Get To Know The Writer Tag (ALSO IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!)

[upbeat music] Hey guys and welcome to my vlog!
My name is Erin and today is my birthday! In case you couldn’t tell (laughs)
So for my birthday vlog I’m going to be doing a Get To Know The Writer Tag. And I
was tagged by KB Cypher on Tumblr like a LONG time ago and I’m sorry it
took this long. There are 10 questions in the tag and I will put all those
questions in the description below as well as a link to KB Cypher’s Tumblr and
I will also tell you guys just a little bit about me in general, I guess.
Obviously if you’ve been following my channel at all you know that I’m a
writer. I have two books out right now they are Olympian Confessions: Hades and Persephone, which is a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, obviously (laughs) and Olympian Confessions: Hera, which is a retelling of a lot of the Hera myths, but it’s positioning Hades and Persephone and Hera as the protagonists of their
own story. Because I find that their – Hades especially, and Hera are vilified a lot in
mythology so I did a revamp of all that (laughs) and I also have a contemporary romance
coming up that is tentatively named I Ship It. It’s Kpop romance and I’ve been having a lot of fun working on it. So currently
being a writer is my full-time everything. I worked in senior care for
about 8 years and then in insurance for about four years and I know those are a
big switch and not at all related but you know life goes where it goes. And
about… and actually about a year ago this time I quit my job in insurance and
stayed home to write. So I’ve been very much enjoying having all that extra time to get my books finished. I’m turning 30, or I am 30 now, I guess. (laughs)
This little bundle is Snowdrop she is about six years old and Willow, the black and white one that
is in most of my videos, she’s six and a
half and… we got them both when they are about six months old and they kind of
grew up as sisters. And then we got Iggy, who is the big black fluffy one, about… I guess almost a year ago now and so Willow was significantly LESS than
impressed, but she’s much better with him than she used to be. There’s moments of
love and other times where she gets mad at him for existing. (laughs) It’s also my
three-year wedding anniversary coming up in like two, three-ish weeks. If you’ve seen our other channel, The WriteGamers, then you’ll have seen my husband A LOT. That channels a little bit on hiatus but I think he’s getting back into playing stuff, so hopefully there should be more things there and I’m
mostly focusing on the whole writing end of everything. I’ll put a link into the
description of that channel as well so if anyone is curious, we did a LOT of
video game Let’s Plays so they’re all on there for people to enjoy. And onto the
tag! So Question 1: What time of day do you usually write? Uh…When I have the option
to it’s usually evening but I write pretty much all day at this point. When I
worked in senior care I would pretty much just write on all my breaks and that
was pretty sporadic and I would write before work and when I worked in
insurance it was basically every single lunch hour of the work week was writing
time. I do prefer like afternoon-evening usually after like five-ish. I’m not very
good at writing in the morning because I’m not very awake. I am NOT a morning
person IN THE LEAST. I have tried, God, I have tried to be a
morning person and when I had to work the 7:00 a.m.
breakfast shifts when I worked in senior care I could do it and I could be perky,
happy, smiley, but getting there was agony (laughs) Number 2: Do you outline or do you
just wing it? I kind of wing it. I have a basic idea of where I want things to go and I will do a good chunk of research and whatnot beforehand and I will make a
very vaaaague outline, because I’m really bad at figuring everything out at the
start. Like I don’t – I kind of know my characters but I don’t KNOW my
characters until I write them through these different situations and I get to
know them and how they vibe with one another and so it’s really, really
difficult for me to outline an entire book from the get-go. Usually it’s just I know what events I need to have happen but in terms of anything else… I wing Number 3: What authors do you admire the most? So, hands down my absolute favorite author and human being is Jenna Moreci. If you have not yet read her book
The Savior’s Champion I highly, HIGHLY recommend it I am critiquing the next book of it right now and OH MY GOD you guys. I’m so excited for it I’m reading it right now and I’m still so excited for it. (laughs) Jenna is amazing I will put a link to her channel in the description in case you’ve been
living under a rock and don’t know who she is. She gives the BEST writing advice.
She is super knowledgeable, super funny in her videos and she’s just a gem of a
human being Number 4: What is your least favorite genre to write or read? Probably horror because I’m a huge baby and my imagination will like cling on to these things for MONTHS. It’s terrible. Like, I watched Signs when it came out and it was like a good six months before I was not genuinely concerned that these aliens would come and kill me. So especially because I read
right before bed so reading horror before I go to sleep would be the worst
idea….just…no. I don’t read a ton of nonfiction unless it’s for research.
I will read the odd like autobiography if it’s someone that I find particularly interesting.
In terms of ones to write, I don’t know I’ve written now historical fantasy,
historical fiction, and contemporary romance and I like all of them. The
romance one is my favorite so far. Out of those three I guess in terms of ones
that I’m actually informed on to answer this question I guess the historical
fiction, only because I feel like I have slightly less control over what goes on
with the characters because I’m using ones that actually historically existed
but there’s very little information but what information I do know is not like…
happy information so sometimes I feel very bound by that. Whereas if I’m doing
a fantasy or whatever I have a lot more control in what the end result of my
characters is going to be. Yeah I can’t really say for any other genres because
I just, I haven’t written them so I don’t know. Number 5: Do you want writing to
be a hobby or is your goal to write full-time? OBVIOUSLY full-time. That’s
what I do (laughs) I don’t actually know when I firmly decided that I wanted to be a
writer because for so long growing up even up into my 20s it didn’t feel like
an option like everyone was like you’ll never make money off it, it’s a waste of
time like, as people do with the arts because
people are buttholes. (laughs) There wasn’t like – when I first would, like mention be like
this is what I would love to do there wasn’t like a ton of support, like people
were excited when the book was out and when I had finished the first draft but
prior to that they were like okay?? suuuure. Yeah I didn’t start working on Hades and
Persephone until after I graduated university. and it took me like a good 4
years because I would just write it like before work, during breaks, and whatnot
because I didn’t think anything would really come of it and you know, not that
I’m like a best-seller right now that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility in
the future. Like writing is a very very difficult industry to make a living off
of writing exclusively. So I am very fortunate to be in a position where when
my husband got a new job it covered basically what I was making in his raise
so we transitioned to both of us working from home and me writing full-time. So
and not everyone has that opportunity but that’s how it ended up going for me Number 6: What is the hardest part of writing for you? I really kind of like all aspects of writing and it’s not the writing part of it that is difficult for me it is the marketing part of writing a book. Because I have a very difficult time like putting myself out there putting my books out there because while
I am – I know that I love my books and I’m still working on the part that other
people may also love my books because I I find with a lot of artistic people
they are very insecure about their own work and when it is just mine, I LOVE it, but I’m always so afraid that everyone else
is gonna hate it So that’s where marketing becomes a very
difficult aspect for me but I’m trying Number 7: Do you have a writing
routine? Kind of? Mostly I just literally sit down and write. Yeah I don’t really have any rituals per se because I don’t even like have a cup of tea every single
time I sat down to write because that’s most of my day. Yeah I don’t really I
just sit down and write. Number 8: What is your solution to writer’s block? Write. If one story in particular is being
really really difficult then I will write something else. I will work on one
of my other projects that is kind of hovering in the background but that’s
only for a very short period of time you just [strikes hand] make it happen. Sometimes I will do
writing sprints and even just getting like 100, 200 words down will get me past
that block and then I can just write as normal. But really the only way to get
past writer’s block is to write. And it’s okay if it’s garbage, you can fix it
later. It’s okay if it doesn’t flow properly. Like any words that you write
down are more words than you had before. And it’s so much easier to work with
that than it is to work with nothing Number 9: How long have you had your
writing blog? I have no idea how long I’ve had my Tumblr for. I have no idea how long I’ve had my website blog for but I know I’ve had my YouTube for two
years. Number 10: Do you think having a writing
blog slash vlog has helped your writing in any way? I think so. Especially with
like my world building series because I had to think of all those things before
I could make videos about them and interacting with the writing community
in general opens you up to new styles of working. Especially authortube is very
useful although I only really watch Jenna Moreci on that and some of my smaller youtuber friends. Yeah I think it’s useful just in
that you’re being exposed to other ideas and how to do things. So if something
that you’re trying is not working for you then you know, go out and see what
other people are doing and see if that works better. If you would like to do
this tag please feel free and tag me in your videos so I can go watch it. I will
put all my social media links in the description below. Thank you so much for
watching and joining me on my birthday I’m gonna go celebrate now. Bye guys! [blows party favor for cat] (laughs)

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