George The Poet #GOALKEEPERS17

– A sustainable world is not a pipe dream. It’s actually much closer
than it might seem. In a short space we’ve
moved leaps and bounds and now we’ve got a lot
to speak of proudly, our technological feats astound me. Access to education has seen advancement and elsewhere breathtaking
enhancements in healthcare. So, in the fight for the future we have to win over those who
can’t see themselves there. It starts inside. The cynicism that we try to mask and hide needs to be cast aside so we can take on this task with pride. We can’t let this chance pass us by. What the future holds, no one knows but that’s exactly why
we need the Global Goals. We’re standing on the
privilege of struggles from the past, sacrifices made by noble souls and so it goes the
responsibility is passed down, history is literally ours now. There’s no such thing as a perfect process but the goals give us a framework for progress that we
can work with no less. It’s like an action plan
for big improvements, for example, greater support
for women’s movements or for the potential of tech with purpose to help banks serve an effective service, for people with unprotected purses to make their perspective purchases, all the shared benefits of social welfare, raising awareness for developments in global healthcare. All you need now is an imagination and of course the power of collaboration means that your dedication can lead to somebody’s elevation. We can be first hunger-free generation. We can end climate change
with behavior change, resolve conflicts in the face of danger. It takes a stranger to answer this call. That’s what partnership’s for and I’m asking for yours for your commitment in
being part of a cause to depart with the sources
of hardship and war, please answer the call ’cause life is just a moment and this world is what we
leave behind after it all. My name’s George the
Poet, thank you very much. (clapping)

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