Four Fantastic New Novels To Read If You Like Visionary Fiction

novels to read Yuri Herrera does not simply write about
the border between Mexico and the United States and those who cross it he
explores the crossings and translations people make in their minds and language
as they move from one country to another especially when there’s no going back
traversing this lonely territory is Makena a young woman who knows only too
well how to survive in a violent macho world leaving behind her life in Mexico
to search for her brother she is smuggled into the USA carrying a pair of
secret messages Novels to read something in me knows of a life I was
meant to live but for whatever reason I have not words that bring painfully true
for Adam Shepard a video game programmer who has spent the vast majority of his
37 years lost within the dim glow of a computer screen on the verge of a
psychotic break Adam begins to have recurring dreams of his early childhood
as Adam awakens to the possibility that his life could be destined for more than
a bleak virtual wasteland he soon finds himself a crucial pawn in a game that
pits forces intent on enslaving the human spirit against those few chaotic
souls who still search for meaning beauty and magic in the world when his
mother dies and he discovers that the man he was raised to believe was his
father is not 16 year-old chris is haunted by a mysterious apparition
and flees his affluent surroundings to embark upon a quest to find himself if
you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about or if you like the hero with a thousand
faces by Joseph Campbell mythological fiction like American Gods by Neil
Gaiman or visionary fiction like the luminaries or The Alchemist by Paulo
Coelho then this is the book for you the vagabond King blends ancient
mythology and modern cosmology in a lyrically told tale that will leave you
thinking long after the last page is turned Muji has so many strikes against
him that survival of any kind seems improbable he’s born with physical
disabilities is slow to talk and when he finally does he stutters he loses his
mother and his father won’t have him almost everyone taunts him and he’s sent
to live with a cantankerous grandfather at a place called Saint Isidore fainting
goat dairy if being named Muji was the first curse being sent to the dairy was
just about the last straw but there were more last straws to come the improbable
wonders of Muji little Minh is being loud it as a classic a haunting
visionary tale spawning the magical realist tradition of Gabriel Garcia
Marquez’s one hundred years of solitude and Madeleine L’Engle a wrinkle in time
the profoundly unique voice and heart stirring narrative recall great works of
fiction that explore the universal desire to belong Novels to read

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