Hanging Indents in Google Docs (Easy Way)

To add hanging indents in Google docs, first
select all of the text that you want to apply your hanging indents to. Then go to the Format menu. Choose Align and Indent. And then choose Indentation options. From the Special menu, select Hanging and
click Apply. Now my Works Cited is properly formatted with
hanging indents. Before you turn your work in, make sure all
of your entries are alphabetized, and that your title is centered.

53 Replies to “Hanging Indents in Google Docs (Easy Way)

  1. For some reason this still didn't work for me, it made the entire bibliography look like one entry. Very disappointed.

  2. I think you might be the next messiah you saved my life I was looking everywhere but I could not find any solution. I can't even describe the relief that came over me when this worked thank you so much for saving my writing 121 grade and restoring my faith in a higher power.

  3. thank you so much.. if only all how to videos were like this. staright forward and to the point
    no unnecessary nonsense

  4. Thank you so much. I literally was crying all night trying to find this and turned in my paper on time. You're the best and I just wish to marry you.

  5. LIFESAVER! I've been fussing around with the indent bars on top for the longest time now and I'll never have to worry about it again, THANKS!!!

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