Frankenstein – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Happy Halloween, playas! This week we gettin monstrous with
“Frankenstein,” by Mary Shelley. When some playboy named Walton peeps some hood named Frankenstein in the North Pole, they begin conversating, and
Franky start spilling his life story. As a youngin, Victor Frankenstein
only got two things on his mind: science, which he calls “natural philosophy,” and his cousin Elizabeth’s bangin booty.
Mmh mmh mmh. In college, Victor gets so pro at the
science game that he gets drunk off da power and decides it’s time to try and create new life. The result of Victor’s experiment is a
busted-up monster so damn fugly that Victor wigs out and trucks it straight outta town. Later, the monster rolls up on Victor while he’s chillin and gives him the lowdown on what he’s been up to. See, after escaping from Victor’s stuffy-ass crib, the monster posts up in some village, where he starts secretly creepin on one of the families. The monster learns all sorts of sh*t from these homies, like how to read and communicate, but none of that fixes the fact he lonely as f**k. So he decide to go to try to chill with deez ballas. But as soon as they catch a glance at his janky-ass mug, they all tweak out and get the hell outta dodge. Then the monster say Victor gotta build him a nappy woman monster that he gonna take to the wilds of South
America where they won’t bother nobody. At first my boy Victor thinks it’s a solid
idea, but then he starts thinking, “Hold up! What if they start gettin freaky
and make little monster babies?” Ah hell naw! Since Victor went back on his word, da monster gets all torn up and straight chokes a bitch — Victor’s bride Elizabeth. So Victor decide he gonna spend the rest of his days searchin the Earth to stomp that scrub. But it’s a search Victor don’t get to finish,
cuz he dies chasin his creation. When da monster finds him layin in chalk,
he realizes that he’s lonelier than eva, and all that’s left for him is death. Say dawg, listen up and let me school you on this book’s subtitle — The Modern Prometheus — which servin up some real talk on the similarities between Victor and the Titan Prometheus. In Greek myth, my homie Promie straight molded human beings outta some clay. And in certain stories, Prometheus was jonesin to give man a little taste of that heavenly fire. When he boosted it from the Gods, Zeus started trippin hard core. Just like that G’d up Titan, Victor jacks fire from the sky that not only bringin a plague down on himself, but errybody in da hood. But why’s everybody havin to ride this beef? Cuz Victor was chasin knowledge at the cost of errything else — just like Adam when he claimin his
five finger discount from the Tree of Knowledge. And the biblical allusions don’t stop there, son. As the original gangsta of the human race, Adam wakes up in Eden, is given a bangin hunny by his creator, and is ultimately kicked outta paradise. But Frankenstein’s monster, as the first of its kind, wakes up in some broke-ass crib with body parts slung around, watches his woman get ripped apart by his creator, and ain’t neva gonna find no paradise. Sucks to be this fool. And it’s exactly all this bunk-ass jive that leads the monster to act like Milton’s Satan from “Paradise Lost,” one of the only books the monster’s ever read. Check it: I had cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish, to riot in the excess of my despair. Evil henceforth became my good. So farewell Hope, and with Hope farewell Fear,
Farewell remorse: all Good to me is lost; Evil be thou my Good. But the monster ain’t da only one slingin dem dark deeds. Nah, son. Victor sippin the same Koolaid. Not only do they both waste each other’s bitty, but they handin out the same street justice — Vengeance. And when it’s all said and done, Frankenstein and his monster ain’t so different. All them blurry ethical lines point to the main thematic question up in here: Are we inherently good or evil? Are people driven to murder cuz of society’s sh*t? Or is it written from day one that a playa
gonna be a cold-hearted killer? And if so, who’s to blame — the monster or the creator? Yo, thanks for keepin it OG wit yo boy Sparky Sweets. Subscribe and tune in next week. Happy Halloween, b*tches.

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  1. just finished reading this book not too long ago. I was expecting horror. instead I get a straight up emo fest. So emo, I envisioned dudes with layered hair and lip piercings as the main characters 😂😂

  2. I wish I could use these in class because I think my students would enjoy it, but the language makes it impossible to use in a school.

  3. Please, please, please do thug notes videos on "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux and "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams.

  4. There is also a feminist undertone to the book too. Mary Shelly wrote the book while isolated during some massive storm. And the themes of isolation. Even at the end, in antarctica. Cold and ice. Or when the monster is hiding. It's all about that isolated perspective. And the doctor is a monster because he violates ethics. So rich men are monsters just women haven't seen their secrets. And regular men are monsters because strangers will reject someone and the mass will fight change with torches.

    So the ideal man as based on a doctors logic was a man of diversity. Parts from this high quality thing. Parts from that great mind. Super able and strong. Even in the end, the monster is a very well spoken rogue type with a passion and commitment that would make him highly valued to women. Strong and able. Yet women can't have this because society see's their mystery men as monsters/scapegoats. Not real men, like some magical "good man" thay can't exist and is pure fantasy. He isn't around because "the man" has called him a monster and chased him off. And that's why women like Mary and other educated aristocrats are single.

    According to her it's your fault you can't see the beauty in attractive, obscure (maybe foreign or untapped demographics mysterious to women of the 19-20th century) men. And capitalism has nothing to do with it and science is obviously invalid. Because this man, doctor. Went to school and went insane after of course, trauma set in when he is shocked from a tree being struck by lightning. Men are monsters and all women are victims.

  5. Hey, Sparky. Review Department Nineteen. The vampires kick ass AND Frankenstein's monster is one of the heroes of the story… .

  6. Frankenstein is kind of an idiot.
    Monster: I'm gonna kill your wife.
    Frankenstein: OK.
    Frankenstein: leaves wife alone to look for Monster

  7. More accurately, despite being a visceral patchwork and having terrifying eyes, Frankenstein's Monster (in the book) was aesthetically pleasing. Strange, right?

  8. I've just recently read this book and it made me realize that most movie, series and cartoon adaptations of Frankenstein and the Frankenstein's Monster are innacurate to say the least, in the book Frankenstein is neither a crazy fucked-up evil scientist with an evil laugh that mocks the godly creation of life by creating life of its own, nor does he ever even mentions lightning as a mean of creation of said life, only he mentions lightning when he discovers a nearby tree destroyed during a storm and he is impressed by it or something like that, but that's just about it, he even refuses to let Walton know about the way that he created life out of nothing because he doesn't want to curse the captain with the knowledge of something that has cursed his own life so terribly. The monster is also incredibly agile, and super strong, not sluggish and with that zombie-like groan whenever he tries to talk, he actually learns to speak french and german fluently and with a fuck-ton of eloquence, he can climb mountains like it's nothing, runs like hell, and weather changes does not affect him. His looks…well…the book doesn't give a lot of details besides saying he is ugly, gigantic and powerful as all fucks, he also has long dirty hair and very white teeth, I kinda pictured him like Lobo or Solomon Grundy from DC. Also there is never an angry mob that tries to destroy the 'Frankenstein's Castle' nor this castle even exists, also, you know who else doesn't exists? Igor, his hunchback so called 'assistant' doesn't ever appear on the book. Anyways, I know this book served as an inspiration to those adaptations but it makes you wonder how many of those actually read the original book, it's always useful to know your sources.

  9. What about Victor's indifference towards his creation? The lack of love towards him could be said to create the monster. His own selfishness could be said to create the monster.

  10. I just finished rereading it. Whew! Nothing like a little light refreshing entertainment like DIES IRAE. Or perhaps maybe TOTENTANZ.

  11. 1:36 Considering Victor stitched her together from pieces, couldn't he have just excluded the baby making bits rather than destroying her?

  12. Mary Shelley in her first edition at the age of 18 was sympathetic to the monster's plight . …. Interesting how women's rights were on the rise at that time just to be shut back down during the victorian era . See, Shelley's mother Mary Wollstonecraft and Shelley published their work in their female names . No way could Mary Evans publish in her name in the victorian epoch . So she published as George Eliot a man's name, and great novels such as Middlemarch, Mill on the Floss, Silas Marner,Adam Bede came from her pen. Same goes for the Bronte sisters, and other female writers of the vic era(circa 1837-1900). they had to use a male nom du plume , pen name……. The early part of the French Revolution 1789 influenced England too . Women's rights, worker rights, etc . But the revolution got ugly because these kingdoms around them attacked France . So Robespierre a terrible self righteous head chopper comes to power . and he himself would eventually have his head popped off by the guillotine . Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a book called the vindication of women's rights . but by the time of the victorian era (queen fat ass Victoria of GB or UK) the book was banned for some 75 years . progress is not a straight line fo sho . look how things be going backward since reagan/thatcher…. and so on and so forth

  13. I like the themes of Frankenstein: TMP, but dang if it ain’t story-inception of Walton telling Frankenstein’a story, who tells of the monster’s story, who at one point tells of Felix’s story!! Also, for a story told to others on the frozen northern tundra, Frankenstein sure delves into some unnecessary drivel. Keep to the important stuff!! I get it as a novel, but the framing and structure are ALL WRONG!!

    3/5 stars.

  14. "When some playboy named Walton "peeps" some hood named Frankenstein, they begin "conversatin'"… Brilliant!

  15. Yo man, sup. You omitted one very important detail! By the time Victor and monster meet in the mountains, monster already killed Victors youngest brother, a kid, and then framed a family friend, who got hanged. If not for that crime, Victor would probably make a bride for his creation. But the poor fool started putting peeps to rest, and that was a point of no return!

  16. Damn! So knowledge was thought to be heavenly but as soon as knowledge creates something grotesque, knowledge contradicts itself and becomes repulsive.


  17. I love how everyone calls him Doctor Frankenstein even though he dropped out of college to go grave robbing

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