Formatting tables and figures in your research paper

in this video I’m going to show you how to use
figures and tables in your paper and how to format the
captions first I’ll show you how to insert and format a table okay, I’m going to make a copy of this table from a
research paper on facial mimicry. you can see that
including the headings and the note at the bottom we need six rows and nine columns we don’t need a row for the title
because we’ll put that in later okay let’s put the table right here so
we’ll put the cursor here we’ll come up to the Insert tab and we’ll select table and you can just
directly select the size or you can come down to here and then input the size that you want
then click OK next, let’s enter all the headings and data don’t worry about it looking ugly right
now we’ll fix it later okay now you can see that especially this note down here is ridiculous and needs
to be fixed so let’s do that first select these cells and then go to the
table layout tab and click to merge the cells. and you might
notice that the text in the table is double spaced
because our paper is double-spaced but we don’t need that in
a table. so let’s select everything by clicking this square and then we’ll single space it now let’s merge the labels for the dependent variable the same way we did for the note before okay next let’s move the borders around so that we can make all the words fit and then we can make all of these equally spaced by clicking here. okay, next we’re gonna make
the note a smaller size because that doesn’t need
to be so important that’s probably good 10 and then next we’ll center these labels so
we’ll make them a little bit easier to read also if you notice if you notice here the labels for mean
and standard deviation are in italics so let’s select these, under the home tab, we’ll turn on italics and finally we need to make these lines
disappear so that it looks professional if you look at the research paper
there’s only some horizontal lines so basically we’re gonna do something
like that I like to first select the whole table
and then then click here to make all the lines disappear now if we turn this
off we can’t see any lines now now while we’re working on this let’s go over
here and lets click this to turn on these lines so we can
kind of see what they what they look like we select the row and then on the design tab I just click to put a line under it. so we had one there and put one there and then once again I can come back over
here and turn off these lines so I can see what
this table is going to look like when it’s complete okay now we insert a caption by selecting the whole table and then
going to the reference tab and clicking this. then just check
that our settings are correct that it says Table 1. We want it to be a table, and we want it to be above and then click OK and then we just need to type the title
of the table okay finally you can put a reference to
the table in the text yourself by typing table 1 we can also do it on the
reference tab by clicking here clicking here selecting tables here. choosing make sure you choose you only want the number
and the label and then you choose the table and you just click that and close it put the other parenthesis. you’ll notice
the the font changed, so I’m gonna have to a
Let me just make everything Calibri again. now this is automatically in there too okay next we’re going to insert a graph from Excel into our paper so let’s go to Excel and let’s copy the graph. We’ll come
down here make a space for it and paste it in there now just like we did before we can
insert a caption by going to the references tab and clicking here and this time we don’t want a table we want a figure and like it just check here that the
figure should be coming below which is what we want and then we just need to type the
caption okay and then just like before we can put a reference to our figure like that, this time we select
figure and there’s only one figure, make sure we click here to only
get the label as that’s all we want and there it is and Word is kind of annoying this way but
we have to keep changing our font back okay and then just to show you one
more possibility I’m going to also insert a picture which I’ll do right here I’ll make some
space for it and then we’ll go to the Insert tab and we’ll click to find a picture and we’ll locate our picture in our files and then click to insert it okay and here’s our picture here and we’ll just like before, come to the reference tab let’s put a figure this is going to be a
figure again and we want it below that looks good. let’s click OK. and let’s type our title and then let’s put a reference to it somewhere up in here I’ll just put it here cross-reference figure, and I want figure 1, good. she’s put that in there okay in now let’s just check everything because we
had another figure before that was figure 1. but now that’s going to have
to be figure 2 you so we have this is figure
1. this is figure 1 here’s our table table 1 table 1 and down here this now says figure 2 that’s great but
if you look up here now this says figure 1 so what we’re
going to need to do is come over here and select everything in the paper and then I
usually just right click on it and come down here to update the fields and if you click that
wait a second then all of them will be fixed and this will be figure 2 now. and you’re done

36 Replies to “Formatting tables and figures in your research paper

  1. Thank you for your useful video. However, I want to insert 2 charts next to each other. Would you mind showing me how to do it?

  2. Hey, thanks so much. I'm working on a publication right now as an undergraduate, and you have no idea how any hairs i've pulled out trying to figure out formatting my tables lol

  3. yyyeahh…your explanations do not include saying the word of the thing you are clicking on…'clicking here….and clicking here…' means i have no idea what you are clicking on. at all.!

  4. Very useful video indeed. Thank you very much. It'd be better if you use English version of MS Word though.

  5. in this example, what would be the independent variable and what would be the dependent variable? thanks in advance

  6. very good job, i have greek word 2007, i saw your japanese, but still it worked with the first attempt, you are a very good instructor

  7. Why would you speak in English but have the word document in Japanese?! How does that make any sense? Especially if you’re saying “click here” and not saying what you’re actually clicking. Tutorials are supposed to make it easier, not harder.

  8. why the hell would you think it's a good idea to do an english tutorial without english selected as the language in the software?

  9. At first I was mad that everything was all in Japanese, but now I'm super happy because you explained everything and I got my tables right, even with all the visual instructions written in Japanese. Thanks.

  10. Watching this in 2019 and man, you all are some hateful, nasty people. Mr. Kirk was kind enough to make for anyone who cared to see it and you easily could've found another video in the time it took you to complain. Gross.

  11. This has to be one of the best troll videos ever. Perfect English and great descriptions (unlike so many others searched) and then… the tabs are all in Japanese. Getting the urge to poem a Haiku… Let's see.. When in search of help; To make table of beauty; the gods shall mock you.
    EDIT: Still it was good. Thanks Kirk san.

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