how 2gether the series is different from the novel

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  1. ~Time Stamps~

    2:32 explaining scenes from the novel
    4:20 episode 3 spoilers
    5:00 spoilers for the future
    5:40 my review of the series so far

  2. only 2gether can made me watch spoilers and sobbed, i definitely sailing with sarawat tine..
    omg why friday seems so long to waitttttttt

  3. Aww, Byulsarang I’m sorry to here you aren’t feeling well. Thanks for continuing to post content even though you’re sick. Last year when all of the trailers were starting to air about the million and one BLs coming out in 2020, 2gethertheseries was one of only two that legitimately interested me. I was a bit nervous about the meet cute plot (dude gets a fake bf and not a gf to keep a gay guy away, what), but after watching the first episode and hearing your spoiler my fears are gone. At least so far the show hasn’t been disrespectful to feminine gay guys and Green’s character is just amazing. He’s so annoyingly funny, it’s the best. Also, so far I’m really impressed overall by the acting and direction. The show is actually good as opposed to being a crappy show slapped with a BL plot just to bring in fujoshi/fudanshi. Sarawat liking Tine brings a whole new level to the show outside the fake dating troop and I’m really looking forward to the way this story plays out. So excited. Hope it becomes more popular too!!

  4. When you said that Green wasn’t really interested in Tine and it was all Sarawat’s plan I was like “made sense” actions does speak louder than words and nailing these small reactions and emotions says more than plain out telling. We be known!

  5. Bright ( Sarawat ) ,He has a girlfriend 🙍 But I still want to pair those two , ship couple Bright x Win from Vietnam 😍🤣

  6. Thank you soooo much for your videos. I love WHYRU but 2gether has now won my heart for best BL of 2020 thus far! I love this series.

  7. Okay…about the storyline its kind of reminds me with 2 moon the series season 1 😅
    Btw, thnkyou for uploading this ^^
    And if its was sarawat's plan, Tine's friends must be involved 🤣

  8. The chord that Sarawat taught to Tine is D-chord, isn’t it? I have no idea it’s C or D coz I haven’t read the novel. Whatever I really enjoy this series. They’re really really perfect match for these roles. I love all the characters in it. #team2gether #myfirstfavBLever

  9. I didn’t hear about the Sarawat liking Tine rumor, I knew about it by watching this video… But I can totally see why that rumor started by watching the first two episodes. Green not liking Tine, I did not see that coming

  10. I am like… 2 months old in this whole thai bl fandom thing so i didnt know of the novels and stuff but when I watched 2gether episode 1 (and then ep2 a couple of days later), I was already taken in very deeply and i knew i'd love it AND watching this really made me even more interested. I can't wait to hear more 🥺🥺

  11. Comentario en español jsjsjs
    Traduje el video para las personas de habla hispana, espero puedan verificarlo pronto, I love this video so much! thank you for all information 💕💕

    Solo vengo a sacar mi ira porque ya tenía los subs listos ayer pero no se quisieron guardar y tuve que empezar desde un poco después de la mitad, pero lo volví a hacer porque quería que todos disfrutaran como yo 🥺💕

    Espero sirvan los subs! Thanks for the amazing video!💕💕💕

  12. Yes i was listen on you on thatn type series when long is in frustration to tharn thank you im on patient towait when i almost cryong for tharn tupe when suddenly you explain it well so i sm calmly waiting patiently not anger o. Series to wait thank you

  13. I thought sarawat will be the first one to fall in love after watching 2 ep
    But I guess I was wrong he liked him from the start . . I'm so happy

  14. Those who ain't watching this you are missing smthng😍😍😍
    I just love this,,,I can't read because of spoilers
    Get well soon
    Waiting for more from you

  15. Seriusly?? Green doesnt like tine?? Ooohh maaannn.. This is big spoiler n i love it😂😂😂👏👏👏

  16. So its all sarawat plan? About green? I cant believe i smell something bad if tine know about that..😦😲😱 hope that he never know only the viewers hahaha lol😂😂

  17. I absolutely loved the two first episodes!! I think the story is really interesting, the actors are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for the video!

  18. U have made the video funny and more interesting to watch it than thrantype i mean to say they were good but this video are funny too and iove spoiler because it gime my mind some rest after knowing the spoiler keep the good work up we will look forward to ur next video☺☺☺💯👍👍👍

  19. Even if your a spoiler, I still love you byulsarang🥰🥰 waiting for your next spoiler video😊😊

  20. this show has made me cackle so much – it's such a funny series!! can't wait for the big reveal that green was helping sarawat!!! I wonder how tine will react to finding that out

  21. i don't mind about spoiler, keep going, you did good job for someone who want to read the book but can't like me :')

  22. DAMN. Like.. i was already guessed that Sarawat might already love Tine for a long time, but I never expect that Green is part of Sarawat plan to get close to Tine. This series is becoming more interesting.😭😭

  23. i didn't get one thing, sarawat didn't know tines name until tine mailed him, then how sarawat made green to follow tine? pls make it clear.

  24. Yes Green was really fishy the time I saw him like it was like obsession on Tine ,thanks for spoiler 😂😂😂👏👏👏💚💙🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 I loved the serie at first but now I love it more.

  25. I have read a bl story in wattpad which friends, comedy,, school genre. The character is a teenage boy who had a crush in a cheerleader. He encourage to back in school again to where his crush studying and pretend to be a girl collaborating with her sister as to be her in order to be with his crush.

  26. I never regret watching something soo badlyyyy how could you spoil such a big aspect of the story like that. You said "hints". That is not a motherfuckin hintttttttt. How could you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

  27. Oh my! I liked it already and look forward next your video anytime. Get well soon! Fighting! ✊💖 thank you also! 🙏🙇🙂

  28. Love your channel. Sorry to hear about your health and cold hope you are feeling better. Keep up the great spoilers and explanations. Wish they had these novels in English ,learning Thai but it’s taking awhile. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I agree this is a great series so far have a difficult time waiting for the next episode, that’s why your vids help, especially because sometimes the subs are a little off like in why r u. Really helped with your explanation of the events.

  29. OMG your the best you knw wat after watching this i thnk i need to rewatch the series, its very true their actions speak louder# thnx byulsarang👍👏

  30. I was ready for minor spoilers but Green not actually liking Tine and that he is connected with Sarawat was too big of a spoiler for me. I just sat there with a pikachu face. But yes, for now Im really enjoying the show

  31. Despite what GMMTV thinks, I love your spoilers. Because I don't speak or read the Thai language your spoilers greatly loved and appreciated. Keep them coming!!!

  32. i watched almost all bl series (and not just thai) and this was the first time that i watched a bl where i didn't fastforward/skip a scene, because i enjoyed every second of each episode! 💕 i'm hooked and their chemistry is no joke!

  33. I love your videos 💜 I’m LOVING this series, And now Im really intrested in read the novel, I hope I can find it in englis at least

  34. Omg yes I'm not able to read the novel so hearing more back story and the spoilers I really didn't see this coming lol I love the series so far so it'll be cool to see how it goes moving forward! They cast and staff have done an awesome job so far so props to everyone involved 🙂

  35. Aí meu deus que noticia bombástica 💣💣💣💣

  36. Thank you for all of this "spoiler alert" it made loving the series more.. Thank you so much is the best word I can say for cause I'm totally speechless. Love you too. ❤️❤️

  37. I saw that this series existed because of videos about new 2020 Bl dramas because I didn't know what to watch anymore. I felt like I already saw everything that was interesting. Now I'm really happy to have stumbled on that series to watch because I feel like there is a great deal a head so I'm really looking forward to this series. It makes me laugh, cringe, smile and I feel really connected to these two characters. I'm sure they will make me cry too but let's hope not too much They make my heart skip a beat each time they gaze at each other. Looking forward to the upcoming Fridays. 😉

  38. I like the way you give away spoilers but at the same time it is not, cuz sometimes spoilers makes people unmotivated to continue watching but in your cause, it made me more excited and to look forward to what would happen in the series. And I really like how bright analyze not only his character but also other characters…
    Hearing how bright gave his opinion to the characters made me curious more about the novel.

    But I'm poor so I can't bought the e-book version so I'll just pay more attention to little details like what you have said..

  39. Green's chatacter.. Well I didn't see that coming.

    I really enjoy watching the episodes so far I feel like I don't need to read the novel because I can tell they're really good at portraying their characters. They don't look awkward like at all and chemistry is definitely there. Their eyes are very expressive. Also their visual is *chef kiss*.

  40. can someone give me the name of the apps or the ebook etc that is very good to read just like what your reading guy’s? and also thank’s to this spoiler cause it makes me feel 😍🥰😅 thank’s and keep it up! 👏👍

  41. when she spoiled the green part i was like ‘oh thats such a spoil’ then i sat back and was like wait i did see it coming tho

  42. I always love watching your videos, the spoilers always makes me want to watch it more since it’s not fully spoiling but snip-its so it creates curiosity on how those scenes will pan out in the drama itself, and I didn’t know what to expect watching this series, the trailer was cute, but I wasn’t sure I would really be interested in it after watching TharnType, Until we meet again, Why r u and other amazing BL dramas / books, but once I saw the series, it was so good, I was so surprise how unique the plot was and how well the actors / actresses portrayed their character and the chemistry, as of now I really really love it and I keep wanting to rewatch it 😆

  43. Okay, I wasn't sold on the series before but now I'm definitely looking forawrd to future episodes… and honestly bright is just snatching me rn

  44. @byulsarang Can you please give us the spoiler for the bl series : en of love.
    Please…… I'm dying…..Please save us by giving spoiler for en of love…..
    And please do take care of yourself…….

  45. So Green is part of Sarawat's plan, how did he know Tine would choose him as his fake boyfriend after all?
    now i'm confuse

  46. Je vous remercie pour les sous-titres en français 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤ car j'aime beaucoup vos réactions et commentaires des séries suivies. Merci😁❤ une abonnée de plus👍 et prenez soin de vous.

  47. After watching your video I re-watchen the second episode. You were totally right, we should pay attention to the details. The scene where Sarawhat was teaching Tine how to play, after Tine stupidly asked him to be his fake boyfriend you can clearly see how Sarawhat was actually hurt by Tine words, and there were many more instances. Please continue to make your comparisons, also I love the little hints that you give us <3 .

  48. I actually wanted to read the novel but of course there's no English ver. Even if there's available it can't give the same feeling or same idea like the original novel 😟😔

  49. I always waiting for your next video!!
    Thankyou so much to give us all the spoiler!!!
    I really love your chanel and also the machine's voice 😂😂
    Your videos never get me Bored and never skip them!
    Thanks again♥️♥️

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