Game Grumps Animated – A Normal Day At Literature Club – by Ryan Storm

SAYORI: FriendArin always gives it his best as long as he’s having fun! DAN: I’m not having fun. SAYORI: He helps me with busy work without me even asking! DAN: So you’ll leave faster. YURI: You two are really good friends, aren’t you? ARIN: What gave you that idea? [Dan and Arin singing intro and laughing] YURI: I hope this isn’t too overwhelming of a commitment for you. YURI: Making you dive head first into literature when you’re not accustomed to it. YURI: Jesus, what were we thinking? Why don’t we just push you off a cliff? YURI: I didn’t want you to feel left out, so I picked out a book I thought you might enjoy. YURI: It’s Clifford the Big Red D- *WHEEZE* YURI: Clifford in Space! ARIN: Clifford X! YURI: It’s a short read, so it should keep your attention cause you’re stupid. ARIN: Now that everyone’s settled in I expected Monica to kick off some scheduled activities for the club. ARIN: But instead she’s malfunctioning in the corner. ARIN: Her head’s spinning all fast, lasers shooting out of every tip of her fingers. ARIN: Man-ga. ARIN:…I don’t know why i just said “manga”. NATSUKI: You read manga, right? ARIN: Uhhh…! ARIN: There’s a lone volume of monga-manga.. ARIN: Monga.. DAN: Mangoes! ARIN: *Giggling* Amidst a stack of various books on one side of the shelf. ARIN: They looked juicy and delicious. DAN: *Laughing* ARIN: She then turns into box- ARIN: Oh, I thought it said “she turns into a box of mangoes”. NATSUKI: HELP! NATSUKI: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! NATSUKI: I’m reDUCING! DAN: *Laughing* ARIN: She then turns into a bo- ARIN: She turns TO a box of manga… DAN: Jesus Christ… ARIN: And slips the volume right into the middle of the rest. NATSUKI: If you’re gonna judge, you can do it through the glass of that door. ARIN: I know that feel… ARIN: I watched my grandmother die in front of me. ARIN: She pats on the ground next to her, signalling me to sit there. ARIN: It’s fun to imagine when things happen instead of seeing them. NATSUKI: Here we are! Sitting down! [ LIT BEATBOXING ] ???: Ah!

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