Gale Artemis Literary Sources — Basics

Artemis Literary Sources unifies Gale’s
literature resources and enables researchers to make never-before-possible research connections.
Click the “What’s Inside” link to find out what Gale literature resources your library
subscribes to. Here you’ll find a description of each.
Note: The resources displayed may vary from library to library.
Click on a resource name to view a complete list of the volumes included.
From here you can access individual volumes in your library’s collection.
Click the “home” icon from anywhere in the resource to return to the homepage.
Use the Gale Literary Index to find out what authors are covered in Gale’s extensive
literature product line. Using the index, you can find out which literature
series include the author or literary work you’re researching.
The easiest way to find biographies, criticism, primary source material, reviews and overviews
on an author or a work is to perform a Basic Search.
To perform a Basic Search enter a term in the search box found on the homepage and in
the banner of most other pages. As you type, the search assist feature suggests
possible terms. To perform more complex searches use Advanced
Search. In the banner, at the top of every page, you’ll
find additional tools and features. Click the “My Folder” link in the banner
to view a list of items you’ve saved. When viewing search results or an article,
you can click the folder icon to save the item and return to it later.
Saved items are session persistent. Your saved items list is automatically cleared when you
end the session or logout. Click the “Search History” link to view
a list of previous searches. From here you can re-execute a search or revise
a search. The most recent search appears at the bottom
of the list. To perform a search again, click the search
query link To modify a search, click the “Revise”
link. Your search history is automatically cleared
when you end the session or logout. You can also clear the list by clicking the “Clear
History” button. To change the display-language, click the
language that appears at the top of the screen and then select a different display language.

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