How the library’s literature searching service (Lucid) can help with your research

I used the Lucid service because I
was preparing a bid for funding and I really wanted to kind of conceptualise
where we were at in the literature and I didn’t specifically have the time to be
scoping the literature myself and so the Lucid service really helped with that,
providing a scoping service. So they also helped me with the wording
for the actual bid as well. They were really supportive. We put forward
different ideas for example different terms, different databases, and they would suggest other allied sources, potential other related terms that
potentially we would have not considered had we conducted the search
ourselves so we feel that the search that was achieved was a lot more
systematic and comprehensive as a result of using the Lucid service. So when I was doing my quick grant
proposal, the outline, they provided me with a scoping search over a few
days which was perfect for me and they helped me to unearth literature that
otherwise I don’t think I’d have been able to find in time, to give rigour really to the initial proposal stage and to give confidence
to the funders. An additional benefit really was the fact that the Lucid service provided us with the copies of the searches and that really helped us
in terms of publishing the literature review because we could incorporate those into the appendices. Not only that, but all the outputs from
the searches were put together in an EndNote library. So to do a scoping search to write a
grant proposal or grant outline proposal, that was free, so that was a
very quick service at no cost to me or to the school. But what it enabled me
to do was to get that proposal in quickly, as I said to give confidence to
the funders that I knew that that area, but also I was then able to cost in to the
grant, to the next stage of the grant, a more in-depth proposal. The working paper and the more in-depth research that they did for me I actually funded that from
our research investment fund, which is what I advise colleagues to use the
fund for, if they are up against the clock or where they want to develop a real
in-depth knowledge of an area. I really would, and not just because of their expertise and support, but also I actually think that the initial scoping
search and the wordage that we use for the bid actually helped us retrieve the
monies for that bid. I recommend it for when they’re writing
bids, writing outlines, thinking about a bid, struggling with a deadline. Also when
they’re thinking about publications on how they want to increase the depth or
the reach of their publications particularly now when we’re looking at
our REF entry and people are thinking about state of the art reviews or critical

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