German: an über-cool language

[German] Hello, welcome to a short video about German. Do you understand me? Hello! Today we’re talking about German.
German has a reputation for long words and difficult grammar. But far from being prosaic,
it’s actually a language for writers, thinkers, hipsters and business people, and is spoken
by around 200 million people worldwide. German is renowned for its complex grammar
and syntax rules, which can pose a challenge – or a ‘Herausforderung’ – to any language learner.
For some, learning German can even turn into a full-blown love-hate relationship, or ‘Hassliebe’.
German is one of the most popular languages taught in UK schools. Many people might remember
a few phrases, but don’t delve deeper into the complexities of the language.
The two languages are still closely related today. There are a lot of nouns that sound
the same in English and German, such as ‘friend’ (der Freund), ‘coast’ (die Küste) or ‘hair’ (das
Haar). And finally … gendered articles – these are crucial for grasping the German language. Without knowing their gender, you can’t decline
nouns or adjectives properly in a sentence. German nouns can also be very descriptive, like ‘Staubsauger’, which means ‘hoover’, but
literally translates as ‘dust-sucker’. Or ‘Schlafanzug’, which means ‘sleeping suit’, or just your pyjamas in English. German is unique enough that its words have been adopted into many other languages. Here
are a few examples that have been borrowed by the English language: ‘Zeitgeist’ – the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown
by the ideas and beliefs of the time ‘Weltschmerz’, which translates as world-weariness in the philosophical sense; ‘Schadenfreude’, meaning malicious enjoyment from the suffering of another; and ‘über-cool’ – this one is a bit more obvious.
It means ‘very cool’. If you decide to give German a try, it may
seem complicated at first, but you will soon discover that it is a beautiful language that’s
not as prosaic as many people think. And since it’s one of the top languages for international
business, learning it might even pay off with a new job. So, is life really too short to learn German? Definitely not. Nein!

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  1. wow ich habe noch nie jemanden positiv über DeUtsch sprechen hören, der /die nicht aus Deutschland kommen

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