GUIDE TO GERMAN SLANG 🇩🇪 | Stuff no textbook will ever teach you

Hello my lovely viewers, what’s uuuuuuuuup So, when Iived in Mannheim
I lived in a wonderful part (Stadtteil eigentlich) known as Neckarstadt-West And for those of you who are from Mannheim or know anything about Mannheim know that Neckarstadt-West actually yeah okay, it’s not the most lower-class area but let’s just say, it’s not the nicest of areas and for those of you learning German, this video is for you today because there are always to ways when it comes to speaking well how you speak another langauge Firstly, there’s the normal version the one you learn in school, at University or wherever and then there is the ‘slang’ language and when I was in Germany, really,
nobody had taught me that Sometimes, for example the first word I learned when I was in Mannheim was the word “raffen” (to understand sth.) “Did you understand?” or “checken”
Hast du es gecheckt? And I was like what? What, what am I supposed to check? and checken or raffen just means to understand so to speak Have you understood it? / Have you got it? and above all, when you’re living in Neckarstadt-West there is the “anti-social” language (from da hood haha) for example people say “Hey man, wassuppp” Man what’s going on, what’s up Do you have a problem? Is there a problem? Can you lend me a pen? Let’s go out nichts – nothing I’m keen / I’m interested / I’m hungry Nothing, I haven’t seen anything Do you have/ do you know/ can you? Could you please do that for me? when you want to say or use the word “very” depending on the case “sehr” (very) has a few synonyms for example hey, I’m really happy I have a super friendly/nice neighbour and we’ll see each other soon!

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  1. Hahaha ganz toll! Are you also going to make a video about how you learned spanish? Greetz from the Netherlands 😀

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