GIS&T Project Proposal – Sahana Lakshman

hi everyone my name is Sahana Lakshman and
my project proposal is impact of wild fires in California. To begin with
wildfires are one of the major disasters that’s causing loss of life and
destruction of property. Destruction caused by wildfires in the US has
significantly increased in the last two decades. In 2018, a wildfire destroyed the
entire town of Paradise in less than a day killing more than 85 people and destroying more than 100,000 acres of
land. More than 4.5 million homes in U.S. were identified to be at risk of fire
fire and in 2019 there has been more than 36,000 wildfire reports that were
filed according to the National Interagency Fire Center and the losses from wildfire
has added up to more than five billion over the past 10 years. The problem
statement is wildfire causes loss of life and destruction of property. Goals
and objectives: the goal of the study is to analyze the patterns of fire fires
and how GIS could help in developing models to reduce this impact. The
objectives are statistical analysis to create potential routes and heat maps
to study the patterns of wildfires and its intensity. Also, identifying the
regions that are susceptible to forest fires, enabling faster response time,
thereby better resource management. Coming to literature review, I came
across two literature’s that talked about
crisis management with respect to wildfires. One of it uses multi-criteria
decision analysis using GIS which gives information such as slope altitude, land
cover, annual rainfall, etc which could be used to predict the wildfires and its
impact. The other one had a simulation model which had parameters
derived from our remote sensing data and GIS. This was used in predicting the
fire spread and direction of the fire according to the climate data like wind
direction, wind speed, rainfall, etc. The methods that I plan are, to use to begin with
I will be working on ArcGIS Pro to do statistical analysis of wildfire in
Southern California and I also plan to do hotspot analysis of fire stations and
creating visual representation of facilities available during forest fires
in California. The expected outcome of this study could have visual
representation of properties and vegetation that are susceptible to
wildfire. Hotspot analysis of fire station and facilities thereby reducing
response time. Thank you!

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  1. 3:19 Goals and objectives were clearly stated! methodologies and expected output sections give us a clear idea on what to expect from this project!

  2. Nicely explained. I did one of the assignments on wild fires in california. I do agree it's an important topic and you will find quality data on it.

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