How I’m Learning Sign Language!

Hey guys it’s Libbey and today I thought that I would make a video about how I am learning sign language because people always ask me and I thought that it would be a good idea to have one, so yeah. Here it is First off, I just want to say that I am learning a type of sign language called PSE. It uses a different syntax than ASL, so it’s not like officially a language, but it is still used a ton. It actually uses the syntax that we speak with. If you want to know more, I will link my video about that down below. A question that I get a lot is how much time did it take me to become fluent, and after three years I am still not fluent. Honestly it’s a completely different language with so much to learn. There are so many words. There’s a completely different culture to learn about, and you shouldn’t expect to learn it really fast. However, don’t let that discourage you from learning because it is still very much worth learning. So learning… How did I learn? I have been teaching myself for about three years using the internet. And I will link below what sites I think are helpful and good and whatnot. They’re mostly like video dictionaries, because I think those are helpful for learning PSE. I also took one nine-week, nine class ASL1 class, and I didn’t really learn a lot because I knew all the stuff that we learned. However, if you’re just starting out it would be a good idea to take a class. I took my class in a deaf school, but you might have one at your high school. My high school doesn’t have any ASL You might have like a community center that has ASL classes. I don’t know. Or you might not have anywhere near you that has them, which is sad. Another question that I get is why am I learning PSE instead of ASL? The reason for that is because I don’t really have any classes near me. Like a lot of you guys probably don’t have classes near you. I don’t have the right resources to learn ASL. I have not found anywhere good on the internet to learn ASL. And that is why I am sticking with PSE until I go to college next year for ASL interpreting. Now, a few things about learning. When you start, it’s kind of slow. It’s hard to remember signs, it’s hard to like put it all together, it’s hard. But I promise that, as you continue, it gets easier. I promise. Something that really helped me with memorization was definitely singing to music, and that’s why I do it here on YouTube, because I think that it’s a great way to learn signs, to remember them, to practice them, and also to build up on your fluidity with your signing, if you know what I mean. So some people ask me what songs are good to learn for beginners, and honestly I can’t think of any specific song, but anything that’s slow, that has repeats, that you like, because if you like it, you will want to practice it. So… yeah. People also ask me how do you sign faster, and again I say music because it kind of like forces you to go fast, to like go along with the words in the song. I’m sorry, like all of my answers are just music, music, music, but really I think that music is a great, amazing, wonderful way to learn sign language. I also just really like music, so… yeah. Sorry I keep on moving I’m trying to stay out of the direct sunlight but it’s not working so One last question is how did I stay motivated, and honestly sometimes I was not motivated to learn. It was hard, I didn’t want to… I mean I have been learning for three years and when you start, it’s hard. It’s not always fun, because you want to be good and then you’re not good and it sucks. But just know that with practice, you will get better. It will become fun. Just remember how important it is to learn, because it is the third most used language here in the USA but more people need to know it. We need to be able to break down the barriers between hard of hearing and the deaf people and the hearing people because it’s not ok to not be able to communicate with someone, you know? So… yeah. Just remember that this is something that is so worth learning, and even though it’s hard sometimes, it’s not fun sometimes, just keep on keepin’ on. Learn it, you won’t regret it, like I promise you you’re not gonna regret learning sign language So… just do it. Thank you for watching I hope that I answered most of your guys’ questions about learning and… yeah Thank you for watching. Bye 🙂

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