Fire 🔥& poetry in | Nightwish – Song of Myself – Live at Wacken Open Air 2013 | Rafa Reactions

Hi Youtube! And you told me Poe is your favorite poet and we saw The Poet and The Pendulum what about another Nightwish song linked to another poet do you like Walt Whitman? Nightwish has a song called Song of Myslef based in the poem The original sang is with Anette’s voice but this show is live with Floor Jansen’s voice we had seen Ghost Love Score in this concert it was in 2013 and I know you will love it ! and after we do the reaction I wish to gift you a video a friend sent us a super funny one he sent to me and I loved it I promise him to share it with you at the end of this video thanks Mat ! In this song, I love the rare structure it had This is the live version, in the original one it’s longer and in the end, it has the poem super amazing And Floor did such an spectacular job that’s need practice there is a time ago I don’t do it But I have done a lot before but if you do it badly can hurt you and feel pain She is very famous for her windmail She is tall and strong Thanks

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  1. About the windmill, if you look at floor, she's taking it easy. She's not doing some severe movements with her neck at all, she's letting her hair do all the work, while her neck sticks to a very specific shape and direction. I don't know if that makes any sense. But she's not making huge circles and she's not moving back and forth or up and down in a very harsh way.

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  3. Con esta canción fue que me enteré que floor estaba con Nightwish así que es icónica en mi vida, mi estimado Rafa mil gracias por tus reacciones, y sigo en lo dicho anteriormente que afortunado de estar en compañía de una mujer tan hermosa, Saludos a Elo por supuesto y ti mi hermano.

  4. My favorite song. Works best with the last part that was cut from the live performance. Check out the poems at the end of the song (starts at about 7:00):

  5. You The Living Poets Society! High or low, Floor and Marco just go! Jukka's work with crashes and cymbals is delicate there. Nice Job! I got to go…

  6. This is one of my favorite songs, great reaction, love how you have a straight poker face all the time knowing what is coming and Helo doesn't 🙂 Did Helo see Storytime or Last ride of the Day? And yes counting till Friday, so excited!!! Oh and btw, Floor did a solo tour through The Netherlands, with Henk Poort, her sister, many of those video's are on youtube, She sung Our Decades in the Sun, Strong (even tho hard for her to sing, cuz emotional, she wrote it for her mother) Phantom of the Opera, and also duo with Henk Sweet Curse ( Henk the Opera singer rocking on stage) from her former band Revamp, maybe nice for you to check out

  7. You guys need to check these out also…
    BABYMETAL – ギミチョコ!!- Gimme chocolate!! (OFFICIAL) —
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  8. Here is my current dream… Helo reacting to every song from the Waken show, then the ones not in that show from the Wembley show and finally the rest from Buenos Aires. Please Rafa make my dream come true. 😉

  9. спасибо вам,благодаря вам я узнал,что есть такая классная группа,в ответ могу посоветовать посмотреть что-нибудь группы SLOT,это русский альтернативный рок,может не на столько крутые,но мне нравится)))

  10. It's fun to watch you react to Nightwish (or Dimash for that matter). Now i have a suggestion you might want to explore, the artist name is Devin Townsend and the performance i would like you to comment on is 👌👍

  11. Rafa I think it's in all of our interest to see you do a weekly nightwish reaction with helo 🙂 honestly you have material for more than a year, especially with the new album coming out 😁 especially as it seems helo enjoys it, and you're a fan of the band 💪

  12. Great reaction! 😊

    I would like to suggest you to react Wintersun – Time live rehearsal at Sonic Pump Studio. Please and peace 🙏🏼😎✌🏼

  13. This was played right after Ghost Love Score =) How about some other great Finnish bands for Helo? Amorphis – The Bee =)

  14. Awesome 👏🏻 thanks great stuff!
    Please if some point react to 7 Days to the wolves from Wembley. 🤘🏻
    Thanks again, great reaction!

  15. I'm like I've got to hurry home, Rafa and Helo's video's about to drop. And to my surprise. What could be more awesome than being in a video with Rafa and Helo. Being in a video with Rafa and Helo and Floor! Oh Floor, you've got me under your spell. A day is never complete without ROCKIN to Nightwish and Floor. Rafa, the best video yet. Even if I do say so myself! Ha Ha so silly. Love you guys. Thank's again for introducing me to Nightwish.

  16. You need to listen to Storytime or if you want the combination of Marco + Floor, Wish I had an Angel both from Wacken 2013, two more great songs!

  17. I am subscribed to both. I love watching these videos with the two of you. You always make me smile. I am going to give you a link to this video attached to the last part that two people did for me since this is my favorite song by Nightwish. So enjoy and take care……….. 🙂

  18. hehe that bit by Matt at the end was very , Im trying to find a word that doesn't sound like i'm talking down about it, cute in the best way possible lol 😉

  19. Hello guys. Thanks for this video. It is always nice to return to Wacken's epic atmosphere. I once said that if someone invents a time machine, so I go to that concert and the first row, please. Someone asked for this in the comments, but I'd love for you to respond to "7 Day's to the Wolves" at the Wembley concert.

  20. Subtitles would be nice so we would know what you’re saying. She may speak spanish, but many people don’t. It would be nice to know what you’re telling her.

  21. Why the hell are you guys speaking in two different languages/
    I can understand both but still………Bizarre.

  22. If one day Dimash and Floor sings in duo i'm sure it's a great and epic performance 👍👍👍👌👌👌😃😃😃😉😉😉😊😊😊❤❤❤

  23. Рафа, предлагаю сделать реакцию на песню "Hurt" – Polina GagArina. 👍

  24. Great reaction from you and Helo again – and a great song.
    How about giving Helo a completely new side of Floor – the hard rock side..
    In 2008 Floor and a super guitarist Bjørn, made the songs for a hard rock album, they even recorded the drums!. Then the project given to circumstances, stopped for a decade – and then Floor and Bjørn finished it in 2018.
    Please react to While love died, from Northward.
    Fasten your seatbelt, it is simply hard sweaty old scool rock, performed by a super singer and one of the worlds best guitarist (from Pagan's mind) 🤘

  25. I love Jukka on the drums too,Helo. Or "The Pirate" as he is called by many 🥰 He is in my mind and heart often,hoping for him to recover well enough to do a comeback. But he did join them in 2016 as a surprise drummer. I mean,he is the original drummer,but he has taken a few years break now,so many looks upon Kai now as the main drummer,and rightfully so. "Last Ride Of The Day" is Jukkas favourite song,and they choosed that song for him to play with them again. I was at the start aware of his insomnia problems,and that alone should and is enough for most people to take a break from what they love doing. But i later learned to know that he has depression on top of that,so that just makes me wish even more that he recovers fully,because he has stated that he indeed plans to do a comeback into Nightwish. He just doesnt know an exact date yet,and noone should rush him into it either. Jukka is the show drummer of the 2 (him and Kai),and Jukka drums the wildest and hardest,whereas Kai is the flawless drumming machine. Gotta love them both! Also,this is my favourite heavy song by Nightwish. After Floor came in of course,because the band knew they could play Song Of Myself to its full potential with Floors vocals,so it became even heavier then it used to sound like. Not taking anything away from Tarja (nor Anette who at least tried her best),but Floor just has that unique gift where she turns good songs into AMAZING songs! 🥰 2:28 Helo got Floor`d early 😍

  26. You should check out the history of the Wacken Festival !
    Before the end of the 2019 version the 2020 version was already sold out.
    And they don't get bigger.

    Imagine 82000 hipsy hopsy ghetto crap rappers getting together for a long weekend………………

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