Hasrat Jaipuri Biography | A Renowned Indian Poet

“She avoided looking
at me and went away..” “..or else I would
have won her heart.” ‘This poet gave his lyrics
to love in the Indian cinema.’ ‘He started as a bus
conductor and became..’ ‘..the legendary Hasrat Jaipuri.’ “The atmosphere is joyous
and both of us are here.” ‘He was born on 15th April, 1922.’ ‘Hasrat Jaipuri’s real
name was Iqbal Husain..’ ‘..and he was a native of Jaipur.’ ‘For some time he studied
in English medium..’ ‘..and then he studied
Persian and Urdu.’ “This gathering in life..” “..we are alone in this gathering.” “May someone kiss your veil,
may someone play with your tresses.” ‘In 1940 Hasrat Jaipuri
came to Mumbai..’ ‘..and he started working
as a bus conductor to earn a living.’ ‘His salary was 11 rupees.’ ‘While working as a bus
conductor in Mumbai’s BEST..’ ‘..he also used to
attend poet’s gatherings.’ ‘Are these eyes or
the door to a liquor bar?’ ‘Are these lips pink or have
they been washed with colour?” ‘Wonderful!’ ‘And in one such poets’ gathering,
the great actor..’ ‘..Prithviraj Kapoor
spotted Hasrat Jaipuri.’ ‘This was also the time when Hasrat
Jaipuri used to sell clay toys.’ ‘He used to live on the
footpath of Mumbai’s Opera House.’ “O beautiful! O beautiful!” ‘Here, his companions used
to be daily wage labourers also.’ ‘One of the labourers
was his close friend..’ ‘..who used to sleep
next to him and he died.’ ‘He died, and Hasrat Jaipuri
wrote the poem ‘Mazdoor Ki Lash’.’ ‘This was the poem which Hasrat
Jaipuri read at a poets’ gathering..’ ‘..and Prithviraj Kapoor
was so impressed with him..’ ‘..that he told Raj Kapoor
that this boy Hasrat Jaipuri..’ ‘..is a very good poet and get him to
write songs for your film ‘Barsaat’.’ ‘From this point his friendship
with great composers..’ ‘..Shankar Jaikishen started.’ This song ‘Jiya bekaraar hai’
from the film became very popular.’ “My mind is restless,
it is spring time..” ‘There were four pillars
of Raj Kapoor’s team.’ ‘Music director Shankar Jaikishen,
lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri..’ ‘..and Shailendra.’ ‘One well-known incident
is that when Hasrat Jaipuri..’ ‘..was living in Jaipur, he
fell in love with a girl named Radha.’ ‘And he had written a couplet..’ ‘..On reading my love letter,
please don’t get angry.’ ‘His love with that girl
couldn’t come to a conclusion..’ ‘..but years later in film ‘Sangam’,
this song was used.’ “On reading my love letter..” ‘Hasrat Jaipuri has used
a lot of things from ordinary life.’ ‘For example, he had written
this song on seeing his son Akhtar.’ ‘When his son was born,
Hasrat said on seeing his son..’ ‘..No evil eye should
be cast on your lovely face..’ ‘..may you be protected
against evil eye.’ ‘That is where this
song came to life.’ “No evil eye should be
cast on your lovely face..” “..may you be protected
against evil eye.” ‘Hasrat Jaipuri,
Shankar Jaikishen, Shailendra..’ ‘..all four used to spend
a lot of time together.’ “Let us get acquainted.” “Life will become easier.” ‘Once a dance show
was going on abroad..’ ‘..where a woman was wearing
very glittering dress.’ ‘On seeing her,
Hasrat said to Jaikishen..’ ‘..wrapping yourself in stars,
O darling, where are you going?’ ‘Jaikishen liked
these lines very much..’ ‘..and very soon it
was turned into a song.’ “Wrapping yourself in stars,
O darling, where are you going?” “I will find peace
if you come closer.” ‘Hasrat Jaipuri was
achieving new successes..’ ‘..when he got a
very big shock in 1971.’ ‘His very close friend
Jaikishen of the pair..’ ‘..Shankar Jaikishen, passed away.’ ‘As a result, Hasrat Jaipuri’s
workload diminished somewhat.’ ‘Raj Kapoor also started
to work with Lakshmikant Pyarelal..’ ‘..instead of Shankar Jaikishen
with the film ‘Bobby’.’ ‘The reason was failure
of ‘Mera Naam Joker’. ‘Lakshmikant Pyarelal worked
for ‘Bobby’ and as the lyricist..’ ‘..it was Anand Bakshi.’ ‘The foursome of Shankar Jaikishen,
Shailendra..’ ‘..and Hasrat, broke completely.’ “May you and I get locked in a room..” ‘And after about a decade
Raj Kapoor asked Hasrat Jaipuri..’ ‘..to write songs for his
film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’. ‘And then the song ‘Sun
Sahiba Sun’ was heard.’ “Listen, my beloved, listen.” “The melody of love.” ‘If we glance at the
personal life of Hasrat..’ ‘..we find that his
wife has taken great care.’ ‘When Hasrat Jaipuri
became a lyricist..’ ‘..while was working
as a bus conductor..’ ‘..his income went up and he
used to give all of it to his wife.’ ‘His wife bought properties
in different corners of Mumbai..’ ‘..and this was the reason
this property helped Hasrat..’ ‘..in his hard times.’ “Come, my darling, if we
meet in this beautiful moonlight..” “..even this desolate
place will bloom with spring.” “Hasrat Jaipuri was also given
many awards during his life time.’ “Come, come to me.” “Please glide towards me.” ‘Hasrat Jaipuri has
been one of those artists..’ ‘..whose life has been
a miracle in itself.’ ‘He started as a bus conductor
and became a legendary lyricist.’ ‘A great lyricist in
the history of Indian cinema.’ ‘Hasrat Jaipuri’s name will
always be uttered with pride.’

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  1. All the music directors and poem writers mean lyrics are the best or supreme in the India filmom.I salute them.All the music directors and lyrics are alive till one human being exists in India and world or any part of the world.

  2. nice to day's legendrys star's yesterday's youngy sexy n beautiful poshak which not a avail today to see the

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