21 Replies to “Goodness: Altruism and the Literary Imagination

  1. Awesome video, but I'm fascinated that someone had to introduce the person who is introducing the person who is introducing the speaker, whom everyone already knew anyway. Do they teach restraint at Harvard Div School?

  2. I loved the way she ended her speech — on the acquisition of self-knowledge. Thank you for sharing this insightful video.

  3. Morrison: "Evil has vivid speech, and goodness bites its tongue." A consideration of goodness in literature.

  4. Ms. Morrison began her lecture with the story of the Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania. This video was published the day of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. 🙁

  5. As inherently brilliant in concept, observation and descriptive as the writer herself. Toni Morrison has been my literary hero from the time I called myself an "adult", yet it is with childlike wonder and enthusiasm that I absorb her every word. I aspire to her wisdom and grace as I age.

  6. words bringing stand up attention to one's psyche coaxing permanent understanding of what is being said.

  7. So Inspiring Consider Put on A Coat of RIGHTEOUSNESS🌟….BE a Genuine Blesssing to this world RIP The Mighty 👑TONI Morrison 🕊 Condolences to All who Loved Her🌹🌹🌹❤

  8. 14:15 By not legally suiting the assassin, the Amish community she mentionned is perpetrating this kind of actions. Thanks to people that defined in details the nature of crimes and denounced them, we have laws, a system to garantee a protection etc…
    Acting this way, this Amish community only thought about their principles since they dont think it is their role to judge and punish. They had no interest in adding a brick to what the rest of the communities built, a system that they themselves are taking advantage of.

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