GUESS THE LANGUAGE | Language Challenge (English with subtitles)

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  1. 3:30 obviously not Russian! I’m Russian and you should know how it sounds like because its national anthem is a meme

  2. 4:00 the funny thing is that the guy speaking was actually austrian and not german and then you showed this picture lol

  3. The only languages I can speak are welsh because I’m from wales, Afrikaans because my mother is from South Africa and korean because I’m learning it

  4. I’m surprising very much
    You know Ossetic
    Hello from Osetia-Alania
    Ираетта Разма ⚪️🔴🌝

  5. I was yelling THAI when he was saying it’s Thai or Korean. And I was yelling Swahili when he clicked on Russian even tho I don’t speak those languages

  6. a language in asia rUsSiAn
    Also, the reason why Russian sounds like polish is because most if the language is just broken polish(I speak both), polish was created before russian as well so yeah

  7. Finnish are not similar to either Swedish or Norwegian. English is kind of similar to both of Swedish and the other Scandinavian languages. But not Finnish, finnish is similar to Estonian.

  8. Sooo I'm Thai and if you wanna know is it Korean or Thai… there's the letter "ร" that, that lady was spoken and her tongue was like "she uses her tongue for this sharp sound?!???" ;-;.

  9. i've never had this much commentary for such a chill video but I'm at 7:15 right now and he's picking urdu, which normally i would be fine with because clearly he doesn't speak urdu and has probably never been exposed to it before- EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT HE JUST HEARD AND PICKED URDU 2 MINUTES EARLIER

  10. I'm Finnish so when he was like "it dosen't sound Finnish"

    And I actually understand what the dude is saying and I'm like:
    "That is the 3rd most Finnish thing to talk about

  11. You know nothing about Asia is all I can say.
    Nevermind you apologized I appreciate that you know Slavic languages well though good job!

  12. I can speak
    -Swedish (my language, or idk wtf to say, I live in Sweden and was born here)
    -Norwegian (half Norwegian)
    -A little German

    I guess that's all

    I know a lot of languages xD

  13. Finland 🇫🇮
    Se on kyl hyvä kun jotkut yrittää oppia suomea, se kuulostaa sellaiselta kirjakieleltä/siriltä
    Jos ymmärrätte
    Ja hauska fakta on se että sitten niiden pitäis oppii vielä joku Suomen murre 👌

  14. I can assure you, Finnish and Norwegian are very unsimilar. Us Scandinavians don't understand Finnish people, that's why they aren't a part of Scandinavia.

  15. Nice job overall, but the guy speaking Arabic was Lebanese, which has absolutely no relation to the stereotypical Gulfy picture portrayed. Also, Tamil is actually from Sri Lanka and India 😉

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