Hear from our English Literature graduates

It feels a bit odd graduating finally. I’m absolutely ecstatic. It’s lovely to be
here. A brilliant day seeing friends and family. It’s nice to be back to see everyone, just
a really good atmosphere, everyone’s really happy. Highlights. It could be the experience I’ve
had or it could be how I feel that I’ve done with my essays and with my studies and my
exams but I feel more than anything that it’s the people that I’ve met. There’s so much to do at the university alongside
your studies so I’ve managed to maximise and do all of that. I’ve done a lot of stuff with the Guild, with
Guild TV and that’s kind of made me realise what career I want to do. Probably the level of depth you go into with
the learning. You’re kind of really engrossed in it – there’s never a dull moment, it’s
always something that interests you and you want to do well. All the tutors have been fantastic and a lot
of them are here today as well. So it’s really nice to see them. I’ve been talking to the Careers Network here
and they’ve been giving advice and I’ve been thinking about potential ideas – looking at
something in marketing or advertising. And then after that hopefully start a career
in teaching – being an English teacher, I’m really excited about that. You don’t just do a degree, there’s so many
different opportunities that as long as you take the opportunities that come your way
at Birmingham, it’s a great experience here. The option of a year abroad is amazing. Living in America for a year is pretty cool.
Experiencing a new culture, a new way of learning, that was definitely the highlight for me. Being able to really engage with the subject
was really good. We went on a really great trip to the Lake District. We went into Dove
Cottage and went into the archive and handled first edition Wordsworth manuscripts. I enjoyed writing a dissertation on something
I was really passionate about. Doing it in-depth, because that was my own
personal interests in a way. But just the elation of seeing your final
results, knowing that the hard work you’ve put, you’re finally getting something out
of, that’s really satisfying.

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