“Holacracy” by Brian Robertson – BOOK SUMMARY

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  1. @Board Studios  love the #visual   And #audible  stimulation in your vids..makes learning new ideas quick and easy, thanx keep up the great work! #FullCourtMuzik

  2. I want to understand the diference between Holacracy and Sociocracy 3.0. I recently (las weekend) studied Sociocracy 3.0 here in Porto Alegre (Brasil). Congrats for the presentation.

  3. My understanding is Holacracy is essentially maintaining a "start-up" organization even WHEN a company has surpassed the startup stage in the beginning.

  4. The underlining relation is, the employee is a resource and if the resource does not generate profit for them the resource must be dispatched from existence.
    The whole gimmick is designed to squeeze more profit out of a resource.
    (Perhaps, it could only work if the human is a voting shareholder in the business with sufficient voting power in addition to being an employee.)

  5. So-called 'evolutionary' companies is silly idea. Companies are not biological entities. And 'blind variation and selective retention' (BVSR) does not a successful business strategy make. Because companies involve 'higher level' entities called 'human beings' (i.e. US), they change-over-time in a trans-evolutionary way, normally known as 'development'. Biological evolution doesn't determine business decisions; it is pseudo-scientific quackery to suggest otherwise.

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