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It’s time to dive deeper into Margaret Atwood’s dystopian world as the author’s follow-up to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is officially making it way to the small screen. MGM and Hulu announced Wednesday that they’re developing the sequel to Atwood’s best-selling 1985 dystopian novel titled ‘The Testaments.’ The sequel, which the author started writing in 2016 and publishes September 10th, will pick more than 15 years after the ambiguous ending of the original ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ novel. Instead of being told from the perspective of Offred, played by Elisabeth Moss in the show, ‘The Testaments’ will be narrated by three other women connected to Gilead: a young woman raised in the oppressive society; a Canadian teen who learns she was actually born in Gilead; and deeper look inside the mind of Aunt Lydia, the villain of both the novel and the series. The original series, which recently wrapped its third season, stuck closely to the novel for its first season but has since moved beyond the source material for its latter two seasons and has expanded the world of Atwood’s novel. So since the sequel picks up a mere 15 years later is goes without saying that the new series will inevitably impact the events of the current show. As part of a ‘Time’ magazine cover story, Atwood hints about how it could all fall into play saying, Speaking with ‘THR’ before the season three premiere, ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ showrunner Bruce Miller agreed that the sequel will likely directly impact his version of events saying ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ has proven to be successful for Hulu, winning 11 Emmys for its first two seasons, including outstanding drama series in 2017. The sequel move marks the third collaboration between Atwood and MGM Television. In addition to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ the studio has acquired the rights to Atwood’s 2015 novel ‘The Heart Goes Last,’ which follows a young couple hit by job loss and bankruptcy during a nationwide economic collapse. For more updates to this story head to THR.com and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News I’m Neha Joy.

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