Grammy Nominated Song or Bathroom Poetry? (GAME)

( music playing )As you might know the Grammys
are happening again this Sunday. Yeah, I’m pulling
for Childish Gambino, but I’m not gonna complain
if Kendrick takes it
in both cases. – But I’m very excited–
– Who are you gonna complain to? You. – Well, I said–
– To the Academy? – I said I’m not gonna complain.
– Okay. If neither one of them win
then I’ll complain to you. Are you gonna complain
if somebody else wins? – Yes, to you.
– Okay. If neither one of them win
then I’m complaining to you. I’m not gonna go
to Twitter. Are you okay with this?
You seem concerned. I haven’t thought
about it a lot. – Okay.
– Until right now. You don’t need to think
about it. Save all of your thoughts
for figuring out if what I’m gonna
present to you is a lyric – from a song from a Grammy
nominated artist,
– Okay. or if it’s from a poem written
on a bathroom wall stall. – I’ve done that a few times.
– Okay. And in true Grammy fashion, I do not know the answers
to any of these questions. They are going
to be revealed – Oh look at that.
– in these envelopes here. Is that gold leaf? Link:It’s time for…– Fartist.
– Have you ever been
a gas station fartist? – Yeah.
– You know you’re sitting there, other people have scrawled
some stuff, you’re like, “I’m gonna make mine rhyme, I’m
gonna do a little poem here.” I took a crap at a gas station
last week. That’s– that wasn’t
my question, but please tell me
about it. I didn’t– I didn’t write
anything, though. I didn’t think about it.
I used to do that as a child. – Right.
– I was definitely one
of the graffiti guys. I was one of those guys
who’d take a pocket knife and like carve it in so there’s
nothing they could do. – I wasn’t.
– No you weren’t. You didn’t bring
a pocket knife to school. All right, here’s
the first lyric… Think about that. Huh. They’re making a statement,
kinda being sassy. Hmm.
Pretty judgmental. So you’re saying
right off the bat, you do not recognize this
as a song lyric from a Grammy nominated artist? ( mumbling ) Artist? – But that doesn’t mean–
– I don’t listen to– to Grammy nominated music. – You’re too cool for that.
– That’s right. – I’m in to sub genres.
– Fartists. I think this is a song. This seems to clever
for the bathroom. – ( drumroll )
– And the winner is… this is a bathroom wall! (laughs )
What? – There it is.
There’s the proof!
– No! “Self-esteem is
more important than your miniskirt
on a 20 degree night.” Signed L.. All right, you got
that one wrong, but I’m still saying
if you get three right, you win a prize. It is an amazing trophy. So tempting. Cheese danish is delicious,
theology is fictitious. This feels like a rap. Feels like a rap? Delicious, fictitious… A lot of aspiring rappers
have to take crappers. I mean, I don’t know. You’re rhyming delicious
with fictitious, you can’t leave
that in the bathrooms. You gotta put that
in your notebook. You gotta put that out
for the world to hear. I’m gonna say
this is also a song. He’s saying
this is a song. – ( drumroll )
– The winner is… no, it is also
a bathroom wall. ( high pitched voice )
This guy needs
to be a Grammy artist. Yeah, maybe he will be
one day. – Or she.
– Now let’s thing
about what it means. Cheese danish is delicious,
true. Theology is fictitious. – Hmm. Wow.
– So it’s– It’s an atheist who likes
continental breakfast. Yep. – I think it’s what’s
going on here.
– That’s our biggest demo. Ah, yeah, that’s a song. Just because I’ve said
bathroom stall– I’ve said song twice
and it’s been bathroom stall. So you don’t–
you never heard this in a song? I don’t even–
Uh, I mean, maybe. I don’t really listen
to lyrics. You’ve heard me–
you heard me sing back lyrics. – I’m always wrong.
– Yeah, you’re always wrong. I just take in the song
and the instruments as just one big wall
of sound. There’s no reason
to try to decipher what people are
actually singing about. But this “Just trying
to keep my T-shirt clean” is certainly something
that I do every time I’m in the crapper. That is definitely true. – Especially when you got one–
– You don’t want it lapped – underneath your thighs.
– Oh yeah. And I’ve been wearing some of
those long busting cheaper ones. – Yeah.
– Ya know. You can get those
going on both sides. Yeah, you gotta
really pull it up. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I tie it up. – You gotta cinch it.
– Right under the nipples. – Tie it up.
– One time he walked
outta the bathroom, he had his T-shirt tied up
here like a midriff. I was just– I’m just trying
to keep my T-shirt clean! – Okay, you’re saying
this is a song lyric.
– Song. – ( drumroll )
– Let’s see if he’s right. – You’re having trouble.
– Yes, this is a Grammy
nominated artist. – Yes!
– It’s from the Foo Fighters’
song “T-Shirt” off their 2017 album,
Concrete and Gold. Yeah. I saw Dave Grohl
in a Habit Burger. – Yeah.
– I’ve told that story.
With my son. I didn’t wanna look
directly at him, but there were mirrors
along one wall in The Habit. – So you looked into the mirror.
– I just kept staring at him
through the mirror. People can’t see when you’re
looking through the mirror. My son, who was
I think 10 at the time, Lincoln said,
“Dad, stop staring at him. He can still see you
through the mirror.” Did he have on sunglasses? No, he was super cool. He was talking
to the burger people. Oh he actually made
his own order? He came to pick up
his order, yeah. – Oh.
– He took it out. That’s why I had to chase him
into the parking lot to speak to him. – I didn’t.
– Oh good. Had to be cool
in front of my kid. I wouldn’t
put it past you. ( sighs ) This is not the high road,
it’s the low one. Both:
It’s not the low one either. Goldilocks. It’s the middle way. Very cryptic. I could definitely see
that being on a– – Man.
– on a toilet wall. I don’t really–
it doesn’t sound too rhythmic. You know what I’m saying? ( singing )
This is not the high road, it’s not the low one either,
Goldilocks. I mean there’s just
so many– it’s so hard to find a way
to make that work as a song. If you’re Bruce Springsteen. – I mean or whoever you are.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, I’m gonna say
this is bathroom. Please be right. – ( drumroll )
– Keep hope alive. – It’s a bathroom wall.
– Yes! Congratulations! It’s multiple people–
have written this. No, I think this
is the same person coming back over
and over again. It is the bathroom, guys. Spoiler alert.
Yeah, that’s a good way
to do it. I’m gonna start doing that. – Yeah.
– Just leave an open-ended poem. Let’s start doing it here. Which explains why it didn’t
rhyme or make any sense. Right, it is the middle way. If you want
the amazing trophy, – I do.
– it’s Grammy and toilet themed – Yep.
– If you could win and
use as a paperweight. Or try to eat,
I don’t know. You have to get
this one right. Okay. I let the seasons
change my mind. I let the seasons change
my mind. This is like
one of those before and after
“Wheel of Fortune” puzzles. No it’s not.
How is it? Because it’s got a link
in the middle. Both:
I let the season change my mind. Change my mind. Could’ve been two people
on a bathroom stall like one finishing
the other one. Like “My Mind”
in parentheses. If I could see Vanna White just
reveal a little piece of it. A, I’d lock that away
in my mind for later, and, B, she’s from Myrtle Beach.
You know that? – She’s from Myrtle Beach.
I do know that.
– Yeah. Every time you mention
Vanna White my dad says, “She’s from Myrtle Beach.”
I’m like, “Dad, we know.” Good with letters. – Yeah, this is–
– She knows them all. This is a song.
For the win. – ( drumroll )
– For the win. Is this a song? – Congratulations!
– Yes! You win The Canny Award. – There it is.
– Oh. This is from Lorde’s song
“Writer in the Dark” off her album Melodrama
which is nominated
for Album of the Year. She’s so smart
with the lyrics. Yep, she’s such
a smart lyricist. She’s from New Zealand. You think I could pee in this
on the road? Not on my road. I’ve been using
a Gatorade bottle for years. But I’m gonna
start using this. Is there a hole
in the bottom? Look, it’s got
your name on it. – There you go.
– Congratulations to me. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hey, what’s up?
This is Aaron White. – We’re at JR Pitch.
– ( crowd cheering ) And… All: It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Yeah! ( cheering ) They’re having a lot
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