How I Take Notes In Medical School | Note Taking Tips from a Medical School Student!

Hi, everyone, [so] this has been a very very frequently requested video on how to take notes So I’ve been compiling my ideas and have been taking notes that I just want to share them with you guys So step number one is finding [your] crew Considering the amount of notes that you have to take in that school It’s probably [going] [to] be best if you have two or three other people taking notes with you make sure you can trust your crew because these are people who are going to be writing all the information in the notes if you’re Going to be doing it the way. I did you’re going to be getting most of your study materials from your notes So make sure that What you think is important they also think it’s important, so before the start of the week Me and my group of friends we would divide up the lectures into three parts So there are three of us, so we would divide Villager’s up equally and then we would write up the notes before the lecture and we like to do it before the lecture because it kind of works out [as] like a preview of the lectures, so When you actually go to watch or you’re listening to what your professors are saying you kind of have an idea of what they’re saying Already and that’s really helpful Another reason why you want to have your notes? Before the lecture is so that you can print them out or have them on your computer And you can write along as lecture is going on sometimes the lecture is like to have some random picture that they like to use to explain a concept so if you have to let You can sit in front of you you can just draw along with the professor so [onto] [the] actual process of Compiling your notes the way. We did it is we would go through the powerpoint lectures and we would basically make an outline Okay, so this is this on the left side is a powerpoint of a lecture that I received in back in november from my cardiology Course and on the right side is some Microsoft word document where I made my outline and it eventually turned into a pocket First I always like to write out on top the lecture the topic and the week and the date and this makes it very easy orient myself and It’s very easy to find a letter that I’m looking for later as we’re actually making the outline For the most part I’m writing most of the text that’s in the powerpoint Sometimes that means just copying and pasting if the format doesn’t work out it depends on the powerpoint but if it doesn’t work out And I’ll just type out the words for a lot of these long lists that I know aren’t going to be that important Might just skip them I include some of the pictures that I think will be important and knowing what’s important And what’s not important? Just comes with experience and it depends on your professors and what they’d like to emphasize So you just have to kind of figure that out on your own? So you can see there’s a lot of pictures and [you] can see that I didn’t include all the pictures for the most part I’m writing a lot of text Some of these ultrasound or the echo Cardiogram images I’m skipping them because it’s important to know but it doesn’t [need] to [be] in your packet and they don’t they tend to not print as well, so I like to include in my packet strictly the information that I like to have [for] the exam, [so] a lot [of] the pictures are skipped I organized these based on how the lecture is organized, so it’s a good idea to go through all the lectures at first and just sort of preview what the [lectures] going to look [like] and then get started on [your] outline a couple other things I like to have all the Format to be More or less the same so this you’ll just have to decide with your group on how you want to do it For me. I like to have the Margins as narrow and For font I like to be arial to not size [nine] or [ten] and for the Bullet Point Outline [when] you click on the [blue] point outline here, it’ll show [up] that’s like indented in but if you do a shift Tab it’ll push it all the way to the left so that that saves a lot of room when you print things up so that’s pretty much how I make all my Lecture packets, and it looks like a lot this whole thing is 12 pages, and I believe this is three lectures and de [comm] but if you have a couple others who split it with it’s really manageable, and it’s really helpful when When the exam study time comes, and you just need to look at your packet to study And you don’t really need to look at these I 100 or this is a 76 Slide Powerpoint because I can take a lot of time, and you don’t know what’s really important, and what’s not important Okay, [so] this is the actual physical packet of the document that I just [showed] you guys On the screen so as you can see there’s some highlighting on there [there] are some pictures that I drew on the side and some notes that I [took] on the side And that’s from actually listening to the lecture remember you’re making these packets ahead of time So you’re really making them before you know what the lecturer is going to say? So a lot of times professors will add on certain things or will draw some things on the board that you want to just have On your notes as well, so this is why it’s also important to just have these ready before the lecture So these are what my notes look like? So step number three is take advantage of tables and images. So there would be a lot of times when A Disease [process] or like a group of diseases will be explained in like 10 to 12 slides But you can really condense it into one table, and that’s a really efficient way [to] organize your thoughts [another] good thing about having tables is you can on Key the table And you can use that as a study tool to memorize things before the exam you guys want to find out how to arm Key Tables definitely check out my memorization tip video in the past all the get right here So for certain subjects it might be helpful to study in an entirely different way, so instead of making that line Let’s say for [example] some calculation. Heavy subjects like acid-base Questions it might be helpful to just make one page study guide on how to solve [activate] Questions and refer back to that acid-base Sheet so that you can solve any problems relating [to] that topic Another example will be anatomy or biochemistry where you might be doing a lot of drawing and drawing out pathways and drying out structures rather than looking at words that are in an outline, so Depending on the topic you might have to adjust your studying a little bit. It’d definitely be flexible and find out. What works for you Lastly be creative and do what works for you? This is how I did most of my studying during the first second first two years of med school But this might not work for you and I know a lot people who did it different ways and their ways were just as good as mine, so Don’t think that you have to stick to someone’s way Specifically just be creative find out. What works for you and And I’m sure you guys [will] do well [some] general tips if you decide not to use any of my tips for note-taking [the] following tips will be helpful for anyone in college or med school or whatever educational setting some good ways to take good notes in class would be to actively participate in your lecture, so Whether that means going to lecture early or even if you listen at home be an active participant of Electro rather than a passive [observer]? so if you have questions, definitely ask questions there in lecture, or [you] can email your professors and There’s your notes aren’t gonna do anything for you unless you review the notes So definitely review your notes and have a schedule of how you’re going to do that So either at the end of every day or at the [end] of the week? have a schedule that works for you every year notes consistently [by] [friends] Sam had a system of using different color highlighters, so he will use yellow highlighter for the first time she was reading her notes through and then pink for the second time and then Either green or blue for the third time so going from lightest color to the darkest color he would know exactly How many times she’s [threw] a packet of notes so that worked for her that didn’t really work [for] me? But I think that just finding out your own Technique will be very helpful [okay], so that’s all the tips that I have for taking notes [I] hope you guys found it helpful if you guys have any questions leave it below in the comment section and Like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Would you please share your notes … like in pdf, doc or just the pics of the notes etc..
    pls pls pls…

    your videos are of great help…
    Best wishes & regards

  2. 1. How long does it take for you to make each packet? 2. Did you have different methods of note taking for different subjects with a group or are there some subjects that are better to just handle by yourself notewise?

  3. I m not able to receive the PowerPoint slides used during lectures in my med college so can I use a spy pen to secretly take pics of them??

  4. I prefer to rewrite things so I can have the added benefit of repeating them to myself, but to paste a text with different formatting into your document whose formatting you want to maintain, you can copy the text you wish and “Paste Special”, then select “Unformatted Text”, or “Document Formatting”. Something of that sort.

  5. I used to highlight almost every important thing and my notes were colourful, I don't if this same method will work for me in college.

  6. Hi Jamie, what stationary did you use for the notes you took with the different pathways? You showed it flipping through while talking about if you needed to draw charts or figures for biochem etc. The paper looks very nice I’m curious. Thank you!! (Love your videos I’ve been following for 3 years now and just now happen to be getting on track with my note taking and studying! Yay!)

  7. Final year student in med college but still have no idea about taking notes and compliling 😂 I always end up just throwing away the notebooks and just reading the books 😂

  8. I'm not yet in med school but I have been doing the packet thing in my pre-med. It's so easy to study bc it is so condensed with the important details. A chapter consisting of 50 pages in the book can fit into a 4-page packet! FYI, one thing that I also do to save more space is to adjust the line spacing. Hihi.

  9. Hi I just found your videos (loving them!) prior to entering medical school this year.

    I'm curious what your opinion is on not going to lecture at all and studying off of the recordings? Most feedback I receive regarding study tips is to skip lecture all together so you can study at your own pace. Though your idea of compiling notes before lecture is great, I'm worried about time management doing this, actually going to all of the lectures, then post lecture study time.

    Sorry if you have answered this somewhere else. I'm going to continue binge watching your videos!

  10. Can I ask a question, you say that you make/ take your notes before the lecture, I’m just really confused on how that works, aren’t you going to the lecture to make/take notes, how do you know what the lecturer is going to tell you, please do not judge, I am only in high school, I don’t know how University works, yet, if you could answer my question that would be so much clearer and awsome, thx

  11. I'm loving your glasses AND your necklace. Can you let us know the brand and where you got them? I struggle finding glasses that fit me and yours look like they could be a match.

  12. I love ur content …I'm student at high school and I really into MED school I hope I could be a good doctor …just pray for me ❤

  13. What is your protocol if you were for whatever reason unable to make your notes ahead of time for lecture?

  14. I heard about a group of people in a lecture take notes in google docs and they would all take notes simultaneously and also explain things if another person from the group had questions when the topic of question came up in the lecture

  15. Hi Jamie, do you color code your notes? I saw that you use different color highlighters and all, and I was thinking of doing that myself. If you do color code, what does each color mean? Love your vlogs, thanks xx

  16. Question…how much of this stuff do you actually use in residency??? Do you remember all of it? Or at least do you feel like you can recall any bit of information in an emergency?

  17. Good video- thank you for taking the time to post these tips! What I'm finding works for me is to hand-write my notes in class using the Cornell method. Then in the library after school or when I get home, I type them into flashcards in Quizlet and study them that way, by reading the cards and answers out loud (this is important). Before exams, I will make voice memos of the flashcards I need to concentrate more on and study them verbally while doing tasks around the house, or in the gym, or even driving- I just have them play from my iPhone over headphones or my car stereo. This sequence engages writing (and handwriting is different than typing), reading, listening, and speaking; four levels of reinforcement, all using different parts of the brain. I've gotten 100% on my first two tests thus far, after being out of school for over 25 years.

  18. I tried making outlines as well, but it takes too much time, so I stopped. I guess I should give it another try, because it's really handy to have key information in a document. I tried convincing my friends to make outlines with me, but they said it takes too much time. 🙁
    Since our lecture notes are only available after the lecture, I sometimes watch lecture videos on Youtube like the ones from Lecturio or Khan Academy and take notes from there.

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  20. I'm starting medicine this fall, an literally just warching any kind of vlogs and videos of med students to get some tips haha! nice video tho

  21. What is that app you're using to make these notes? I really wana use this tip but I think I need an app for it right?

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