Gale Artemis Literary Sources — Working with Documents

For each document you’ll find details, including
the document title, author, source, and document type. You’ll also find a number of useful
tools: Click the Print icon to print the document.
Click the Email icon to send the document to yourself or someone else.
Click the Download icon to download and save the document’s text
as HMTL. Click the Citation Tools icon to generate
a citation in MLA or APA format. You can download the formatted citation as
an HTML file or import the citation for use with a third-party citation management software
application. Select a language from the drop-down menu
to translate the document. Click the Listen icon to hear the document
read to you, or click the Download MP3 icon to save the audio version as an MP3 file.
[Narrator reads] Click the folder icon to save the document
and return to it later. You can then click the “My Folder” link
in the banner to view a list of items you’ve saved.
Or, click the Bookmark icon to generate a bookmark URL
that you can copy-and-paste into a document, save to your browser, or email to yourself
or to others. Use the Search box to further search within
the current publication. Or, use the Related Subject links to access
search results related to your current document. Click the “author” link to find more documents
by the author. From here you can easily search within the
publication. From here you can easily search within the
publication. Long articles may feature a Table of Contents.
Click a link to jump to that section of the document.

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