Goodbye from Transatlantic Poetry

Hi everyone, Robert Peake here, creator of
the Transatlantic Poetry reading series and more than anything I just want to
say, “Thank you” to the the scores of poets the dozens of hosts and partners and the
literally thousands of viewers all over the world. We had no idea in 2013 what a
success this would be. Since that time we’ve broadcast nearly 100 hours of live
poetry readings on the air, we featured what I think are some of the most
exciting poets in the US and the UK Europe and beyond. Many of those poets
have been discovered a lot of them have gone on to win the top poetry prizes in
their country and sadly some of them have have passed on as well. All of the
readings are available on Transatlantic Poetry, archived and available for
posterity. This really was forged in the spirit of generosity. So thanks
really are due to the curators the hosts, especially the poets themselves who
volunteered their time and gave of their wonderful work into this project, into
this experiment. So I hope that looking through the past archives that you too
are encouraged and inspired to be bold to be free to be creative and to be
generous in your relationship to the ongoing conversation of poetry. There are
some real gems in here and I hope you enjoy

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