Governor General’s Literary Awards 2013

I like bigger books
because the small books, they’re too easy
for me to read. When I want to do
something and I don’t know what to do, I’ll just grab
a book and start reading. It’s great insight. It just opens up a whole
new world and takes you to a different world that you
can read about and think about. Reading a book makes you
open your mind and expand your own thoughts
and horizons. When I read, I have the
opportunity to experience almost an infinite
number of perspectives. I like it because it
makes you kind of escape into a different world. I immerse myself in fiction
and shut away everything. I need a certain number of
pages to read every day. Otherwise, it’s
not a good day. I believe that reading is the
key to pretty much anything. I look to book awards like
the Governor General’s Awards because I know they’re
going to be great suggestions. Read great books. Read great books. Read great books.

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