Greek Language Challenge with Andreas – 안드레아스에게 간단한 그리스어 배우기! [TalkToMeInKorean]

Hi guys, this is Julian from Today, I am [not] alone. I have a very very special guest right here Hello Introduce yourself and everybody hi, my name is Andreas Varsa kabbalists. I am from Greece [I] lived in Usa for some time. I’m an English teacher here [in] Korea, and yeah, that’s me I’m very excited for today okay. So he is greek yeah, so you want to learn some greek? Yeah? Why [don’t] we learn some greek? Must know expressions some slang expressions, and maybe some some bad words [oh] Cool. She told me she really likes bad words, and I said I don’t wanna. I want to keep it PG So I’ll do my best when you want to say hello. Yeah, hello, how are you good [in]? In Greek actually we have like in Korean different levels of speaking different formalities, so first When you want to say hello to your friend you say yes true Yes, [yes], [ooh], yes good But when you want when you’re speaking to somebody that’s older than you, and you want to show respect you say yes us Yes, very good. Yes, [yes] [ooh] yes, [ooh] yes us yes, what about nice meet you ha Rica How’d it go? I love that one [heinicke]? [hi] means hi nice to meet you yes hi yes, I had a guy. Yes That’s had how do you say I am? Jan Melanie Melanie three on three on Melon Adrian perfect Melanie my name is it’s like they call me they call me. They call me [gian] Melon Adrian thank you. This is [a] little bit hard. We say [f] Patti Store F highly still good f [hottest] [oh], oh Very good all right, then do you know a lot of brands? Sure sure first. I think it’s good to [start] with the body language slang body alone with slang yeah Yeah, we have it for example. It’s this right if somebody does That that is an expression not as bad as the middle finger uh-huh but it’s like you’re an idiot you know you’re like What are you doing? You stupid? Usually when you’re driving you’ll see so many of these and if you put two hands y’all man, you’re ready to fight [okay], should go like that [path] daddy. It means like stupid guy you know idiot [we] do this a lot. Yeah, I mean me know at Arms I like it. We say U star o u star o poorly gustar. O only gustar Oh, oh yeah, like that gustar. Oh, I can use it for everything I can say for example Do you like this movie did you like this movie, and you say Papa Luis thought? Oh boy. Oh star? oh, oh good and the hood is U Star O co-star. Oh good Malacca Malacca Malacca. This is a bad word in me bad It’s like Jerk-off. She’s not really bad, but people use it every day you hear that a lot It’s funny hearing Korean girls speaking greek back there you go there you [go]. That’s good This is very common a fasiq [sheilo] that fast see [Lo] the fast [scylla] that means when you’re really angry Like you’re giving a warning to somebody those are the husks you load it like I’m gonna gain. I’m Gonna kick your ass, okay I’m Gonna Kick your ass So the foxy law that’s what we say the pasta scylla And it means literally means you’re gonna eat wood that’s probably because you know you get hit with wood Oh, Susie, the first carry yeah, so this f asks you on the bus go scylla. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry in Greek I think did you that no no you did it? See you know me [say] you owe me good Yeah, just good right here. See her know me. See you can only good if you want to say Thank you. Thank [you] very politely you say [Emma] Carrados’s [Mekka] reduces good a mechanic uses [he] [makin] accuses good She’s [really] yeah slang for thank you. That’s interesting Yeah, you do. This II met gotta. Go sis see so kind of uses exactly perfect got it I’m going to type some English words Mm-Hmm into Google translate, okay? Google Translate will give me the greek translation know like the phonetics, [okay]? So I will really [allowed] you guess what I’m saying, okay, okay? Let’s go. Oh [Paul] and a nine, Mia, toa Letta oh Paul a name yeah, towelette ah ha ha Named Mia towelette [ah] okay. Thank you Dodea. Oh, where is the bathroom? Where is the bathroom? Ooh, ooh? Who is not booth? Really no poo, Na Means where is you’d want the toilet valletta. Yeah inside polly or I use is a boy Ohio’s man Sounds like a robot I know what you’re trying to say, but in greek it sounds you are good. Oh It also means like you are you’re handsome a kind. It’s not really common to say in Greek soup or laurels Yeah, I talked you look great. [oh], you look great. You [look] great. Yeah See a couple Couple oh, yeah I got it really set up out like a paul said about I love you [Mm-hmm] Second foul okay, so yeah that was fun. Yeah I guess that’s it for today’s video with Andre [arrest]. [thank] you for having me I had a great time. I hope you guys learned a little bit of Greek I Hope to see you again in the future. Oh cool until then Bye, bye. [bye] Hi guys [and] [yaya]. I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you like to watch more videos like this one please subscribe You’re not already subscribed and be sure to click the notification button as well to not miss any new video comes, Amida, bye

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  1. Το 99,99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
    Μηλαει ελληνηκα στα σχολια.

  2. Μου αρέσε το βίντεο ηταν πολύ αστείο ( I liked the video it was really funny)

  3. Μιλα μου ελληνικα σε παρακαλω γιατι εχω και γαλλικα για εσενα

  4. As someone from Melbourne, Australia, I'm happy to say I already knew most of the greek swear words from my friends in school 😂

  5. I’m half greek and when i was a little kid i could speak greek and only would. But now i can’t remember anything beacuse during my parents divorce my dad didn’t want me and my sis to learn greek. I don’t know why but i’m very sad of not remembering it and i try to learn it again. As i learn I start recognizing words. I hope i can learn greece again 😓

  6. Καλημέρα, είμαι αγγλίδα αλλά μιλάω τα ελληνικά γιατί σπουδάζω στην Ελλάδα. Τα έμαθα πριν από δύο χρόνια και τώρα Μάθω και τα κορεάτικα. Είμαι τυφλή και μου αρέσουν οι πιο δύσκολες γλώσσες.χα χα. Χαίρομαι πολύ όταν μιλάω μαζί με κάποιους από την Ελλάδα γιατί συνήθως οι άγγλους έχουν προβλήματα να μάθουν άλλες γλώσσες, 안녕하세요, sorry I just started Learning Korean yesterday, although I can read it pretty well, I don't know how to make sentences yet. I'm learning… by the way, the fact that yes is similar in both Greek and Korean went straight to my mind. I also speak Vietnamese, Thai, and quite a few other languages. I was working in southeast Asia for 12 years.

  7. Τι της μάθε εις ρε θα πηγαίνει στους δρόμους και θα τους βρίζει όλους

  8. Και εμείς μένουμε εδώ με τις 800 χρόνων καθηγήτριες αγγλικών μας που δεν ξέρουν που τους παν τα τέσσερα 🙂

  9. Ναι ρε φίλε, εχουμε ολο το καπι και ολοι οι καθηγητές είναι πανω απο πενήντα!!!! Αυτος ειναι θεοςςς και τι δεν θα δεινα να τον είχα!!!!!

  10. usualy when you drive you will see many of these ..


  11. My father is from Greece and my mother is from Korea… This video warms my heart in ways you cannot imagine. I wish I had this growing up!! THANK YOU!

  12. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There is always an Asian
    More talented than you

    Greetings to my Orthodox brothers from Serbia

  13. Σιχαινομαι τους Έλληνες …είναι όλοι μαλακές σκέφτονται μόνο με τον πουτσο τους

  14. Μου φάνηκε ή η Ελληνική γλώσσα είναι οι πιο δύσκολη για τους ξένους?

  15. Gosh Korean & Greek mixed together, those 2 languages I wish I could speak fluently but fail miserably…. <3 <3 <3

  16. Είμαστε cool επηδη ξέρουμε Ελληνικά που είναι και η πιο δυσκολη γλώσσα στον κόσμο!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  17. For me, greek language is one of the most beautiful that I ever heard.. It's like music to my ears, I want to learn so badly! Love from Portugal 🇵🇹❤️

  18. I adore Greek<3.<3 so i am gonna learn it. Is it too difficult?(I can speak Armenian,Russian,English,French and a little Turkish )
    Yeah and lots of love from Armenia to our lovely Greece <3<3

  19. 주연 veeeeryy gooood
    Τέλειο τέλειο!!
    Πολύ καλή προφορά..
    ARMY εδώ;
    Η Κορεάτες μαθαίνουν ελληνικά και εμείς Κορεάτικα.. #BTS_ARMY❤

  20. I'm Greek Canadian from Quebec, so I speak read and write all three languages. French, English and Greek. You're both funny and cute. The world can learn alot from the both of you on how to get along.

  21. 😴😪😵🤐😲😮😦😯😐😑🙄🤥🤫🤔🤗🥴🤮🤧😈🤕🤒👿👺💩👻💀☠️👾🎙🖨📀🎥📸📲💻⌨️

  22. to everyone's learning greek
    για σας is when you wanna be polite OR if you say it to a group of people
    για σας = to a group of people
    για σου = to 1 person

  23. my greek friend says some random stuff in greek.
    him; laughing
    me: i have no idea what i just said

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