Finding Literary Criticisms

This is a video showing how to find literary
criticisms using library resources. Start at the library homepage, Under Finding Articles, click on Databases by
Subject then click on Literature and Book Reviews If you are doing your paper on a short story,
click on Short Stories for Students Log in with your student ID and 4-digit pin which
is the month and day of birth or if you’re logged into BC Online, you will
automatically be signed on. Type in the title of your story Choose the Short Stories for Students eBook if
it’s available. You can click any of the links to jump to a
particular section quickly. The plot summary, characters, themes, styles
and criticisms might be especially helpful. Under the Characters section you will see
character summaries including character development and each of
their roles in the story. Under the Style section you will find literary
devices such as flashback and foreshadowing, point of
view, setting and structure. You can easily retrieve the MLA or APA citation
for the source by clicking on Citation Tools. You can also print, email or download the
eBook. Another great database is Literary Reference
Center. Once you do a search on your story, you can filter the results by Source Type. Source types include criticisms, plot
summaries, biographies. You can even access the full text of the story! Under plot summary, you can find information on
things such as themes & meanings, character summaries,
styles & techniques and a bibliography to even more sources. Just like Short Stories for Students, you can
easily retrieve your citation though a click of a button. As always, good luck!

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