Graduate Studies in English Language and Literature

[ Music ]>>The collegiality and the
professionalism of this department, their push towards making you
a hirable teacher on the way out of school was something
that was very attractive to me.>>I felt that they had an exceptional
English faculty, and that they had professors that had specializations in the
fields that I was interested in.>>The MA is a one-year program that
features coursework in a variety of areas, as well as professionalization
opportunities and a literary internship. The MPhil is a two-year degree, and
it’s designed specifically for students who are contemplating future doctoral studies. It has coursework, it has field exams,
and it has a publishing practicum, so students have significant
opportunities for professionalization. And, it also allows students
who go on to doctoral studies to accelerate their dissertation,
so they complete more quickly.>>Our statistics for our master’s program
show that almost 100% of our students in the master’s program finish
within one year of registration. That places us at the top of master’s
programs in Ontario for on-time completion.>>The literary internships are very
important, I think, for master’s students, because they allow the opportunity not to
work just at Queen’s in a different discipline or field, but also with the community. Depending on the internships,
you can be placed either in a more humanitarian-based
internship, research-based, scholarly. It depends on what’s available at the time,
but I think that they’re valuable experiences for the students, and just showing
them what is out there, necessarily, beyond the strictly academic field.>>One of the advantages of Queen’s is that you
get to go on writing retreats, either on campus or at the University Biological Stations. The retreats are run by the
School of Graduate Studies, and by students from the Department of English.>>The best part about writing retreats is
the opportunity to get away from the city, to get away from the routine, and to
be surrounded by nature and just work. And, I find that being out there with your
friends and exercising, taking walks, hiking, allows you to really focus on
your work and enjoy yourself. [ Music ]

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