Guante – “”Pro-Life””

And the counter-protester shouts at me, “What if your mother
had decided to abort you?” He’s wearing a bright green T-shirt
that says “pro-life,” no like link, organization, just pro-life, and in a split second
my brain cycles through all the possible ways
I could reply to him. Right. I could say, “Why is it
that the loudest ‘pro-life’ voices are always, always also the loudest
anti social safety net, anti access to childcare,
anti access to contraception, anti living wage, anti environment, anti peace, anti democracy,
anti gun control, anti sex ed, anti education in general, anti healthcare voices?” Right, I could mention
that the U.S. is currently at the lowest rate of abortion
since Roe v. Wade, the continuation
of a 30-year downward trend, primarily due to increased access
to effective and affordable birth control. I could say, “If you really
believe abortion is murder, you would be on the front line,
supporting comprehensive sex ed, universal healthcare, and, yeah,
planned parenthood too, the program, services and initiatives
that reduce abortion rates more than outlawing it ever could.” I could also, however,
talk about how the pro-life movement has never actually been about life,
it’s always been about control. It’s always been about enforcing
this extreme view of family, sexuality, and authority in punishing women, and anyone who can get pregnant, for daring to think differently. Right. It’s always been about cynically
using people’s deeply held beliefs as a way to get out the vote, to keep the most immoral, manipulative,
hypocritical politicians we have in power. I could respond with any variation
on one or more of those points, and would any of them change his mind? How loud do you have to be
to put out a house fire with just your voice? How well constructed must your argument be to convince the ocean
not to take your drowning friend? Do we preach to the choir
because it’s easy or do we preach to the choir because they’re the people
who might actually do something? The counter-protester asks, “What if your mother
had decided to abort you?” He’s not actually concerned
with my metaphysical well-being, right. He doesn’t care about my young,
scared single mother. He’s trying to tell a story. So my response is also a story. It’s just not a story for him. Some day, we are going to live
in a world that truly values life, where people have not just the choice
to have or not have children, but the right to raise them
in a community with all the resources and opportunities and freedom
and justice and joy they could ever need. Talk about life all you want,
but I know who’s fighting for that world, and I know who isn’t. (cheers and applause)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one. If anyone's interested, I wrote up some notes about where this poem came from, and compiled a few other good poems and resources on reproductive justice, at this link:

  2. Using that argument is short sighted if my mother aborted me instead of giving birth to me if for even a second it made her life 100x or even 1x better who am I to take that way form her?

  3. This shit is disgusting im sick of people vilifying others because they think its okay to kill an unborn child, saying the pro life people want to control you shows how self centered and immoral these people are

  4. Im actually sad that people see us this way! Im pro-life, but i support all lives, not only baby lives! I support the life of every person, no matter the race, or gender, or the amount of money they have, or anything! I wish people could see that some of us actually care about all lives

  5. Been legally married to a female for 21 years an the wisest thing I did was to choose to not have kids. Some so called religious organizations would say that I am not legally married because of that. However that's their problem..

  6. Sadly, I was waiting the entire poem for him to say I’d be okay with that, I wish I was never born which is kind of fucked up, but… millennial humor🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. It is so hard to talk about this topic in a way that doesn’t leave everyone feeling angry, sad, or scared. You did such a good job. Because I think although you obviously disagreed and disapproved of the counterprotester, you didn’t immediately deny his ability to speak or communicate or even hopefully learn and change. He was a person, just like you are, and you said so many wonderful things.

    I was born at 22 weeks of gestation, a variety of abortion laws could have made it so that it was possible for me to be aborted even though I would have been viable for life. It makes me a little sad when I contemplate a child of that maturity not being able to come into the world, but that does not mean that I will completely ignore the possibility that it is necessary.

    For abortions to be safe and helpful, and for contraception to be more readily available, we need to have tough conversations and think about the parts of something that are difficult for us, and see if there are ways to change.

    I want anyone who finds themselves pregnant to realize that they do not need to have the kid right away, that they are not terrible for deciding and abortion is the best course of action, that they are not at fault for not knowing how or wanting to be parents but still finding themselves pregnant. It happens, and I personally believe that that life will have a chance to be born again somehow at some point, and we all have to do our best to be our best for ourselves.

    It’s not easy. But the answer to difficult things is not to hide them away or pretend like they don’t matter. Finding ways to safely perform, advise, and talk about abortions means that people will have a better understanding of their bodies and they will need to happen less and less often, which allows us to make more space for the children already, or going to come into, the world.

  8. I support foster care reform, sex education and access to contraceptives and do not support abortion! People like us exist,.

  9. so you're in favor of last year's 1,000,000 murders on our tiniest brothers and sisters. own the horror, bro. own it! because you enable it

  10. Point taken, but the thing is that almost every single pro-life person is Catholic and Catholics don't believe in sex before marriage so sex-ed, contraception, etc. aren't important because couples are not expected to need them.

  11. I'm adopted. I'm tired of people saying I was better off dead. I disagree 100% with abortion. its not ok to take a life, take the best thing we have been given away, to take that away is not okay. Why punish the child for what ifs

  12. I’m Pro-life and this dude is absolutely right. We should be focusing on the prevention of pregnancy, access to birth control, better sex ed, and resources for mothers who are struggling. We shouldn’t stand outside of planed parenthood and call people murderers when most of them aren’t even there to get an abortion and for the ones who are we should offer them are love and support and try to understand how hard this is for them. We shouldn’t hate the people who got an abortion because when you’re pro- life you honour and respect all life and telling someone they’re going to burn in hell isn’t doing that. As a pro-life and a Christian I would like to apologize, we’ve gone about sharing our message in the wrong way, and some people do think you should go to jail or burn in hell for getting an abortion, but those people aren’t the majority, they’re just the loudest.

  13. If my mom aborted me because then I wouldn't have to be birthed into a world where I'm hated for being gay and trans, and fear every day that I might be shot on the street or die by global warming…

  14. I am Pro Life and I support BIRTH CONTROL, SEX ED, GUN CONTROL….. AND SO MUCH MORE. Stop using stereotypes to create a negative connotation for pro life individuals. Please.

  15. I'm pro life but pro contraConceptive and pro eviroment getting pregnant for a woman is a real drag if you don't want to be and saying just don't have sex isnt helpful. We need to improve sex Ed and i totally agree with what he said about if you believe that abortion is murder and i do which I why i am all for educating teens and young people about sex and stds! People who are against sex Ed you want your kid dying of hiv because they didnt know how to use a condom know about prep medication? Because you thought if they knew about sex Ed they. just go out and do it yet they'd did it anyway and didn't know anything and got HIV and or got pregnant and had an abortion and both. could have been prevented if they had all the facts.

  16. Perhaps if my mother had aborted me, she would have been able to finish the education she started. Maybe she would've had a better head start before my sister was born. Maybe my siblings would have a better life. But now I don't know, nor do I care. Cause at the end of the day she had the right to choose and that's all that matters to me.

  17. i would say im sorry i disagree, but im not sorry. protecting life and speaking for those who don't get a voice is my mission in MY lifetime. yall can hate on me but i dont think youll come up with any new insults. yall are so lost in false statistics its really sad actually.

    Does your body does have 2 heads, 4 hands, 4 legs, 20 toes, 2 brains, 4
    eyes, 2 types of DNA? That is two bodies. “Pro-choice”??! Bullshit. You
    want everyone to have a choice what they do with their lives and their
    bodies when the child (who is actually the victim being aborted) doesn’t
    get a choice. I will not stand by while a nation tries to convince me
    that what they lobby for is not barbaric and tyrannic. You are murdering
    your children, your own flesh, in cold blood. It’s easy to talk about
    abortion as a “right” or a “choice” when you are not the one being
    aborted. If we are pronounced dead when our hearts stop beating, why
    aren’t we alive when our hearts start beating?“ Your uterus, your
    choice” “you get to decide what to do with your uterus” If possessing a
    uterus qualifies for personhood, you are technically proving you are
    against abortion. A pre-born female develops her uterus at 44 days. Most
    abortions occur at 56 days. People don’t go throwing around the phrase
    “her body her choice” when a girl is slitting her wrists and starving
    herself, tell me why that is? They say no you are precious, you are
    loved, i don’t care what you did wrong, I love you. However, they can’t
    say the same for children who have not even had the chance to do
    anything wrong. “Fetus” literally means “small child” in Latin, the
    basis of our modern English language which we use when condemning these
    “sacs” to death. It does not mean “potential human” or “blob of cells”.
    One human sperm cell and one human ovum cell are both potential human
    beings. One human sperm cell and one human ovum cell united is an actual
    human being. The potential to become a human being ends at the moment
    the human being begins to exist, which is at the moment the sperm and
    ovum unite. When the mother goes in for ultrasounds and want to keep the
    baby, planned parenthood calls it a child, baby, beautiful offspring of
    theirs. But when a mother goes in wanting an abortion it is simply a
    “blob of cells”. This is pure manipulation. Everyone who supported
    slavery was free, and everyone who supports abortion was born. Why is
    this up for debate? We live in a world where humans have no dignity. We
    are valued based on how much money we have, social status, and how
    smart we are. Instead of making people feel like they need to do more to
    have any worth, let’s value them from the start. Let’s love
    unconditionally, and be loved in return. The pro-choice position is
    exclusive. It says some of you don’t measure up, don’t make the cut,
    some of you don’t qualify for rights to personhood or the right to be
    in the world. On the other hand, the pro-life position is inclusive, if
    you are a member of the human race, you are in. You have dignity and
    worth and your deserve to be in the world. As long as we see abortion as
    the key to women’s freedom, we will only ever see women as prisoners to
    the female body. Women are capable of raising children and being
    successful at the same time. The pro-abortion argument has created the
    notion that motherhood is a roadblock to women’s success, which is not
    only false, but harmful to society. How’s that for “feminism”? 98% of
    moms leave planned parenthood without their baby. What part of
    “parenthood” am I missing? Margaret Sander created an institution called
    “the Negro Project” to eliminate the black race by decreasing the
    amount of births because she was extremely racist. She later changed the
    name to “Planned Parenthood” because it’s less obvious. Genius
    marketing move, dont you think? Wouldn’t wanna show your prejudice
    toward people different than you, just kill them from the inside out,
    right? “Choice” sounds so much better than “murdering your offspring”.
    Planned parenthood is an empire build on child sacrifice. Outlawing
    abortion isn’t about policing women’s bodies-it is about the right of
    every single human being to LIVE. Life, liberty and the pursuit of
    happiness. This is in our Declaration of Independence, the foundation of
    America. We are denying our children, their children, and their
    children’s children of every one of these rights. Through abortion, a
    “safe, legal, and free procedure”, we deny our children of life-we kill
    them in cold blood, liberty-they are slaves to their mothers choice, and
    the pursuit of happiness-they are killed even before getting a chance
    to see or do anything. The first feminist were pro-life. Alice Paul
    called abortion the “ultimate exploitation of women”. Susan B Anthony
    called abortion “child murder” Sarah F Norton called abortion a “crime”.
    Elizabeth C Stanton called abortion “evil”. These women fought for
    equality for women in the voting booth, but they also knew how grave it
    was to murder a pre-born child. Abortion does not end a pregnancy, birth
    ends a pregnancy. Abortion ends a baby’s life during a pregnancy. You
    cry at ASPCA commercials. Why don’t you cry for the babies? They are
    just as helpless as those cats and dogs. Except they are our own flesh
    and blood. Take their hands, not their lives. Why should they be
    punished for their mothers mistakes? Ben Carson says “ we’ve distorted
    things to the point believe that anyone who opposes mothers killing
    their babies is waging war on women. How can we be so foolish to believe
    such a thing? One must be able to recognize the depravity to which we
    have sunken as a society when valuing a baby’s life is frowned upon.”
    What kind of society could celebrate the killing of a full term baby?
    Mere bacteria is considered life on Mars but a human heartbeat is not on
    earth? Life is the right of every child, not the privilege of the
    fortunate, planned, or perfect. So many women are brainwashed to believe
    that the baby inside her body is her body. Planned Parenthood is
    celebrating it’s 96th birthday. The 6,000,000 babies aborted in its
    facilities won’t ever have one. We will not stay silent so you can stay
    comfortable. Rights should not depend on location. A baby inside the
    womb has just as many rights as a baby outside the womb. Something
    non-human does not become human by getting older or bigger. Whatever is
    human is human from the beginning. I read of punishing the child for
    existing (they don’t get a choice remember?) punish the rapist for
    savagely ignoring a woman’s requests and demanding themselves upon her.
    This is great evil but two wrongs do not make a right. Killing the child
    will not solve anything. Why answer one evil, rape, with another evil,
    the murder of a child? The child did not chose to come into the world,
    why should they be punished? Saying that it would be better to
    exterminate children than let them be born into poverty and abuse is
    horrible. It is telling those who came from that background that they
    don’t deserve and shouldnt be alive. And we are back to loving people
    for who they are! Why is killing a pregnant woman a double genocide? You
    convince yourselves that the pre-born fetuses are not human like how
    the Nazis convinced themselves that the Jews were not human.
    Dehumanization always comes before genocide and infanticide. Get your
    facts straight. Y’all are all feministy and “men don’t get to tell a
    woman about her body” but then you go and take part in objectifying
    women. You twirk on men and make yourselves sex toys for them. You
    listen to rap music that sexualize women, and do not realize that the
    lyrics describe just what you think you are attacking. Please explain to
    me how “f*** his baby mama, tryna sneak diss- I took her to my
    penthouse then I freaked it” is acceptable, and protecting the lives of
    innocent children is not.

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