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“My soul gives birth to thoughts into
words: holy writ. Labor pains start, and I quicken and feel the umbilical cord
vibrate. I pause, as the vibe resonates to and from my soul. My eyes shift, seeing
the invisible. My pen glides, writing the intangible. This cycle of life, and this
miracle of creation: WRITEOUS. This is my child in whom I am well pleased:
good fruit, good seed, read it breathes. My soul gives birth to thoughts into words: holy writ.” Welcome to Season 2: Episode 7 of The LIT Minute with me,
Professor Stephanie Johnson, also known as The WRITE, W-R-I-TE, Professor. In
observance of July as Uterine Fibroids Awareness Month, I have entitled this
episode, HealHER Literature. So today, we’re going
to talk about a little-known fact about women’s health and in particular, black
women’s health. Did you know that 80 to 90 percent of African-American women
will develop uterine fibroids by the age of 50? Uterine fibroids are benign tumors
that can grow in and around a woman’s uterus. Medical studies have explored and popular opinion has speculated regarding several factors to the causation of
uterine fibroids, ranging from poor diet and exercise
to stress to even the chemicals used to straighten black woman’s hair. Yet, there
is still more research to be done to validate all of these explorations and
discoveries. Along with information regarding possible causation of uterine
fibroids, there’s also tons of information on the internet regarding
the types of uterine fibroids that exist, and I would suggest if you feel like you
or someone you love are being affected by uterine fibroids, to consult an ob/gyn
or an obstetrician gynecologist to see best treatment options for your specific
case. This July, I celebrated four years of total victory over uterine fibroids.
The condition and its complications interrupted my life at the height of my
career and in the middle of me reaching towards physical and weight-loss goals. I
realized that I was literally dying! So, after eight years of trying home
remedies and natural healing practices and consulting with several
obstetricians and gynecologists, the solution for me, after having a
myomectomy and having a surgeon take a look at what was happening inside of my
uterus, the best treatment option for me was a supra-cervical hysterectomy. Now I
mentioned this to encourage other women. There have been speculations and
controversy, of course, about race and medical practice, which certainly are
valid. I want to encourage you to continue to research and study and
consult with surgeons, different OBGYNs regarding the best treatment option for
you. Because in many cases, it has been found that a hysterectomy may have not
been necessary to heal the condition, but in certain circumstances, it is the best
option. I know that people struggle with challenges, and they process information
differently. I’ve heard, not personally, but I’ve heard insensitive comments
saying, for example you know, losing your uterus or having a
hysterectomy is the same as losing your womanhood. Well, not so. What physical part of any person’s body determines their womanhood or manhood or their ability to
have such a consciousness of a woman or a man in this world? It takes something
certainly more deep than just physical, superficial attributes to determine a
person’s womanhood or manhood, including the appropriate processing of
information, critical thinking, and sensitive communication. Now I’m not
saying politically correct, but just the emotional quotient needed for adulthood.
Think about it. Because it is such a sensitive topic, and it garners many
insensitive comments, many women suffer in silence with uterine fibroids. Due to
the high volume of women who are suffering silently, I recommend the
reading of ‘Faces of Uterine Fibroids: Untold Stories of a Woman’s Biggest
Secrets’ by Martine M. Mayas. This publication is available on Amazon, and
it has been lauded as one of the most popular books on the subject. Since
winning my battle, I’ve gotten back to my normal life: living healthy and well in
all aspects, including diet and exercise. As a matter of fact, I just finished my
morning run. Be sure to love on and hug the women in your family. Listen to their
concerns, and be sensitive to their health concerns. It could save their life.
For more information regarding how you can join me in raising awareness about
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