How does my Foreign Language Background fit at CIA?

If you’re like me, you want to
use your foreign language skills for something meaningful —
something bigger than yourself. The CIA is the perfect
place to make this happen. Here, your talents
make it possible for us to safeguard the national
security of America through the collection
and production of critical foreign
intelligence for the President and senior policymakers. When I come to work each day,
I know that I am contributing to a mission greater
than myself. I speak Russian
[spoken in Russian] I speak Korean
[spoken in Korean] I speak Arabic
[spoken in Arabic] So, if you have a strong
foreign language fluency, you might be wondering where
do I fit in at the CIA. You could systematically collect
and evaluate foreign media and publications for
open source intelligence as an Open Source
Collection Officer. Another great fit would be a
Foreign Language Instructor, where you would help CIA
officers learn the foreign language skills and cross—cultural
awareness they need to effectively conduct
clandestine operations while living abroad. You could also be a
Targeting Analyst. In this role, you would
be producing a range of sophisticated targeting
intelligence products, as well as analytic
support for US policymakers, senior military officials
and law enforcement agencies, for various threats to
US national security. Or, you could serve in the
Directorate of Operations, where you would help with
the clandestine collection and dissemination of
intelligence from human sources. This means you would be
directly involved with some of the most sensitive
work this nation performs. DO Language Officers produce
high—quality, accurate and timely translations,
interpretations and other language—related
support, as well as cultural expertise,
to clandestine operations. No matter what professional
path you choose, a career in the CIA will
give you a unique role in keeping not only the United
States, but the world, safer. You have a lot of career
choices in the CIA. Now, the only question is: Where do you want to serve? For more information on
available opportunities, please visit

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