Ganja Fiction (FILM COMPLETO 2015 HD) [Eng Sub]

An ancient legend tells the story of a God
who having found a shelter in a forest of hemp was impressed by its intoxicating smell the fruit was so good that it gave the man this well-being plant to someone its name is Ganja
and smoke it means talking to God for all the other it is called Marijuana and smoking
it instead is something illegal but there is a special place where you just get in the right place and choose
from the menu the best key to open the doors to paradise. EVERY MAN IS THE ARCHITECT OF HIS OWN FORTUNE. ( Appius Claudius Caecus) This is the helm of the power half fresh THC that gives you he shot the other half is the dry one, it never really leaves you Do we really have to smoke it all? Slowly, very slowly. Goddamn, look at the way it is since it has been here uh Spillo? I knew it Open your lungs So? How’s it? Strong.. Not this, Amsterdam.. He likes it, he likes it.. Hot dog, fries.. he only wants to eat And ya make me smoke! And here? Have you ever been here? uh? Look what they are reduced to. Gravy, this is the capital of “live and let live”. Do you know how many of them have problems with their past? And they all come here. So they forget it. It ain’t easy.. it ain’t easy. Apart from the fucking cold, they are not able to cook pizza, they see the sun twice a year and coffee.. It sucks Oh that’s rubbish. Terrible rubbish! Green House, the best weed of Amsterdam, even if Look it’s here. Mine has not rivals. White Widow, old school. Hey Duckie! Holy shit.. I’ve been so lonely one speaks a language and the other one too.. they don’t even understand each other. I’m happy you came grave Diggy. Yeah but I won’t stay for a long time A couple o’ days and I’m gone. Where do you go? I’ve got a surprise for you which surprise? do you trust your friend Sasà? Mmmmm… Amsterdam the land of toys was once the place for junkies, drunks , prostitutes , criminals and ex-prisoners and yet today , as then, there is always someone who flees from the past and it is from the past that this story begins When a story starts with a funeral it is never a good omen, but the one talking about the best place of ganja starts here, and it is in some stories that it is important to follow some specific rules, First of all: “Be careful what you wish for. Your dream could come true”. WE YEARN FOR WHAT IS FORBIDDEN AND ALWAYS DESIRE WHAT IS DENIED TO US.
(Publius Ovidius Naso) And in these stories there are different ways to do business, some legal, some not. Sasà, rotten gambler and heavy smoker. These fucking chinese are smart They say that when there’s a stealing Grave Digger, there’s always another on the run. leading over like a bad omen I tell ya he was ok, really! we had something to drink and then he went home.. One shot, gone.. Sasà What the fuck.. Are you nuts? What? What is it? It’s still blazing. Uh? This? Yeah, get some. Yeah, Yeah I get some. Gimme that thing. Give it to me, give me this. Gino, my love.. But what did they do to you?? No Madame take it easy , it’s nothing, Calm down. You are animals. It was just some cold water. Shut up Sasà! Take it easy mada , easy, really.. we’ll clean everything, we dry everything. What have you done?! I feel sick.. What the fuck is that smell of strawberry, of fucking strawberry in here? Say, this is stuff is really good. But how have you made it? It’s art The secret is the nature, today with two lamps and a pot everyone feels like a grower, this is about doin’ it: sun, land, good hands. That’s what cannabis is, it’s art! and there are people paying to smoke shit. How much do you need? 30 Kilos.. 30 kilos of this? I want 30 tons of the fuckin’ strawberry weed of yours Are you dumb? Do you know much is for all this stuff? And now who’s that, wait a moment here. I know who is. Wait here I know who’s breaking our balls. What the fuck d’ya want Leaf? Is anything alright, bro? What d’ya want? I just wanted to say hello, but what is it? I wanna make something together You better no come here. I ain’t got any weed. Go and bum somewhere else Just because you’ve got some joint doesn’t mean you have to show off. Ya piece o’ shit. What the fuck are you shouting for? What are you shouting?Leaf , what the fuck d’you want? You don’t invite me over.. What do you shout? What the fuck? What the fuck do you want. Fuck you, go fuck yourself.. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that before you came everything was just fine. So it’s my fault uh? I want to know why .. Why every time you’re here .. Sasà.. Did you swipe my cufflinks? What are you tryin’ to imply? I don’t get it.. Sasà, take out my cufflinks.. Why are you shoutin’, which cufflinks. Sasà.. if you don’t take the cufflinks out immediately… yeah and so what do you do.. I told you, take out my cufflinks hey are you getting nuts? Alright take these cufflinks and fuck yourself and all this shit, dig that? Hey why the hell are you shouting? No we were trying to set things and arrange to do.. Well, c’mon, they are getting nervous outside Also in the inside.. What? The tie.. Bianca I know maybe this is not the right moment but I wanted to ask you: Do you feel like eating a pizza with me tonight? I know a nice place, cute, tasty, delicate Why is he wearing a tie? A nice, cute, tasty place what the fuck, a pizza… Gravy! still calling me Gravy? Hey yes Gravy, for a woman like that you can’t talk about a pizza, you’d need a fish restaurant.. For a woman like what.. But do you think Bianca would go out with a loser like you?? I remind you that the one stealing from the dead men is you. Then look Sasa you stop it, it made me come a headache. Where do you go? Do you know how my granpa lived after the second world war II? There we go the good old time And now I tell you .. my grandfather pulled packs on the streets in New York, he sold jackets with fake iron Rolex inside. What a family of artist You can say that aloud, they were real fake. What are ya doin’?? Fantastic It’s hot.. they were almost golden. They were real. Gravedigger…What is the first thing you do when you put on a new jacket? You put your hand in your pocket.. and what do you find? The Rolex .. So the same people who didn’t like the jacket before, soon after having not incidentally worn it, they wanted to buy it right away. But this Rolex you gave away… But now the problem is not the Rolex, the problem is: females, Gravy, women are like packages .. to fuck them you don’t need that, but this. Wanna have this pizza with Bianca? Yeah. So your Sasà is going to take care of it.. One thing we must always take into account in life is not to get into the wrong hands.. But the second is that you have to pay more attention.. never underestimate the power of having two legs like those.. Ah everything’s prepared.. Good morning my darling. Well.. What do you have to be forgiven for? So it’s like that.. Nothing, why? Ahh good yes Apart from leaving me alone in the bed, smoke weed with your friends and scream like a crazy.. nothing . Oh this.. You didn’t do anything.. But those weren’t really my friends. Whatever they were they were more interesting than I am. Nooo darling .. nothing is more interesting than you. come here.. Scram or I’ll be late for work. Really, I think you’re goin’ to say goodbye to this job very soon, uh? yep, ok and then what do you do? Would you care for me? Wait a minute… it’s the last time you shake your ass in that night club, get it? NOT EVERYONE CAN IMAGINE HOW BIGGER IS THE PRIDE OF A MAN COMPARED TO THE ONE OF A WOMAN BUT WHAT’S WELL-ESTABLISHED IS, OFTEN PRIDE WILL TAKE MEN TO DO VERY STUPID THINGS 30 Kilos 5 grams.. 150 thousand euro tonight.. Of this? Anyway tomorrow I’ll take you to Jamaica, ok? Tomorrow my ass, I need that money today. Got that? today Please. Tonight I have to close a deal and then tomorrow you get it all, you get all the money tomorrow So you didn’t understand a fuckin’ shit, if you don’t bring me my money today I’m going to fuck the crap that is on top of you and then come to you What this’s got to do with it? Nobody has to know, no one has to know!! Fuck you. Earl.. Hello..Helloo, helloooo. Earl.. What did we decide to do with this money, Baracchè? I’ll take it to you this weekend. This weekend.. I’ve got a horse in Grosseto And I will come to get it at your house after what d’you say? No, there is my wife at home Ok.. I’m goin’ to talk to your wife. Earl it’s important, she knows I’m off of it, that I don’t gamble anymore, I’ll bring it tomorrow, tomorrow.. Tomorrow.. tomorrow Everyone says this fucking tomorrow.. these are not the rules of the game Baracche’ I suggest you tell your wife that you have some guests tonight and tell her to put on some perfume. Shit! Fuck Gravy, cool it, you bring bad luck as usual. this story again what are you shoutin’ at? Don’t shout, and don’t talk. I shout when I want, ok? Jewels, Rolex, your granpa’s packages I’ll take care of it, better not talk for now on It was just to say, because my uncle does not like confusion. but who gives a damn about your uncle, it’s an hour that we are walking but where did you bring me.. but is this a home of a mobster ? Mobster, c’mon.. Wanna trust me or not? Don Raffaè, I’ve got family, three kids. When you come to take the money you’re all good, then when you have to take it back you ask for mercy, so, you’ve got 3 children but then you come to get the money didn’t I have a family? Didn’t I have children, too? But if I ain’t got the money, what do you want? You ain’t got it? Take this piece of shit away from my ass. A little mercy.. please, leave me alone. Give me some time. But are you sure that is your uncle? It is nothing less than blood.. just .. Dude. What have you got in mind? You did not understand, because your father was my servant for three years you show up with this fake rolex? It ain’t fake Rubbish! We need a little enjoyment, what do you want for this shit? 100.. 100.000€ 100.000€? What the fuck d’you say, are you crazy? Don Raffaè is that.. it’s only for a few hours, we have this small guaran.. But for a few hours.. What? We’ve got a great deal in our hands.. But what great deal, are you out of your fuckin’ mind? But this is a little too nervous. When did you last? But you know what they call me? No The Varan.. And you know why? Why? Because the Varan is an intelligent animal… and with the intelligent animals… you can’t be an asshole Man.. Do you know the varan? It is a species of lizard.. Good.. the most murderous.. You know that little motherfucker’s doing? He clings his nails into the skin right? In the flesh! Then began to pull the skin.. and pulls, pulls, pulls.. until he’s inside the asshole.. then he gets to the heart, and takes a bite, and then it sgives it up when there’s no even the bones left Hello! Yeah, deal… Tonight, tonight! This stupid moron! Look at the shit you made me do! Oh okay! What was I supposed to do? Kill him? Okay… What do you wanna do? Wanna leave or wanna fuck him? Come on come on! This briefcase you gave me is shit! Okay if you wanted to feel comfortable you’d better stop and bump rails. C’mon stop it! About what time should we be at the restaurant? About an hour. We’ve got time! To do what? To get something to smoke, turn here.. turn here.. now I tell you where.. Are you dumb?! It takes a minute! Fuck your shitty pot! Slow down! This is cat piss, 80 bucks per gram. I do not know if I made myself clear. That’s too much! I told you! Well.. you want 100.000€ As I understood. And what’s the problem? Vito! Take 100.000 euro to this man. No! No no you don’t need to… Don Raffaele, please don’t listen to what he says. Don’t mind him He says yes but it’s no and he says no when it’s ..Yeah, thank you! He’s in love… In love! Of course you know the rules, right? Today I give you 100.000 euro and tomorrow you take me 120.000 euro here, ok??? But that makes extra 20.000€ Ok??? Ok.. Ok??? If we do not come tomorrow and you come the day after tomorrow… that makes another 30.000€ and we arrive to 150.000€ Ok? ok! And then… the third day… ehehe… the third day… People will start to disappear! mmmmm… no I thank you, sir… But I’m not interested. Mr. Varan, goodbye. Are you in a hurry ??? Vito is gonna take two minutes. Calm down! “Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly”.
(Dalai Lama) They have three rules: Not more than half a pound in stock… they can sell more than 5 grams and no publicity Police won’t say anything. So it was bullshit that they were dumping away. They’ve been saying this for years. Still, marijuana is no longer what it once used to be. It’s all chemical stuff. depends on where you go. Geko! How ‘bout that joint? I pissed and I almost jerked myself off… and you’re still like that?? Hey guy, the cops! ANOTHER IMPORTANT RULE OF LIFE IS NEVER STOP AT FIRST IMPRESSION. OFTEN, RIGHT BEHIND A GOOD IMPRESSION LIES THE WORST. ANTIDRUGS SPECIAL SQUAD Look how beautiful they are! they are all prepared! Who do we call first? Girl give me your document! Lemme see.. Excuse me but we haven’t done anything! Hey Junkie, shut the fuck up! COM’ON! Have you heard? Give me your papers !!!! Open your legs! Mara. We wanna pay a visit to your father Berettini? Would he be happy!?! Hey we were only smoking some pot in three! Hey Asshole, why weren’t you smoking? I can arrest you even with just one joint. Got that???? Hey you’re hurting me! Pussy!!! I frakking hate this place! What do you want to do? Wanna get along with me or not ???? Hello? Excuse me? Are you Bazooka? Galic Israeli same of Kalashnikovs, bullets and chargers from 556 to 35. Shoot 750 rounds per minute. It’s clear. This however is a Famas G12, 950 rounds per minute. What’s up? Something wrong? No no… it is that I was thinking of something smaller… handy! Small and handy! A little noisy! For 3.000€ I even fill it up with ammo. Big deal right? The deal was this cd. Apart from music… This thing tastes like strawberry! Strawberry? Take a drag! Uh?! It tastes like strawberry. It sounds like a set-up! No set-up! This stuff is great! I tell you! I bonged some and I’m really stoned! Hey wait! We must take some more of this! The hell we wait! It’s too late!!!!!!
C’mon I’m high.. let me drive! Where the fuck are you goin’? But what the fuck do you want???
Get lost! Let him drive can’t you see he’s really high and jelly. Make him drive. Come on! Schmuck? Strawberry! Here take some. Scram… This stuff makes me feel anxious! Makes you anxious? You puff half Colombia half a day and some pot makes you anxious? What the fuck are you laughing at? 20€? Aren’t you ashamed? But Miss Lucia didn’t say so. You meows! Meow Meow
Yes! And you? How do you know miss Lucia? No she is a friend… she sent me to you. She told me you’d understand… that you could also help me. And what else did she say? She didn’t say anything! She told me you’ve got something for me. THE FRAGILITY OF A MAN DEPENDS ON HIS SECRETS MORE SECRETS HE HIDES THE MORE HE BECOMES FRAGILE. THOUGH OFTEN IT’S FROM THIS FRAGILITY THAT DREAMS COME FROM BAZOOKA’S DREAM IS TO BECOME A BIG STAR! A teardrop on my face… a big smile appears instead… BUT FOR NOW HE MUST ACCEPT MINOR ROLES IN B MOVIES. Hi Guys! Yes, sure. There are the cops! The police??? It’s full of cops down here. Mara went home crying. Crying?
And what have they done to us? What have they done to us?! Dude. They can do everything with the power of their distinctive! That’s a good CD! Look at your nose! Stop it! And have some, uh? Just one!! Here, just one shot !!!!
You’re going to relax! I told you no! Take it easy! Stop it!!! I told you… But what the fuck are you doing? Wait! Take this fucking hand off me! You’re hurting me!!!! Wait a moment… Look, I’ve almost taken it! Damn! Look what they had done to me, shit! Bloody bastard! But if you took it easy they wouldn’t open the cd. Easy what??? Hope they choke! Let’s see how much you’ve got here, genius. He wanted to drive. He did. And now? And now what? What the fuck do we do? What do we have to do? Do you want to say a prayer? Come on! Easy… We’ve just killed a person… You’ve killed a person! But are you serious? Sure… We were three in this car, men. Who is it now? It’s the’Captain! The captain? We are getting’ late!!!! Hello captain! 5 minutes…
5 minutes and we’ll be there… See you at the restaurant! Come on! No! you didn’t get it !!!! I’ll kill you before he does. Keep calm… Gravy… Keep calm. Calm??? Don’t you see what you did? To one we don’t know if he’s either more psychopath or from the mob. What mob!!! YES racketeer!!!!!!! Gravy you do not even know the meaning of racketeer! Do you know what we say in Naples? I do not give a fuck! About you, your bullshit, your grandfather. Enough is Enough! With a little vaseline the elephant could also fuck a chicken! We’ll fix everything. Let’s have a pizza! A pizza? Yes a pizza… With a suitcase full of money? Goin’ around dressed like that?
Why are you so dumb? The more you want to hide… and more than they want to fuck you. Remember that. All dressed up… Gravy. Suits and Rolex. Come on. I have something to explain to you.. This is a real asshole! This is your man. He calls himself Mr. Nice… he was gone for a while, but today someone’s just made us a beautiful gift There’s drug… Tons of drugs… He’s a dangerous person This is his address. We’ve already checked, it’s the house of a stripper. A stripper??? You’ll find a jeep down there, these are the keys. Use it as a location. And now go. Let’s go guys. At work!
Let’s go!!! Not even a piece of bread here! Finally! I’m hungry! Sit Gravedigger. What are THEY doing here? Why can’t they stay? Piece of shit!!! Are you crazy? He puts me in the deep shit for a poker game??? Cool it Say it! Say it! Just say it, I already know but say it Shut up! Fuck! First is not italian poker but Texas hold’em. I don’t give a damn! It can be Mexican, Cuban… I do not give a fuck. Hey, stay calm …it’s not what you think it is. We have to clean up a great surgeon. You won’t do any clean up. All right? You have to relax… you have to relax a little bit ‘. But why are you always so upset? We have got a hook up, we’ll surely goin’ to win and settle down for good, Gravedigger No, maybe you didn’t understand! Tomorrow your uncle is going to settle us down forever, okay? No. My uncle will be paid tomorrow we pay Varan and go on a nice boat with your Bianca to enjoy some caviar and champagne. Now let me concentrate and I’ll explain you the game. After the big blind will be dealt two cards face down to each player that you have to combine with the central 5 cards And it’s like italian poker the person who has the most points wins. Depending on the table you point limit or no limit. What is the difference? The difference is that we play no limit, Gravedigger! FEW PEOPLE ARE ABLE TO READ THE OTHER AS A GOOD POKER PLAYER. A GOOD POKER PLAYER LIVES WITH SIGNS, HE OBSERVE ANY IMPERCEPTIBLE GESTURE, EVERY OPPONENTS MOVE. HE CAN ENTER THEIR HEADS AND TELL YOU IF THEY HAVE A GOOF HAND OR NOT F COURSE. ALSO ESSENTIAL FOR A POKER PLAYER IS TO COMPLY WITH THE RULES AND ALWAYS CHECK AND CONTROL HIS EMOTIONS. Call. I can feel these cards are pure shit! Raise to 2.000 2.000 Raise to 5.000 5.000??? Yes! 5.000! Don’t you have problems? indeed I do. Something, I have problems… Take off these glasses that we are not on television, I like to look you in the eyes. Fold. 5.000 5.000 5.000 Four rounders Other 5.000 Call. Raise to 15.000! As 15.000? Oh yeah! Yes 15.000 Before you complained of 5.000 you were complaining of 15.000 don’t fuck with me and play! Play Game! Oh that’s good!! Play. 15.000! Too bad the surgeon isn’t here… these are his favorite hands. What? Sorry? .. So you’re not the surgeon? Me?
I am a porter at the Hospital San Camillo My name is Breath. Why? Is there something wrong? But who do we have to… IF YOU LOOK CAREFULLY AT A PROBLEM, YOU REALISE YOU’RE PART OF THE SAME PROBLEM SO IF SOMETHING DOESN’T SEEM TO TURN RIGHT, GO BACK, AND CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW. This must be Mr Nice’s home. Yet I must have heard this name somewhere else. Who? Mr Nice? Yes. It’s one of the many aliases he uses: Howard Marks, the largest dealer of hashish of all time. Mr “knows everything about this stuff!” Sweetie… I study, I can tell. I read books. This idiot called himself like this on purpose.
I think that is the Jeep. And now what? And now we take it, lift it on our shoulders and put it inside the investigating jeep of the captain pretending to have found it. What the fuck do you say??? Why? you have a better idea? What a fucking idea!!! I cannot do it! Damn, you stink!!! Sure, this is a homeless she doesn’t even wash either! Look… we have gotta be here all night. I’m really hungry, let’s have something to eat? Let’s have a snack. Mop. Hey, would you like a snack? No, he already had a snack. Look, leave it open, let it get some air. But where the hell are you going? Hey!!! Motherfuckers! Fuck off! Other 10.000 Do you understand?! Lollo, they came to put fear in us today, and we are shitting on ourselves. Call. 10.000 All in! All in?? All in, Sasà. All in Lollo do you understand? Finally! Two men with balls! All..! All in! Gentlemen, cards. Dude… full of jacks! A little too unlucky.. full of queens. You are a little unlucky too.. …full of aces! YES!!! Come on!!!!! ha ha ha let’s go!!!! Sasa C’mon! Did you see? Your Gravedigger thought about you!!!! Go get the money! What the fuck are you doing??? He makes me die laughing! I laugh because I won!!! ha ha ha and we’re getting paid for it! STOP!!! I won! I have flush! Full of aces beats a flush. Full of aces beats a fl… But where do you live?! But where did you find this asshole! Sorry.. wait.. Sasa! But what are they saying??? It wasn’t like in italian poker??? What the fuck are you saying??? It wasn’t like in italian poker??? Yes, italian poker my ass !!!! Hey guys!!! Italian poker is one thing… the Texas hold’em is another thing! Assholes! IN THE WORLD OF CHEATERS ONLY ONE THING THAT CAN TELL A PROFESSIONAL FROM AN AMATEUR. THE TIME THAT IT’S USED TO PLUCK YOUR CHICKS. Fuck!!!
Go away!!! Go away!!! Who made you do all in?? Who?? You don’t even know how to play cards!!! All in?? All in !!
Fuck! Look! Watch Wizard! It’s this one ?! Yo, you did it! Excuse me how did you call me?! Wizard! So?! But I am a good wizard, I left one joint for him! Damn right! So he relaxes and we have some fun! You know that, right?! Yes! Get back to work. Here! Let’s get back to work! Look! Look Wizard! EVERY SOLUTION BREADS NEW PROBLEMS.
(Arthur Bloch) It’s sticky uh! Yes I know! This, however, we have to open it gland to gland. Look this is not ground grass you know. Ground what?! Hey hello there! Oh well I’m going to get some food, see ya guys! Good take something to drink as well! Yes, but don’t clear it all alright! But it’s real strawberry! How could it be possible? It’s been out for long time, it’s called Arjan’s Strawberry Haze! 4 years ago he also won the Green House V.I.S. Smoking Panel 2005! Who won what?! Hey pal.. why don’t you stop spending your money at Mc and take a trip to Holland?! A return ticket costs less than an average menu! Okay, now don’t exaggerate! New York Diesel, Bluebarry, Chocolate Skank, Super Lemon Haze… Lemon and grapefruit, strawberry.. Sweets, toste, indica, sativa… up there you find them all! But this… this is something else! I feel like I’m buzzing, it is like something saying to do… this is different! It is like eating! But when is Minkio coming!? Hey Minkio, good evening! What are you playing at? You know you don’t fool with us! What the fuck do you want?! Ha ha! You have to show us some respect, puppy! Where are the others?! The Others who?! C’mon do not waste our time, let’s go! Ouch, the ear! Come on! You’ve gone too far playing poker! I really didn’t say anything! mmmm these crisps are delicious! HOW A GOOD BOY ONCE SAID BEFORE YOU BECOME A MAN YOU MUST LEARN TWO IMPORTANT THINGS FROM THE LIFE: NEVER BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Yo Minchio we have been waiting for you Good Evening What the fuck did you do?! Good Evening. Easy Easy. Sit there… Good John Lennon make yourself at home here, sit down, sit down on the stool! Don’t you feel that smell of youth in here?! But what’s up uh? Geko, but who the fuck are they? Where the fuck did I put it?! Fuck! Here it is! But.. what’s that? Grass!? Fuck off! Oh well… but you shouldn’t let him come here without… Without what? Uh? Some… Vicks Sinex nasal spray! Welcome some anxiety too and fuck off! Nice! Feel a little bit… and this is cat piss eh! It makes you feel! Who knows how much good there is N have at home. But what the fuck do you stand for It takes so little to take home At whose house? A home for all! Unless you tell us where is the grass strawberry … Eh guys come on! Don’t you wanna give a hand to your friends !? FOR ALL SITUATIONS THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO WAYS OUT, WHAT IT IS ALSO TRUE IS THAT HOWEVER THEY MAY BOTH BE WRONG. Company bomb! What are you doing, are you remodeling your house? Who the fuck are you? Have you heard that music before?! Yes, the guards came to take the good night joints! Where d’ya think you’re going? Sit down. Come on! Sit! We’ll wave you good night! Have a sit! So, Mr Handsome how are you? Finel! Everything’s alright !? With this water polo cap ! Where the fuck are you going? I play with your sister! Hey, mind you. Where did you take the strawberry grass? From that bitch of your mother! alright! when they start to do so, I get really pissed off! So You mother is a junkie and you haven’t told us anything?! Fool, where did you take it? Put your fucking hand here! Are you talkin’ now?! uh? Are you talking?! What have you got to do?! I’ll tell you everything! Are you talking?! What have you got to do?! So now you talk! Now you tell us everything!
You’d better talked before, c’mon spill the beans We are dead goats dead! It’s really true that the balls always walk in pair ! Enough of jackets and Rolex of your grandfather! You do not even know how to explain the rules. You know who you are ?! Oh well have a look… Here it is.. show me some gratitude, I always tried to bring you up and and you.. But up out of what. I’m in deep shit! Emerge Gravediggar, emerge: Night outs, pizza, small places… Gravedigger, give me a break. You know what my grandfather used to say: “never trust someone who wants to sell your feelings” … there he is! Dude. Do you know that sometimes you’re really heavy. Yes I am heavy and you’re an idiot you put me in the middle of this shit you’ve taken advantage of my feelings for Bianca and for what? For playing cards! Good friend, congratulations! But what feelings… It’s your obsession! What the fuck do you know! Maybe this time I could have been with her… to eat a pizza in a shitty restaurant, maybe! Maybe not! Maybe a pizzeria would do! A Pizzeria… but what are you doing here? The agency is mine what are you doing here at this hour? We were arranging a delicate matter.. Important.. On the third day… people would start to disappear! He’s a snake! That is one the biggest snake.. the bloodiest. Bianca and you, the only ones. SOMETIMES WHAT COUNTS IS NOT THE TIME THAT YOU WANT TO WAIT FOR SOMEONE BUT THE HOPE THAT SOMEONE IS NEVER THE WRONG PERSON It was time. If I do not bring them today, first I’m going to bugger me that crap that keeps you and then come to you! You?! I bet you’re Eros? Who are you? I am a very good friend of your sweetheart. Better half is still almost all day appearance. And do not let me in, the wait together UH?! If I Say no would you enter the same? Just kidding! Come here… get in. See.. what a beautiful couple you are eh. Are we? Listen.. between the two of you who’s the one in charge here? What?! I said do you take him in your mouth or does he swallow it all? Go way! No! You shake your ass in front of him and then you send me away?? Out! out! Now I’ll let you see for yourself the meaning of having the balls I’ll arrange beautifully… IS THERE A CODE NOT WRITTEN HANDED DOWN FROM GENERATIONS THAT REQUIRES ITS RULES IN PLACES WHERE THERE ARE NO RULES AND IT IS IN PLACES LIKE THIS THAT IS REQUIRED TO ALWAYS HONOR YOUR DEBT ESPECIALLY IF THE DEBT IS A DEBT OF GAME Why doesn’t she answer? Alright darling? He’s him again, uh! Yes, this week is the fifth time I carry him in the room! You see..that it is in love. What don’t you join us? Forget it, she’s not the kind! Why not? Be careful! No way! However, congratulations, really nice house. If you want you can stay here… until you think of something. You know, I didn’t think of you this way. What way? Err… well… you look a bit cold… but tell me one thing… is this bong true ??? Ah! She is my cousin Tania. Hello! Hi! And they are two of my co-workers they will remain here for a while’. No no no no… we’ve got to go and don’t want to give you any worries. What’s the matter? No worries.. no indeed… it could be a nice diversion… I have a joint to smoke. Sasa no! But why not? Why not, why not.. We put on a little music. They want the music but why don’t you relax ?? Trust me we fuck ‘em both! Fuck no. What the fuck are you talking about? I take Tania and you take Bianca and maybe after we can experience a cultural exchange because Bianca with those two balconies makes me soo horny… here! Smoke! What smoke! What exchanges! You forget one thing, we have debts! Would you like some cream ??? Cream Gravedigger! Cream what? I am telling you how it works, a home by the sea, the cousin who suddenly comes to visit, the shaped bong, Gravedigger, these two dirty girls, that makes a wonderful weekend all sex and dru… You really are stupid, I just stay here sitting quietly.. Ready? For what? For what?! Our surprise! What surprise? It is a special cake! No no no no… I nooo… Come here and taste it otherwise you’ll offend Tania. You don’t want Tania to be offended, right? Eh eh Eee ok let’s taste it. Good, so now we explain to you the idea that came to my mind. An idea to make money… And how??? I know three people, one that has a mountain of grass, one that would buy it and another one that would take from us! What are you doing? Eh? You don’t answer uh? No! Tania? Are you Ready? Spadino am I bothering you? No! Are you sure? No, you are not bothering me! Listen it’s not possible. Have you heard! It can’t be done. Why not? Why?! Because these things need to be organized, you have to calculate the risks… Look, look: there is a risk… Why don’t we go in the other room… And it’s to make as much money as possible… Enough! Scram! Come on! They’re my friends… And Tania says you’re the best… Ah, ha! Ah… Oh well if you wanna come too… Who are you? No not them, they stay at home! God forbid. But in fact, no! I don’t wanna be in a hurry. I don’t care! Well ok then we’re leaving! Ohohohoh! I know it’s here. What do we do? Do we get in?! Yes! Mind your step, we can’t see shit! Yes. What the fuck? What is it? A sawmill… a carpenter… I can smell some grass! It stinks like shit instead! Maybe it’s yours, you probably shitted your pants. But that shit down, take the bag and let’s go! Ok, let’s do I go from here you go beyond. But beyond that I do not have the torch go together… Thou hast thou hast never fucking! I’ve got a fucking ever go… Stick closer. I can’t see shit hereI can’t see shit here! Aho! Well you’ve seen there?! I heard something. I saw a shadow over there. Pointing the gun, go! The bag! Oh! The bag that said! Easy come easy go … FUCK YOU! Be careful not?! Quiet, quiet, quiet. Come here, come on! What the fuck is this shit? Steamed dumplings? Look! It looks like we’re idiots! These! I know that here the stupid are us, because the grass isn’t here damn… eh, there is everything here except the grass… Fuck them!!! Oh! Aho! Oh! VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE
(Anthony Burgess) I understand you come on, if you hear anything about it please let me know! Hello. Hello. Cut it short.. It means nothing! I knew it! And what do you do now? Do what?! And I know… at this time… I do not know. Let’s try the TOWER! Nooo no no no the Tower! C’mon someone who smokes we find him safe. The find me someone there if you drink, that is not saved is de… more! So I dunno I dunno… I’m fed up. Or wait! Or… or you know who… MR.NICE! Who the fuck is MR. NICE? Who the fuck is MR. NICE? Hell he’s the one which strawberry grass! Ah! Goddamn! You are right! That’s it, I’ve got just the number I’ve got his number of a friend of his, but I know him … if we do what we have to we’ll make it! Come on open! Fuck.. Guys I tell you now, it’s the last time I go in here. Sasa’ now what you act like a superstitious? Gravedigger, when you know you become superstitious.. Stop whining like that or I’ll… Stop messing around! Hold that and wait here, if it goes wrong you get to boast just before you… No, no excuse me… and who’s goin’ to come from behind??? I certainly won’t! See that?! Here, come on! Fuck off! It’s me! Oh but what happened??? I have been’ calling you all day! Mmhmmhhm! Help.. What the fuck happened??? A bad day, a bad day, he took all the grass, motherfucker.. its Get this! Ya know how to use it!? I pull the trigger and shoot! And release! What am I doing with this? And this and that! Wanna sit still?! Are you ready? Yes! Ok! You… and you! I had a feeling we are not alone, gotta be careful! Ok, and so we are armed… Ohhh!
Who are you ??? Ahhh! Hush darling, shut up! Shhhh! Don’t ya get it? It’s a surprise! But this is not what it was at night ?? You shut up you go to look for grass, Go! You come here come down kneel down in front of me! Come on! Down on your knees! Come here! Now the two of us are goin’ to have some fun… lick it! Go on !!! Aah! Hmmm, I see that you’re sooo good! Eh!? Like this yeah! Up and down… like this! Good Evening! Oh! Who the fuck are you ??? Listen, where is the grass??? What the fuck do I care, what the fuck are you doin’ to my woman??? Where the fuck is the grass please! There is no grass! Please, don’t make me lose my temper I spent all day …
There’s no grass! I spent a whole shitty day! I don’t give a fuck! I don’t waste my time! There is no grass, you’ve come late! This fucking grass! There is no grass… you arrived too late, they’ve already taken it! Listen they say there’s no grass, what have I got to do? Shut up! Nooo, nooo, Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh… Fuck’off!!! Now I give you something hotter! You bloody cop, you shit! Did you think that you made me talk??? You wanted to find the bag and instead I have found my friends, look! Lift your head! See? That is how the bastard end up. Spectrum! SPECTRUM! That’s how you end up to! Watch your beloved balls… how many has he got here Spectrum.. Spectrum, Spectrum! Noooooo! Open up his jean. Come here! Stop! no! Oh! Wait! Nooooo! We Kill that Mandingo! uh? Cut off his little finger.. Nooo! Cut his little finger! Noooooo! Nooooooooo! Arghhhh Fuck’off!!! Do you think they made it? Of course! Quiet. SPADINO is like that, but he can do that very well! Now I do something more! IT’S ALWAYS TOO LATE TO UNDERSTAND HOW DANGEROUS IT IS LETTING THINGS GO TOO FAR ESPECIALLY IN SITUATIONS THAT WE COULDN’T FORESEE WHEN IT COMES TO WOMEN ALWAYS HANDLE WITH CARE! What the fuck did you do??? The whore tore off my cock Let’s go, run! AAAHHHHH! AHH! Sasa! Sasa, come here! What happened ??? But what the fuck! There was the woman that one at the night club. But who is the one of the night club ?? The dancer! Spadino he was getting a blow job… What the fuck is going on??? C’mon c’mon fuck! Fuck! A blow job??? I dunno, I dunno, it all happened too quickly! I didn’t understand anything! The hell you didn’t understand ??? What the fuck? There’s a war and you don’t understand a fuckin’ thing? And the grass? The Grass? What grass! He was bound there, tied up to bed, then I gave him a jolt !!! A jolt? Tied up? And the grass? Look, he’s goin’ to die like hell in here without his cock and you’re thinking about the grass!! Give me the keys, hurry up! Come on! Hey hurry! Let’s go to the hospital! But which hospital? What are we goin’ to say uh? That while we were doing a robbery, suddenly a bitch has eaten his prick?! What are you saying ??? Eeee… where do you want to take him? Listen. Where? Ee where do you wanna take him? Certainly not to the hospital? It would take someone like… MR WOLF of PULP FICTION here!!! Yeah Ganja Fiction! Enough of this shit !!! He will die in here, can’t you hear he’s in despair?!?! Not so much! Oh well he may be resting! Sure! Like he’s tired of losing blood!!! Idiot! Go see! Go and see how he is??? Gravedigger! This guy is not moving! He’s not movin? Not a grimace? A breath? Nothing!!! Oh God! Why!!!??? THERE IS ONE THING IN WHICH A MAN IS REALLY GOOD AT. IN FRONT OF A BIG TROUBLE, HE’S NOT ABLE TO FIND OTHER SOLUTIONS EXCEPT TRANSFORMING IT IN EVEN BIGGER TROUBLE. That homeless woman what does the fucking homeless has to do with it? In my opinion.. I had nothing to do, nothing to do.. Yes, Yes…. They all say like that but in my opinion it is more a story of perverse sex: handcuffs, a mask, the elderly, the black men…. Where were the others? They have moved away because they had to eat something… Captain! What’s up? We found the hearse. Okay, go on, go on… I want everything settled down within today did I make myself clear? Clear Captain! What the fuck has this homeless gotta do with it? Fuck she’s heavy and she stinks! I realize okay, bye bye! Well what do we do can we enter or not? No you didn’t understand it seems that this guy, mr nice, says he killed someone, he killed a homeless woman for a little old stuff about sex that sort of things with the homeless, he liked doing threesomes with three tramps! I get it but I do not give a fuck about this Mr. Mice.. tell me what we smoke tonight! What do I have to start? Wait a little! What’s up? Come here, come here… What’s up? It is grass! What’s up? It is grass! But what grass! You’re paranoid! I’m not paranoid, hurry up it’s also good I say come here. But why don’t you look at yourself, you look like a truffle dog! Shit there’s the grass in here, let’s open up this car.. I feel nothing but what are you doin’ there, get away, c’mon people are staring.. no no they are watching how embarrassing. There is grass!
Grass again you have hallucinations.. I have No hallucinations but can’t you smell the grass… Oh well yeah, people fill the car with grass and then park it like that on the street. Go and see a doctor.. THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE IS ENCLOSED IN THE EMOTIONS, IT’S EMOTION THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LOSER AND A WINNING MAN Here we are. Are you nervous? I I would have given you the money. Money? I haven’t seen money. I would have given your money back tomorrow. Yeah? and who’ll give it to you , that bitch? You should have listened to her screaming. You probably never made her scream like that! AND TO BE WINNING OF COURSE ONE SHOULD ALWAYS CONTROL HIS EMOTIONS Take that thing away, that is for men you’re going to get hurt. Wanna see if I am a man Wanna see? Wanna see a man uh? C’mon shoot! Shoot! BUT YOU KNOW IN LIFE WE MUST ALWAYS TAKE INTO ACCOUNT This is a 1938 German Luger. SOME SMALL AND UNFORTUNATE But are you sure that it works? MOMENTS OF BAD LUCK! Earl! Loser! What happened? Did your wife understand who’s the winning horse? Wanna pay your husband’s debt? Wanna pay this loser’s debt? No, I came here to pay the debt! Oh you are all gone crazy today.. Oh get on your knees! Loser, put that toy down! Loser, if you don’t tell her you go and bet on horses and after you make them pay to her? You’re a dead man! I know! It is better to die than to live in shit and shame, but you cannot understand these things! Do you wanna stop to watch Loser? I’m glad, this thing makes me very happy! ABSURDLY DEATH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF A MAN. AND OFTEN HIS WAY TO DIE DETERMINES HIS FAME. A BAD BEGINNING MAKES A BAD ENDING.
(Titus Livius) What? The cock? But it was a scratch.. Gravedigger it’s not true it wasn’t only a scratch? Another! No, Bianca! This is not Bianca. This is Tania, what the hell! Fuckin’ Jude! How do I switch this thing off! No! But is this really a Dutch stamp? I have a friend in the Netherlands and occasionally he sends me a present. Bianca you are really something. Please turn it on. Wait a minute. I know this man. Found dead in mysterious circumstances the investigators think about a showdown. I’ve got a family! I’ve got three children! I go to the toilet.. Gravedigger.. Sorry girls but what happened to Sasa? They said they killed a guy. A showdown.. A payback Eh, let’s smoke? Let’s smoke! Meanwhile, I’m going to make a coffee. She goin’ for the coffee. The fuck! Bianca is really one that makes you shit glass. Shall we have this pizza then? But this pizza leads to trouble wouldn’t it be better to drink something like an aphrodisiac? An aphrodisiac? Yes! Eight drops of Curacao, a slice of lemon, nutmeg, two lumps of sugar Go Gravedigger! And Porto. Porto! Who is? Who the hell is it? AND WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMS TO GO FINALLY RIGHT YOU GET TO THE TIME WHEN YOU SAY: NO SHIT! NOT NOW! Where are the other two then? Where the fuck are they? Forget about her she’s got nothing to do with it! And who’s that? On no one. What’s there? The toilet is there?! Go see… I told you that there’s no bother. Here there is a shit let’s get him off. AND THAT IS OFTEN HOW MANY STORIES END THEY TURN AROUND GANJA BEST PLACES, SOME ARE TRUE, OTHER A LITTLE LESS, BUT IN PLACES LIKE THIS STORIES LIKE THIS HAVE ALL THE SAME END WHERE THE ONE WHO IS STANDING HAS A BIG PRICE TO PAY BUT LIKE OFTEN HAPPENS… THERE ‘S ALWAYS SOMEONE ESCAPING TO THIS RULE What a fucking cold. I eat a banana, a shitty banana. Can you take me to Dam square please? Gravedigger wow.. Did you get out! Oh well, I was released for good behavior. You should have called. Well no.. I wanted this to be a surprise. But you’ve made it! Look come here you’re so beautiful. Nobody followed you right? Who should have followed me? The Varan! That Varan again. Think about us nobody knows I’m here. Gravedigger is the one who keeps promises, especially when it comes to 100.000€! Okay! I’m so happy! Maybe it’s me.. okay let’s celebrate. Well I’ll take a shower and change. What shower! Come on! All right, but at least let me unpack my suitcase. Don’t unpack any suitcase come on let’s go let’s go celebrate, jump on eat a banana. Gravedigger you remember what I wrote in my last letter. I made you a promise do you remember? No. I wrote that I’ll let you escape… but from the Earth, from the Earth Gravedigger! This here must be good uh ARJAN’S ULTRA HAZE must be good uh? It is true you. Guys want the best grass of the place? Yes! SUPER LEMON HAZE… feel goes. Now we take it. Good! Oh my God, Spillo go and get it. AT THE SHOWDOWN, THE DECISIVE FACTOR IS ALWAYS THE CONSCIOUSNESS.
(Carl Gustav Jung) I was for a long time alone, one speaks a language one speaks another I don’t understand we don’t even understand each other. I’m so glad you came Gravedigger. Ok but I won’t stay much. Alright then.

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  1. Finalmente un gran bel film intero e italiano su youtube.
    Bravi tutti, incollato allo schermo per tutta la durata!

  2. Ci siete un po confusi con le armi hahahahaha come fate a prendere un m16 a2 per una copia dell'ak ahahahahahahahah da questo si cede come è fatto sto film hahahaha e poi con in mano un AK dire che è un famas …BAH …

  3. Capisco che volete farvi conoscere ed entrare nel mondo del cinema ,ma quando hai una storia cosi bordeline non posso altro che giudicare il film e il regista &co tarantino style dei poveri ,sappiate che io sono a favore dei nuovi e tosti registi e attori ,meglio dire il contrario di scamarcio ,ancora meglio come stile belli dannati e bastardi ,in italia è quasi impossibile trovare questo tipo di cinema

  4. Io non ho davvero parole,il film era molto bello fino a 48.00 poi veramente le scene sono diventate di una violenza e cattiveria inaudita,queste immagini mi sono rimaste impresse, consiglio chiunque come un po'troppo sensibile di non guardare.

  5. i never ever watch a movie not in english, but this one just make me patiently watching till 1:21:06 at 3:33am lmaoo
    n im high asf 😚

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