Hannah Skidmore, English Language and English Literature alumni

My name is Hannah Skidmore I studied here
from 2013 to 2016 and I did joint English language and English literature the role that
I went into straight from Graduation was actually teaching with a grad scheme Teach First so
I’m now an English teacher at an all boys secondary school in Birmingham so I really
enjoyed my time at university of Birmingham really wanted to stay in the city skills that
I think of really helped me from my English language degree program in my teaching career
I definitely things like child language acquisition so thinking about how students actually develop
language how do they gain the skills particularly a lot of the boys that I teach speak English
as another language and so helping them to kind of pick up new parts of language using
that kind of prior knowledge gained at university has been a huge skill for me something else
I think from working in all boys school I took a module in my third year was language
and gender and that that’s been hugely helpful particularly it thinking about pastorally
how to be able to teach boys about hegemonic masculinity and toxic masculinity in just
being aware I think of you know all of these perspectives on gender and all of this research
has helped me to deal with I think a lot of the views of boys in their own stereotypes
I think what stands out most of me as a highlight when I think about my 3 years here it’s probably
the warmth of the department I know I loved the modules that I was able to take but I
think what made it a particularly special experience When I Look Back is just how warm
the tutors were and how welcoming they were always ready to offer help and support whether
academically professionally or personally and I think having that support through my
three years mean me a really confident student and you know be supported beyond graduation
until now if I was going to give kind of one piece of advice to a student who is attending
this university and wanted to get into teaching I think that I would say you know to speak
to your personal tutors use those relationships when I first came to university I knew that
I wanted to be a teacher it’s been kind of a long-term career goal and that meant that
throughout you know my 3 years here my tutors are really able to drive my module selection
to make sure that I was taking modules that were conducive to having that long-term teaching
career but also being able to take other modules that just interested me

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