spanish. Click “Save” after selecting your new Netflix
language. You’ll be returned to your Netflix Account
screen, where you’ll see a note across the top of the screen that your Netflix language
has been changed. Additionally, all of the text will now be
displayed in your new language. Now, when you launch Netflix on any of the
platforms you use it on, the text on the interface will be in your new language. Congratulations! You now know how to change the language in
your Netflix interface. Thanks for watching. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments
section below. If you liked what you saw here, click the
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54 Replies to “How to Change Language on Netflix

  1. Another thing is that if you have multiple profiles on one account, this works so that the language is changed on that profile while the others remain unaffected. So one person had their profile in a certain language and the other in another.

  2. i was in us and there was naruto and i live in finland and it was not there before so i thought well the apparently added naruto and right when u went back to Finland it disappeared do you know why it is like that

  3. The language changes when I look up Netflix,but it’s in Spanish on the Netflix app and I can’t change it

  4. I’m mad cause someone’s put my account on a different language and when I pu tit in English it still is the other language on my app

  5. Thanks my dads new wife keeps changing it to Spanish and she knows I mostly know English. I kicked her off 🙂

  6. Super helpful! Mine was changed to arabic, so I had no clue what so ever where to click! Following this video I just managed to click in similar places 😀

  7. Okay but how do I change the actual audio of the show? Let's say I wanna watch Friends in spanish with English or Spanish subtitles, how do I do?

  8. THank you! My five year old daughter figured out how to change it to Polish through the FireStick! HOw did she do it?? We used your video and changed it back to English through the web browser.

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