George the Poet – Have The Edge

Do you ever want to make it
to the next chapter? But worry that you don’t have
the X factor? Constantly battling with self-doubt? Well, having the edge can help out. The edge is the professional advantage
you need in the world of work,
to advance and succeed. It can help you overcome self-resistance and anyone you come across
can tell the difference. For instance… Say you got a job interview and the night before
there’s nothing to do. Now, do you give your prep notes
an extra read? Or hit social media to… check your feed? Say you’ve got somewhere to be
at a certain time. Did you check
the transport was working fine? Would you know how to get there by bus
instead of the train? All it’s really about
is getting your head in the game. Having the edge
can help you rediscover skills too. And when you recognise
your own talents, others will too. Communicating with people. Solving problems. Maybe these things
come naturally to you. Maybe there’s a world of needs
that you could meet. Things you never realised
you actually could do. Sometimes it feels like
everything’s moving and everybody’s talking louder than you. You might find it hard
to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression
out of the blue. But you know what? I reckon you could do it. I reckon someone out there’s
waiting to find you. Give yourself a chance
by having the edge. And I’ve got no doubt the talent will shine through. With all the tips, advice,
and tools you need to have the edge
and take control of your future, register for LifeSkills. What you waitin’ for?

12 Replies to “George the Poet – Have The Edge

  1. OOOOOO BARCLAY'S are getting in on the "yoof slam poetry" advertisements, too? WoWWWWWW so zesty, so cool, so UURRRRBAN!!! To be fair the guy is actually pretty okay but all bankers and the knobcocks who create their ads will be imprisoned for their crimes against humanity when mankind finally awakens and Russell Brand's revolution comes!!!

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