Guessing Objects I Got In The Mail #2

Guess what time it is? It’s time to go postal. Got a bunch of packages in the mail from you guys and now it’s my turn to open them up and guess what the heck is inside. Now, if you have an idea of something that you might like to send in, I’d love to see what it is. So the address is right there in the description and next video will be your stuff. [music plays] Oh, there’s a note! Ben, would you like to have a look? BEN: Hi Tommy. Enjoy your gift. You’ve done so much to teach others what it is like being blind. Grant from Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth, Texas.
TOMMY: I’m trying to feel inside and I feel something down here. This is about the only part that sort of sticks out though. So I have to really open it to see what’s inside. So now… wow, what the? Oh, wait a minute! This is a plane of some sort I’m going guess because I feel like these are wings here. I feel like this might be maybe a propeller or something and there are wheels on the bottom here. And the back I don’t quite know. I feel like that’s almost a switch or something. So, therefore I’m going to guess that is a plane of some sort. Final answer.
BEN: You are correct! TOMMY: Hey!
BEN: Grant has sent you an American Airlines die metal plane. So what you thought was the propeller is the tail of the plane.
TOMMY: Oh, it’s backwards? BEN: Right, and the front which is your right hand is the cockpit.
TOMMY: That makes sense. Oh, wow. Is a plane generally round like that. You know, cylindrical? BEN: Yes.
TOMMY: Wow, that’s cool. Well, thank goodness it’s not a United One. [laughs] [music plays] Okay, this is from Owen in Charlotte, North Carolina. And this seems to be a cube. Oh! But it’s magnetic. I don’t know if it’s a Rubix cube. But it’s some sort of magnetic cube. Hold on a second. Is this dice? Is this a die? And the pieces come apart like this? And then do these two come apart — it’s a whole bunch of die or dice. I’m completely stumped. All the pieces come apart. And they come apart this way. And then I can pull these two apart like this. And then I can pull these two apart like this. It’s not a Rubix cube. It’s not a Magic Cube. I would call it a Magnetic Cube. BEN: Okay, on the box there’s a company that’s crossed called So I would say that you’re — TOMMY: Oh! I nailed it.
BEN: That’s the Magnetic Cube. It’s works like a Rubix Cube but made entirely of dice and magnets.
TOMMY: Owen in Charlotte. This is awesome. Thank you so much for sending this in. I appreciate –0
[box hits light] [music plays] Right off the bat I feel like this is some cable. And I don’t know who sent this but thank you so much for doing it. Is that USB — that’s not really USB though, is it? Is that um… is that lightening? I have not seen these before but it looks like a nice piece of cable.
BEN: What’s your final answer?
TOMMY: I’ll say lightening. BEN: The correct answer is not lightening. TOMMY: Ohhhh!
BEN: The correct answer is an HDMI cable. TOMMY: Apparently I’ve never seen one of these. [music plays] Would you look at that? There’s braille inside. Is that all that’s inside. Let’s look for the money or something. No! [laughs] This is a braille note from Wesley in Gainesville, Florida. It’s says, “Dear Tommy, I saw that you got a PO box and so I hopped on and bought a stylus and a board set.” [gasp] Oh my god. So he’s wondering… “Did you use this in class to take notes?” I never took notes in class, sir. I was too busy sleeping. “I find it pretty difficult to use but the farther I get the faster it is…” Holy smokes! So he taught himself braille and has written a note. This is so impressive. “I wanted to thank you for your videos. They always brighten my day.” Isn’t that nice. “I wish you health and happiness. Sincerely, Wesley.” And this is even the right kind of paper so for braille you need a bit of a thicker paper so it can handle the puncturing of it, right. So this is I think 67 pound paper. That is so cool, Wesley. Good for you. Thank you very much. [music plays] This one it looks like is from Jim in Hackensack New Jersey… or at least Jim handled it in the mail room and stuff and got it to me so… Alright, let’s figure out what this is now. In the shrink wrap. Oh, this is easy. This is a little car. But, actually, I’m going to say that is a truck because it’s a lot larger than a car. I feel like the tires on the bottom are much bigger. Look at how long it is. Yeah, I’m going to say I’m going to call that a truck. Final answer.
BEN: I’ll tell you it is a vehicle but it is not a truck.
TOMMY: It’s not a train. Look, there are windows on the side. Is it just a car? BEN: Yes, it’s a car.
TOMMY: Alright, so I have a question. Are these the doors here because they’re open?
BEN: No, those are windows. Those are rolled down windows.
TOMMY: Oh, they’re rolled down. Okay. BEN: It’s got a sun roof.
TOMMY: Does it have a sun roof? BEN: You could probably rent that for $24/day at Hertz. TOMMY: [laughs] Well, alright then. I’m in. [music plays] Ben, there appears to be some paper in here. I assume it’s got writing on it.
BEN: Hi Tommy. I really like your videos and you always make me laugh or smile. I’m sending you this thing here. I’m not going to give it away yet. I want you to guess what it is and I’ll tell you the rest of the note.
TOMMY: Okay… Right away, I feel like that would be a disc of some kind. Right, like a DVD or a compact disc. Or perhaps a BluRay. So I’m going to take the shrinkwrapping off and see if that will help. Alright… this is what they call those digi-packs. Yeah, so there’s a disc of some sort inside here. I’m going to say… compact disc. Final answer. BEN: That’s correct.
TOMMY: Hey! BEN: “I’m sending you a CD of a 70’s/80’s amazing band from Argentina, my country.
TOMMY: Wow! BEN: Let me know if you like it. Katherina. TOMMY: Katherina. Thank you so much. I will. I absolutely will. [music plays] Can you read what this note says please.
BEN: Dear, Tommy. Hello. My name is Jillian. I remember that you said in one of your videos that you don’t really understand how a three dimensional object can be drawn in two dimensions. So I made you four drawings with my 3D doodler, or my 3Doodler.
TOMMY: Holy cow. BEN: I hope they get to you intact because I’m sending them from New York City.” So, Tommy, what I’ve done is I’ve separated them so you can focus on one at a time and also we can follow with the camera. TOMMY: Okay. It’s very intricate. It’s super delicate. So I feel like there’s a shape inside here that matters, right. This sort of the empty space. But I can’t quite tell what that is. It comes to a corner here at the bottom. I don’t know what this could be.
BEN: I could give you a hint. TOMMY: Yes, please.
BEN: It’s a side view of something. TOMMY: A side view of something. It’s not a car. I’m completely lost… but I’m absolutely stumped. but I’m absolutely stumped.
BEN: That’s a profile of a woman. TOMMY: This is a profile of somebody’s face?
BEN: And what you have there is her hair is pulled back into a ponytail… to the top of the back of her head.
TOMMY: Sure… I get it now. The texture, sure. BEN: And the hair is hanging down. And then that’s the side. And that’s her chin down there and that’s her nose right there.
TOMMY: Wow. BEN: You see it now?
TOMMY: Sure, now it does. It makes sense. I still don’t quite understand it.
BEN: Well, it’s if somebody were to draw somebody’s face or a profile of somebody, that’s what it would look like. TOMMY: That’s what it would look like.
BEN: People tell you, “oh, get a 3D pen and do your drawing so you know what they look like. Well, there you go. Let’s pretend you drew that. But know you know what it actually looks like on paper. Does that make sense? TOMMY: Yeah, it really does.
BEN: Okay, here’s the next object Tommy.
TOMMY: Okay… It has a rounded bottom and all of this up here at the top… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pieces. [gasp] I know what that is. I know what this is. Is it a foot? Like the five toes or the five finger? A foot or a hand. I’m going to say hand because it opens more. BEN: That’s correct.
TOMMY: Hey! BEN: So if somebody were to draw their hand… actually, it’s like an outline if you were to lay your hand flat down on that piece of paper. Outline it with a marker. Took it away. That is what it would like. TOMMY: That’s what you — [gasp]. No foolin’ because I’ve done that a million times as a child. You know, just take a pencil and just go right around like this… So that’s what that would look like? That’s crazy. That’s very cool. BEN: I think these next two pieces were personally transported by United Airlines. So go ahead and tell us what it is. TOMMY: Okay, so this one… now I’m going to say that there’s an awful lot of texture on this. Alright, there are things that stick off of the bottom. Off the left and right off the bottom of it. Can I ask you question? So the first two were sort of human. Would this also be in the human category? BEN: No, but it would be living.
TOMMY: But it’s a living thing. Could it be… is it a flower of some sort? BEN: That’s correct.
TOMMY: It is! See, because I feel like these are sort of stems here on the bottom and then there’s so much stuff in here and then like a rose or something like that, you know, after it blooms and stuff it opens up nice and wide.
BEN: That’s exactly what it is. It’s a rose. TOMMY: Wow. That’s really neat. Alright, let me see if I can… this is very difficult. Uh huh…. Now, I feel like this is animal. I feel like it’s kind of a long animal, but see… well, I thought it was a bird. I thought these two were like wings and up here were sort of like bird face. But this part makes me think it’s a beak.
BEN: Well, I’ll say you are correct. It is an animal, but it’s not a bird. TOMMY: Like I want to say…
BEN: So if those aren’t wings, then what are those things.
TOMMY: If they’re not wings… could it be a fish?
BEN: That’s correct. TOMMY: I don’t know what kind of fish?
BEN: And what about the top? TOMMY: Yeah, I don’t know what that part is.
BEN: Well, what fish has a top… TOMMY: A shark?
BEN: That’s correct.
TOMMY: Is that the shark fin… so these are fins. So this is the part you see sticking out of the water and you freak out. Wow. And this is part that will rip you apart.
BEN: No, that’s the tail. TOMMY: Oh, I see. So I’m backwards. Holy mackerel. So it really doesn’t have much of face.
BEN: It’s got a little smile, a little face there, and an eye. They don’t have much. They’re, they’re fish. They’ve got an eye and a mouth. TOMMY: That’s incredible stuff. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life, Jillian. Thank you so much.
[music plays] So if you want to send stuff in, I’d love to see it. I’d love to open it on camera. The address is right there in the description. So, please… anything you’d like… just send it on in and we’ll open more stuff soon. Listen, this channel, we’re doing our part to keep the mail business alive. [laughs

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  1. Thanks for watching. Ben and I will be at Penguicon in Detroit this weekend so if you're in the area, please stop by to say hello.
    Watch more blind challenges here:

  2. I love that you are always smiling! Since you said you have a little light perception, the best way to describe it is bright. Love your vids!

  3. As the son of a pilot, who grew up near airplanes all my life, and who is also sighted, it was such a shock when Tommy asked if planes are generally round or cylindrical. You never fail to open my eyes more and more to the little things about blindness I could never understand!

  4. It's amazing that he can identify something like that plane so quickly. He's obviously never seen it, but he's also never touched it, he's only heard descriptions of it and yet somehow he can identify it. Crazy.

  5. I find it interesting how he makes a connection between the physically larger tail of the objects being the front side of it

  6. I was fascinated by his ability to figure out the 3d drawings. That was amazing and the person who sent it was incredibly clever to think of that.

  7. "I've never seen anything like that in my life"
    Well, yeah… I… kinda figured that.

  8. Watching you make the connection between the 2 dimensional drawings and the 3 dimensional concepts is so fun. The note was also very kind. I love watching these videos. You brighten my day.

  9. If Gillian ever reads this comment, that was a brilliant and very thoughtful idea. To help a blind person visualise art, awesome.

  10. Extra long HDMI cable so you can plug in your VR headset, perfect. Love these videos Tommy, thanks. I get so nervous watching you slice open these boxes though… take care!

  11. I love that he didn’t know that planes are cylinders. Imagine rectangular planes lol. For all he knows planes look like trucks

  12. This channel is incredibly fascinating. I was surprised to learn how intuitive human pattern recognition is. Tommy's ability to extrapolate 3D references from simple 2D representations of objects is astonishing.

  13. Can you imagine how horrified he was when he thought that the tail was the jaw part!
    10:09 "And this is the part that will rip you apart!"

  14. Now this is one of the youtubers that have ads that dont bug me I'll watch 100 ads in order to watch him if I had to just makes me so happy.

  15. I was impressed with the rose, so interesting to see the most difficult visually to identify was the easiest, and faces are easy for eyes but impossible for touch as its so subtle.

  16. Your videos are so pure and full of joy and humour, they make me so happy. I loved the braille message and the 2D 3D drawings!

  17. How would you describe drawing to a blind person. Drawing is literally a way we abstract our “2d” perception of the world and perspective but in Tommy’s case he isn’t bound by perspective and therefore it would be very difficult to understand art. These question always come up and the more you think the more mind boggling it becomes.

  18. Every time he says something like “I’ve never seen something like this before,” I keep thinking “well, you’ve never seen anything before.”

    Then I feel like a jerk

  19. You make me cry man

    Its sad how you get so excited wen you know how stuf kinda look like by touch.

    But in reality you can't make a picture in your head about its so known you know how it feels but you do not know how it looks like. With is sad😭

  20. what comforts me is that sooner or later, he is gonna know most of the objects that everyone sees but he is unable to before he dies, so he will live blind but die seeing everything that he felt.

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