Game Grumps Animated: Doki Doki Literature Club: Kaiju Quicksand

All four girls stare back at me with dejected eyes. Oh, that is…super sad actually. but bu-but I’m sorry I…thought We’re all sinking! HAAAAALP! You all. Oh I’m sorry. You all. I’m defenseless against these GERLS! How am I supposed to make it clear headed decision when it’s like this? I HATE GURRRRLS!!! That is if writing poems, is the price I need to pay in order to spend every day with these beautiful GARLS! right Okay, I’ve decided then. I’ll join the literature club NOW RISE!!! I F**KIN KNEW IT!!! One by one the girl’s eyes light up! But only the one yeah Monika just… BWEEEEEIIIIING!!!! One by one that girl’s eyes light up. First Monika’s Left eye, then her right eye!

33 Replies to “Game Grumps Animated: Doki Doki Literature Club: Kaiju Quicksand

  1. hi were looking for aniamtors for my series Anime-Toon City its an SFM series would you be interested in joining us

  2. why was Gigan in any of this?
    besides there are so many Kaiju gurls to choose from, Mothra, Megagearus(excuse my very shitty spelling) and Rodan's twin

  3. You all. Oh I'm sorry. You all. I'm defenseless against these gerls. Lol mechagodzilla to godzilla lol XD

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